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New Testimonial Graphic

Text from the above image reads:

“This is the best EO event I’ve been to in a long time. Not because of the subject — because of the speaker, the energy, and even the food was better.” – EO South Florida

“Dr. Jess was amazing. She is an engaging speaker who treats the topic with care, respect and humour. If my budget could afford it, I would pay her twice!” – YPO Austin

“Me and my wife attended one of your seminars on the Barcelona Desire cruise last week.
I just wanted to thank you for the most memorable experiences of my life. Your seminar was the highlight of the trip. My entire outlook on sex has changed for the better.

I hope that I can participate in another one of your life changing workshops again. Thanks Again.”

“I want to thank you for a fantastic presentation. Your wealth of information, high energy and level of professionalism coupled with a spirit of excellence elevated the event to the next level. Women are still talking about your presentation!” – Mitsy Shepherd, Event Organizer: Women’s Health & Wellness Luncheon

“We – the YPO Zurich chapter – had a fantastic event with Dr. Jessica O’Reilly. It was a true pleasure working with her, In many regards. She is really very nice and a great planner. She’s highly professional in regards to preparation work and leading through the event. She really knows everything about love, relationship, intimacy, sex, etc.”
– YPO Zurich

“Excellent and interesting workshop. Definitely worth it – especially for those who think they know it all!” – Sarah, Age 27

“It was perfectly organized and filled with really extraordinary, interesting and necessary information. My members told me that it was the best event for our Chapter for last 3 years. THANK YOU!!!” – YPO Kiev

“Yes, it was a fantastic event. Everybody was super happy and I can tell you right now the poll ratings could not be better. They are still coming in, but so far 10/10 overall rating and 10/10 take-home value from everybody.” – YPO Geneva

“Thank you for the time and expertise you dedicated to our From the Boardroom to the Bedroom Event. The event was very well received and the feedback we had from our members was all positive. Your session has made a big difference in our members’ relationships and we feel really fortunate that we had you, a world class resource, at this memorable event.” – YPO BC

“We were fortunate enough to be at Desire Resort last year at the same time as Jessica. We are STILL kicking ourselves a year later for not attending every one of her sessions! We only managed to get to one. and we still talk about that one session to this day, and it’s become one of our favorite stories to share…I envy you that you have the opportunity to attend one of her sessions. If we had it to do over again, we wouldn’t miss a single one!” – Mike and Karen

“My hubby and I really enjoyed the three sessions we attended last week at Hedo. After seventeen years together, and having enjoyed a very open, varied, and pleasurable sex life, we were both shocked to learn some awesome new skills!! Your personality and communication style made each of the sessions relaxing, fun, and memorable. We look forward to attending more of your workshops.” – Jill, Age 35

“What a great program! You were truly fabulous…I left the event feeling very respected, loved, and valued as you gave us a platform to share our feelings one on one. I also felt more confident and sexier, which is always a good thing! :)…Your work is very important and I am guessing you have no idea or scope on many relationships you change for the better, how many walls you break down, and hearts you help heal. Keep being YOU!” – EO Connecticut

“I want to thank you Dr. Jess for such a fun and entertaining evening last night. The feedback from the group was awesome and everyone truly had tons of fun! For a group that was skeptical to begin with, you really brought out the fun in everyone and everyone felt relaxed and comfortable- which was huge! Your survey score was a 9.7 out of 10! Woohoo!!” – EO Boston

“Your event was incredible! What a fantastic fun learning event. I received so many compliments on “the best event ever” but honestly all of that credit goes to you. Everyone I believed truly enjoyed themselves. Those that didn’t make it missed out on something very special. 

Content was great. Good take home info. Very interactive and fun. It got me out of my comfort zone in a great environment to discuss intimate topics. 

I learned a lot and she gave very practical advice with great immediate takeaway. I felt challenged myself and as a couple. I was able to communicate my issues to my partner.” – EO DC

“If you get a chance to see Dr. Jess Sexologist speak, go. And every Entrepreneur’s Organization chapter needs to book her. Jess is a wonderful combination of hilarity and empathy, irreverence and respect, data and heart, pushing you to grow and holding you securely. Techniques, sure, but also a deeper questioning of sexuality, desire, acceptance, communication and more. I’m a fan. Importance of partners, singles, and even kids (each talk is adjusted appropriately) …not just for pleasure but for health and relationships and consent and love. Clearly, I’m a fan.” – EO Philippines