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Sex with Dr. Jess

Research & Conferences

Dr. Jess’ research interests in the field of human include HIV/AIDS, sexual health education, sexual pleasure and gendered sexuality. Her doctoral work included the development, delivery, and evaluation of a training program for teachers in sexual health education.

Recent presentations include:

Consent Event Symposium 

  • Sex Talk Panel (2017)

Life Balance Conference

  • Myths About Sex & Love (2017)
  • Women’s Only Intensive Program (2017)

CAEM Annual Conference

  • The Power of Collaboration (2016)
  • Digital Engagement for Higher Returns (2016)

Guelph Sexuality Conference

  • The Politics of Pleasure: Sex Versus Food (2016)

The 12th Biennial Western Canadian Sexual Health Conference

  • Strategic Resource Collaboration and Creation (2016)
  • The Conversation Continues (2016)

Ophea Conference 

  • Human Development & Sexual Health (2016)
  • Mental Health & Sex Education (2016)

Women’s Health & Wellness Luncheon

  • Spice Up Your Relationship! (2016)

Body, Sex, and Business

  • Empowered Women: From The Boardroom to the Bedroom (2015-Present)

Thompson Educational Publishing Webinar

  • The New Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum (What You Need to Know) (2015)

SEYRAC High School 

  • Healthy Relationship Workshop (2015)

TDSB Envision Conference

  • Weaving the Sexual Web (2015)

Humber College: HSF Real Talks

  • Sex in the Dark (2015)
  • Sex & Relationships in College (2014)

Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair

  • Sexual Empowerment For All (2014)
  • Intimacy, Passion & Sex (2014)

Playground Conference

  • Vanilla is not a Four Letter Word (2014)

TedX Vancouver

Monogamish: The New Rules of Marriage (2014)

EnVision Schools Conference

  • Sexual Identity Politics (2014)

Dare to Stand Out: Canada’s First National LGBTQ Service Provider’s Summit

  • Accessibility Matters: How to include everyone in our community (2013)

City of Toronto – Adapted and Integrated Services

  • Managing Sex and Relationship Issues for Special Needs Clients – Staff Training (2013 & 2012)
  • Introduction to Sexuality for Special Needs Clients – Staff Training (2011 & 2010)

Sex After Cancer

  • Managing the Physical, Emotional & Practical Challenges of Sex After Cancer (2012)

Spoke Social Series for Women

  • 3 Steps to Sexual Empowerment (2012)

Toronto District School Board – Professional Development in Health and Physical Education

  • Sexual Education for Teachers – Senior Level (2012-Present)
  • Write Your Way to Success (2016)

OISE/University of Toronto

  • Pre-service Teacher Training in Sexual Health Education (2012 – Present)
  • Sexual Health Education – Teacher Employment Preparation Centre (2010 – Present)

Charles Sturt University

  • Human Development and Sexuality Training for Bachelor of Primary Education Studies Candidates (2011 & 2010)

University of Wisconsin Steven’s Point

  • Sex in the Dark: Sex Education for Adults (2011)

Alberta Positive Voices Conference

  • Hotter and Safer: Quality of Life Approaches for Serodiscordant Couples (2011)
  • Sexual Strategies for People Living with HIV/AIDS: overcoming challenges, celebrating diversity and addressing the stigma of HIV/AIDS (2009)

Unity Conference Toronto

  • Beyond the Box: The Sexual Web (2011)
  • Sexual Labelling: The social, economic, personal and health consequences of sexual labels (2008)
  • Media Portrayals: An analysis of queer representations in the media (2009 & 2006)

CAHR’s Canadian Conference On HIV/AIDS Research

  • Teacher Training in HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health Education (2010)

OHTN Research Conference

  • Teacher Training in Sexual Health Education: Doctoral Research Findings (2010)

Central Opening Doors Conference

  • Healthy Sex: Busting Myths, Embracing Health and Enjoying Sexual Pleasure (2010)

Open Prairie Conference for Clinical and Non-Clinical HIV Service Providers and PHAs

  • Safer Sex for Serodiscordant Couples: Strategies for safety and pleasure (2009)
  • Healthy Sexuality for People Living with HIV/AIDS: Managing stigma, overcoming practical challenges and promoting quality of life (2009)

Fort McMurray HIV/HCV Symposium

  • Healthy Sexual Relationships: Cultivating healthy relationships in the context of safer sex, gender equality and HIV/AIDS (2009)
  • Negotiating Safer Sex For Youth: Strategies for empowering youth to make healthy sexual decisions, develop behavioural skills to reduce the risk of HIV transmission (2009)
  • Healthy Sex for People Living with HIV and STIs (2009)

Wood Buffalo HIV/AIDS Society – Staff and Community Training

  • The Sex-Positive Perspective in Clinical Practice (2009)

Alberta Community Council On HIV

  • HIV and Safer Sex: A Quality of Life Approach (2009)

Wood Buffalo Symposium on HIV

  • Personal Sexual Enrichment for People Living with HIV/AIDS (2008)
  • Childhood Sexual Development (2008)