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June 1, 2023

Backdoor Pleasure with Luna Matatas

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Curious about anal pleasure and rimming? Luna Matatas has you covered. She shares tips for oral, seduction, confidence and more.

Luna Matatas is a Sex and Pleasure Educator with over 15 years of experience teaching sex and empowerment workshops. She celebrates body confidence, self-adoration and building shame-free pleasure in and out of the bedroom. She teaches 30+ sexy skills topics – including threesomes, BDSM and sexual confidence. She created Peg the Patriarchy® and Meditate Medicate Masturbate® brands as part of her sex-positive and feminist merchandise.

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Rough Transcript:

This is a computer-generated rough transcript, so please excuse any typos. This podcast is an informational conversation and is not a substitute for medical, health, or other professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the services of an appropriate professional should you have individual questions or concerns.

Backdoor Pleasure with Luna Matatas

Episode 319

[00:00:00] You’re listening to the Sex with Dr. Jess podcast. Sex and Relationship Advice you Can Use Tonight.

[00:00:15] Brandon Ware: I love Zeik belt. It’s a belt zk accent is not good. So I am trying, you know, the bird, the hair on the chin is, uh, It’s a build of z

[00:00:27] Jess O’Reilly: dicks. If you try and order an oat milk latte in Paris, what do they say?

[00:00:32] Jess O’Reilly: No,

[00:00:33] Brandon Ware: no milk. The animal with the tea,

[00:00:38] Jess O’Reilly: if it eat from a tea, it’s not milk. Milk

[00:00:41] Brandon Ware: is not milk. It’s O water.

[00:00:45] Jess O’Reilly: It’s o, o,

[00:00:46] Brandon Ware: o o o o

[00:00:48] Jess O’Reilly: o. Folks. I don’t know how we got here.

[00:00:52] Brandon Ware: This is the Sex with Z. Yes. Podcast. Anna. I’m sorry, I, I default back to my original language and the is here today. She drew the penis on my Chapelle.

[00:01:13] Brandon Ware: I’m sorry, my head.

[00:01:15] Jess O’Reilly: Today we’re at the Sexology Summit in DC and Luna took a picture of Brandon to post on Instagram, and I don’t know why she put so many eggplant on his head. Was

[00:01:25] Brandon Ware: very many eggplants I not enjoyed very much.

[00:01:29] Jess O’Reilly: What is the perfect amount of dicks on your head? Um, in

[00:01:32] Brandon Ware: this particular instance, it was perhaps southern

[00:01:37] Jess O’Reilly: Exactly.

[00:01:38] Jess O’Reilly: Is it seven? Cuz ice cream doesn’t have

[00:01:40] Brandon Ware: bones because Yes, that is correct. And oats do not have tits to milk. No oat milk.

[00:01:46] Jess O’Reilly: Listen, our job as podcast host is, you know, it’s really to make our guests shine, but this is all the Brandon show. I’m okay with this. Welcome today. who are gonna tune out of this just to get away from your voice.

[00:01:59] Jess O’Reilly: So [00:02:00] Luna Matata is here. She’s a superstar. You’re an absolute superstar. Anytime. I can’t. Make something, or even if I don’t think I’m right, the right fit for it, Luna is my number one pick to stand in and every client raves about her. Every brand is thrilled with her. And you have basically a gazillion webinars online.

[00:02:22] Jess O’Reilly: Everything from Eat Pussy, like a Champ to dominant skills. Do you do anything on submission?

[00:02:27] Luna Matatas: I do. I have sexy skills for submissive and dirty talk for submissives. Hmm. Are you a switch? I am a switch. Okay. I’m a reading switch. I have a switch

[00:02:35] Jess O’Reilly: skills class. Oh, you have a switch skills class, and then you have, do you have like dick pleasure classes as

[00:02:40] Luna Matatas: well?

[00:02:40] Luna Matatas: Yes. Uh, bj, like a boss. Uh, penis pleasure hand, job

[00:02:44] Jess O’Reilly: skills. Hang on. Do you have any courses that don’t involve alliteration? All alliteration all the time. What’s your favorite course that you teach?

[00:02:51] Luna Matatas: Oh my gosh, that’s so hard to play. Favorite e pussy like Chan? Definitely. I wanna bring the world of Con Lingus skills and upgrade.

[00:03:01] Luna Matatas: I love

[00:03:01] Jess O’Reilly: that. I love that. Now we’re here at the conference. We’ve already been to a few sessions together, we’ve interrupted. Been a pa, general pain in the butt, what have you. What’s been

[00:03:08] Luna Matatas: your takeaway so far? I think we are in a really cool community. Mm-hmm. Everyone is so cool. Everyone’s doing really innovative stuff.

[00:03:16] Luna Matatas: They are challenging norms and ideas and so I’m just so happy to be around people that are trying to change the world. It’s, it’s

[00:03:23] Jess O’Reilly: such a weird thing to always feel like you’re a lone wolf out in the world, and then to come together with people in your field and just kind of. Let out this exhale cuz you don’t have to explain anything.

[00:03:33] Jess O’Reilly: They’re ruined just like you are. Yeah, dildos on the desk. I think our conference has already been asked to put up some curtains because of some of the videos playing in the background. Meanwhile, I’d like the conference next to us to put up some curtains so I don’t have to watch their boring ass videos.

[00:03:46] Jess O’Reilly: Same.

[00:03:47] Luna Matatas: It’s killing my boner.

[00:03:48] Jess O’Reilly: Exactly. Alright, we’re gonna talk rimming. Yes. Because I got a really straightforward question about rimming skills. Before we dive into that, one thing that’s really, I think come hard at us over the last 365 days is the [00:04:00] mainstreaming. Of our industry. So even, I gotta tell you, many, many years ago, before I even got into this field, I wanted to open a sex toy store.

[00:04:07] Jess O’Reilly: And I started to write the business plan and try and do market research. And there was no research available. I could not find anything about the sex toy market size. And so we know that this year it’s estimated in the range of 33 billion. It’s uh, no, this year, sorry, 35 billion, I think last year was 33.

[00:04:24] Jess O’Reilly: And the growth, the sex toy market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of. 8.5% and reach 62.3 billion. What? By 20? How many of those billion do you want? Six.

[00:04:36] Brandon Ware: That’s a lot of, uh, dildo. Billions.

[00:04:39] Jess O’Reilly: That’s a lot of That was brutal. Yeah. No dildo. That was brutal. Billion. Leave that in. Yes. Leave that in.

[00:04:45] Jess O’Reilly: So mainstreaming now they sell sex toys at Target. At Walmart, uh, at Sac, I hear Blmis about to be in, like, do some launching. I, maybe I shouldn’t say too much. We’ll let them do their own announcing, but super exciting stuff on the horizon. And I think that for those of us who have been in the field and kind of fighting, I feel like we’ve been swimming upstream for 10 years or, or longer.

[00:05:05] Jess O’Reilly: Some of us, I’m like the grandma at this conference. I didn’t even wanna say more than 10 years, but I’ve been in this a while. We’ve been fighting, right? We can’t post certain things. We certainly can’t advertise. And now that the big players are in the game, The tides are shifting and I think that this is a good thing overall, but I’m curious as to what your take is on it.

[00:05:25] Jess O’Reilly: Do you think that certain people, certain size ventures are gonna benefit more than

[00:05:30] Luna Matatas: others? Yeah, I, I think in some ways it’s great that we’re starting to see sex toys at Target that are really good quality. Mm-hmm. And that are based by sexologists. And consider things like pleasure and body safety. And so it’s great to see it be more accessible to the, the average person that’s not finding you, that’s not finding me thanks to Instagram censorship, but, um, shadow band all the time.

[00:05:52] Luna Matatas: And, but I, I think there’s something about those that hierarchy growing and creating even less space [00:06:00] for, for people that are already marginalized. So, I mean, I wake up every day and worry that my Instagram account is gonna be taken down. And I just, because it has been, it has been. Yeah. And I just wanna show people where their clit is, like mm-hmm.

[00:06:10] Luna Matatas: What am I, what am I doing? So I, I think it would be great if, if that stuff trickled down. Mm-hmm. And if we started to see a lessening of censorship. But I don’t feel hopeful. I think there’s a lot of privilege that that is associated with this opening up, this accessibility, this frontline stuff. There’s a lot of money that’s associated with it.

[00:06:25] Luna Matatas: So who gets. Access to that is, is very limited. Yeah.

[00:06:28] Jess O’Reilly: Cuz it’s not necessarily going to sex educators. I’m actually seeing people want to low ball me with rates because now let’s just call them mainstream influencers are in the game and I’m, I’m not in the business of influencing at all, neither. However, we do take sponsorships at times when it aligns with, with our mission, with our goals.

[00:06:45] Jess O’Reilly: And I’ve noticed. That the rates are going down, because now the pool is so much bigger. They used to be really focused on core messaging, on people who can create educational content. And now they just want you to hold up a, a toy and be like, you should buy this dildo. Um, without maybe understanding the background.

[00:07:00] Jess O’Reilly: So I’m, I’m still a little bit optimistic that it’s gonna be shifting back to good quality content, but I, I guess it’s yet to be seen. Yeah. I like your hopefulness

[00:07:08] Luna Matatas: because you know I am does Yeah. I’ll be the hater. You’d be the hopeful.

[00:07:12] Brandon Ware: Do you think that the, the introduction of these sex toys into more mainstream, um, shopping areas is gonna result in the, the, the kind of the acceptance, the, you know what, when I think about, I’m, I’m a thinking about booze.

[00:07:23] Brandon Ware: Okay. And I think about when you make alcohol booze. Yes, I know. We know, we know Luna doesn’t, Luna doesn’t love alcohol. And, and how you, you can’t. As an American, you can’t buy it until 21 Canadian, 18 or 19 years old. And how there’s this binging this over consumption. Do you think that the introduction of sex toys into Walmart and other places will, you know, improve our acceptance of sex and enjoyment and pleasure?

[00:07:48] Brandon Ware: Or do you think it’s gonna co it be more divisive where people are gonna avoid certain. Aisles of certain stores.

[00:07:55] Luna Matatas: Ooh. Yeah. I mean, I see people avoiding the condom aisle at, you know, [00:08:00] the drug store and needing the thing, but not wanting to go

[00:08:02] Brandon Ware: there. Well, isn’t it awkward? I mean, I remember it being awkward walking through the condom section as a, as a young adolescent, because

[00:08:09] Jess O’Reilly: you didn’t have anyone to have sex with.

[00:08:11] Brandon Ware: Because I didn’t know what it was for. I was like, what’s that? Why am I putting a balloon on my penis? No, but walking through those aisles at the pharmacy or or wherever it was with my parents and being, oh my gosh, we gotta hurry up and walk through here. As opposed to, Hey, what’s that? Oh, that’s a condom.

[00:08:24] Brandon Ware: And when you have sex with somebody else, you wear that to protect yourself and you know, That being an opportunity to have a conversation. Whereas now you’re gonna see a lot more of that in, you know, all sorts of stores as opposed to hidden away back in a corner. So I’m just wondering, do you think people will avoid, or do you think they’ll be like, okay, let’s use this as a, as an opportunity to have a conversation and then, you know, maybe the world gets a little bit better?

[00:08:43] Brandon Ware: Or will

[00:08:43] Luna Matatas: it be the opposite? Ooh, that’s a really good question because I, I think that even having it more accessible in places that are, are easy to get to and that don’t feel like CD sex shops, which people picture where they have to buy things. And when you’re buying things online, maybe you don’t get to touch it or see the actual.

[00:08:58] Luna Matatas: Size or to, to have that, that experience of, oh, I’m just going out to buy something and I happen to get a vibrator. I’m not sure if people will, will have conversations at first. I think, I think we’d need to see it in more places, and maybe it would take a lot more time. I’d also like to see better quality lube come into these, these more mainstream accessible places.

[00:09:16] Luna Matatas: Like we have very limited options for lube, even in the drug stores. It’s, it’s really the selection is not, um, representative of everything Great that’s out there.

[00:09:25] Brandon Ware: Well, even, even this, I mean, I agree with you. I think about going to local sex stores and being able to, having somebody knowledgeable walking you through and showing you, Hey, this sex toy, that sex toy.

[00:09:35] Brandon Ware: I, I feel like even though it’s getting better, there’s still, um, I would love to go somewhere and have somebody say, here’s lube samples. Like there is, you know, makeup samples or cream samples anywhere. And it’s like, here’s the difference and this is why this one works for this

[00:09:47] Jess O’Reilly: and that one works, works for that Actually, I got a big sample bag from CVS the other day cuz of free stuff.

[00:09:52] Jess O’Reilly: And uh, it had a whole bunch of stuff in it. It had like different creams, it had some sort of eyedrops and there was a lube sample in there. There’s an astroglide lube sample. [00:10:00] So, and I was surprised because I feel like five years ago, companies like Astroglide would’ve tried to get in there and they would’ve been told, oh no, God forbid.

[00:10:07] Jess O’Reilly: Somebody actually like pull this out and feel like, oh, I also like sex, or I have to answer questions around this. You know, one of the things that that seems very obvious to me is that the staff at Target, the staff at department stores is less likely to have any training in these products. But I think what offsets that is that some of these brands, like the Sexologists led brands, or at least brands that invest in having.

[00:10:28] Jess O’Reilly: Sex researchers or sexologists on staff, or at least on retainer, they’ve created communities online. So there’s a lot of education where you can kind of know what you’re going to buy before you buy it. So I think, I think, I don’t know. I believe we’re moving in the right direction. I just really hope that it, I’ll be honest, I hope it doesn’t get all eaten up by PE money because anybody who, you know, looks at economics of any industry, like I was reading about franchises, reading about, you know, preschools, et cetera, gyms for kids, when it gets eaten up, Probably people know what I’m talking about that recent article in the Times.

[00:10:58] Jess O’Reilly: But when PE money comes in, the only focus is

[00:11:02] Brandon Ware: growth. I, I’m smiling because I have, I think whenever you say PE money, I don’t think private equity, I always say premature

[00:11:08] Luna Matatas: ejaculation. I thought physical education, sorry,

[00:11:11] Jess O’Reilly: kids, but pe, private equity

[00:11:14] Brandon Ware: money.

[00:11:14] Jess O’Reilly: No, we’ve not premature calculation money to define.

[00:11:17] Jess O’Reilly: All right, so we’ve taken lots of Luna’s time and now we need to get to one of her many skills rimming. So first of all, you have. A course called Eat Booty, like a champ, and you’re gonna share some of the highlights from that. And then people can go check out the full video course where I think pedagogically you’re gonna learn more on video than you are on audio.

[00:11:34] Jess O’Reilly: So tell us from the beginning, like, what do we need to know about rimming? Okay,

[00:11:38] Luna Matatas: so rimming sometimes known as, uh, butt munching or eating it like groceries. Or anal Lingus is oral sex to the anus. So we’re talking about the butt hole mostly. It’s a mostly external play, although some people may involve, uh, penetration with their tongue.

[00:11:54] Luna Matatas: There’s so many nerve endings on that cute little butt hole, all those cute little crinkles. So it’s a very [00:12:00] sensation rich area, which makes sense why people get so much pleasure out of it. You can definitely have rimming gams or anal gams from rimming plays. Some people use it to warm up other areas or to warm up for more penetrative anal sex.

[00:12:11] Luna Matatas: And when I teach my class, I found that the thing that people were most curious about is, one, can you get sick from, from remming? Two, how do you actually do the thing? Like, do I just put my face in there and like motorboat someone’s butt or crack? Um, and then also, how do I ask my partner like, is this.

[00:12:26] Luna Matatas: Dirty. Are they gonna think I’m dirty? Am I gonna feel judgmental or judged about it? And to all those questions, I think those are normal questions. We don’t hear a lot about oral to anal sex, but really, you know, they’re, it’s become more popular because we’ve seen more pop culture references to it. We’ve seen articles like Men’s Health or Women’s Health talking about stuff, but people have been eating each other’s butts forever.

[00:12:46] Luna Matatas: And so we’re just catching up with some skills. Excuse me,

[00:12:50] Jess O’Reilly: I’m eating a butt right now.

[00:12:51] Luna Matatas: She is. She is. Everyone.

[00:12:53] Jess O’Reilly: Because it was free in the goody bag. No comment. No, no comment.

[00:12:58] Luna Matatas: No comment. We’re doing this right from a above hole right now. That’s why there’s an echo.

[00:13:03] Jess O’Reilly: So that first question around safety and getting sick.

[00:13:07] Luna Matatas: Yes. So, um, you know, if your partner has some kind of gastrointestinal thing going on, you know, if they have an upset tummy, it’s probably not the day to do rimming. Right? And so the, the bacteria that people are most concerned about is like, am I gonna get e coli from someone’s? Button, which makes sense.

[00:13:23] Luna Matatas: We, we have all these sanitation and hygiene rules around it that we need to follow in non-erotic context, but in, in a rimming context, as long as someone’s not having those, those sort of symptoms, you know, if you, you could use a barrier, you can use something like a dental dam. If, if some, if you do want to eat it on, on a upset tummy kind of day, or you could just wait, um, you don’t do something else.

[00:13:43] Luna Matatas: What’s your suggestion?

[00:13:44] Brandon Ware: Let’s just hold off today.

[00:13:45] Jess O’Reilly: I’m gonna vote for the latter.

[00:13:47] Luna Matatas: Yeah, yeah. If it’s a dairy day for me, do not eat my bite.

[00:13:51] Jess O’Reilly: Hang on. Do you drink dairy? No. Okay. So then you told us to get you a latte this morning and I said to Brandon, she must not want a latte. She must want an oat milk latte.[00:14:00]

[00:14:00] Jess O’Reilly: But then I was, this is how the oat milk latte french joke came up. Anyhow, that’s dairy. You’re drinking.

[00:14:04] Luna Matatas: That’s fine. That’s If it’s boiled, I’m fine. I don’t know why.

[00:14:06] Brandon Ware: That’s why Franco came by to talk, but he had to leave, so . But hole boot. Boot hole.

[00:14:16] Luna Matatas: Can we call you butt, Julio? But Julio sounds fancy.

[00:14:21] Jess O’Reilly: I like it.

[00:14:22] Jess O’Reilly: Sign me up so you can use a barrier method. Yes. And also you can wash.

[00:14:26] Luna Matatas: You can wash, you don’t have to do extensive douching. I mean, cleaning the outside of, of your anus after your last bowel movement is, is good enough. You can put, uh, the tip of your pinky in there, in the shower and just like clean out the initial part.

[00:14:38] Luna Matatas: But if you’ve got a diet that’s high in fiber and also you’re well hydrated, you’re less likely to have particles of poop that are hanging out in your, in your rectum. So I think, I think mostly, you know, it’s, it’s understandable. We’re worried about poop. And we’re worried about pleasure, right? The two Ps.

[00:14:52] Luna Matatas: The two Ps, alliteration,

[00:14:53] Jess O’Reilly: man. The third P is, please, please Ps and Qs. Ps and Qs. Three P’s and A cues. So, okay, so clean up, consider a barrier method. Yes. Do you like use enemas? Do you consider

[00:15:03] Luna Matatas: that you can use an enema if you, if you’d like to, as long as it’s. Uh, not a solution that some solutions are, are really irritating to the delicate lining of, of the rectum.

[00:15:13] Luna Matatas: There are some that are, are gentler. I think Dr. Goldstein makes one that that’s gentler and I’ve tried it. It’s great. You can also use an anal syringe or an enema bulb and just flush the first few inches of your rectum with warm water. And you don’t wanna go too deep. You’re gonna give yourself diarrhea.

[00:15:27] Luna Matatas: You’re gonna disturb that next bowel movement and you don’t

[00:15:30] Jess O’Reilly: wanna disrupt the natural bacteria of the region either, which is why I think you’re recommending against solutions. And yeah. Dr. Evan Goldstein has, he’s been on the podcast before. Yeah. So folks can go check that out. Yeah. Okay. So we’ve covered the cleanliness part.

[00:15:42] Jess O’Reilly: How do you get over the psychological barrier if your partner, so the person who wrote in said that her partner is into it and they just wanted to learn more. So if, if you’re like, mm, I don’t know if I wanna put my mouth there, or it feels like you’re not supposed to, it feels like it’s taboo. How do you kind of.

[00:15:56] Jess O’Reilly: Deal with the

[00:15:57] Luna Matatas: psychological piece. Yeah. So for some people, [00:16:00] as arousal goes up, disgust goes down. Mm-hmm. And so things that are gross outside of, of our sexy times become actually erotic and, and we’re attracted to it. So I would say get really aroused and maybe even just play with touching the butt.

[00:16:13] Luna Matatas: Don’t even put your face there. Kiss the butt cheeks, you know, get playful with the area. And take it slow. You can do lots of things that still maintain your comfort level. So you might not wanna put your tongue in, in someone’s butt hole. Maybe you’re just licking the crack. Maybe you’re kissing the top of the crack, maybe you’re, uh, dragging your, your tongue over the butt hole.

[00:16:30] Luna Matatas: So there’s, there’s options for people, but that comfort level should be honored. I don’t think it’s, you don’t have to rush. You don’t have to do something you’re not comfortable with because if you’re not getting pleasure out of giving, it’s, it’s not gonna be pleasurable for, for both people.

[00:16:43] Jess O’Reilly: And this is something that just keeps coming up in every single conversation.

[00:16:46] Jess O’Reilly: If you want to shed shame, if you wanna get more comfortable, if you want to enjoy something, if you want to be better at it, get yourself aroused. Do what genuinely feels good. So you mentioned that discuss levels tend to decline. With arousal levels, and again, and I talk about this all the time, oxytocin, adrenaline, norepinephrine, flooding the body, changes the way we see things.

[00:17:07] Jess O’Reilly: And uh, I think we spoke about it recently, how enthusiasm is such a key ingredient to enjoying sex, but also to attraction. Like your partner is more attracted to you. When you’re enthusiastic. Your partner is going to enjoy it more. When you’re enthusiastic, they’re going to deem your skills. More adept when you’re enthusiastic and there is no way to get enthusiastic.

[00:17:28] Jess O’Reilly: That compares to just getting yourself turned on. Make this about you. Wear a toy, touch yourself, fantasize. Tell your partner to go down on you first. Do whatever it takes to get yourself aroused, and then whether you’re eating a butthole or watching a show together. Or climbing on top and riding it, you’re gonna enjoy it so much more.

[00:17:45] Jess O’Reilly: Okay, I love that. Now cuz we said we wouldn’t keep you long and folks we’ve gotta get to another session here. What are some techniques people should consider for rimming?

[00:17:54] Luna Matatas: Yes, I really, I teach about 10 different techniques in in my webinar, but one of my favorite ones is to [00:18:00] make out with the butthole.

[00:18:00] Luna Matatas: So you are gonna take your lips. And make ’em nice and wet, or you’re gonna add some lube to, to the butt hole. There’s some great flavored lubes that you can eat, a pink lemonade butt hole. If, if you want to, we live in a great time. If you could choose any

[00:18:13] Jess O’Reilly: flavored butt hole, what would it be? Pink lemonade.

[00:18:16] Jess O’Reilly: That’s a wicked brand, right? It is. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I I love that one. You, babe.

[00:18:20] Brandon Ware: So I’m feeling that because, and I’ll tell you why, because lately I drink those. Flavored shots in my bubbly water. So I’ve been drinking this pink lemonade one, you know, by coincidence. So, yeah, sure. Listen, I’d love to eat a pink lemonade butt.

[00:18:32] Brandon Ware: Sounds great. Maybe some watermelon. Ooh,

[00:18:34] Jess O’Reilly: watermelon. Watermelon. Watermelon. Mine’s gonna be a tempo meal. I want a red, somebody who’s gonna say the wine. I want chocolate. I want a red, no, I don’t want chocolate. Butt hole. Why you need eat a chocolate starfish? No, because the brown is gonna, it’s gonna freak me out.

[00:18:45] Jess O’Reilly: It’s gonna, I gotta learn to handle my brown. Uh,

[00:18:49] Brandon Ware: always a scotch reference. Always goes scratch, always a

[00:18:51] Jess O’Reilly: scotch reference. Okay, so, and what else? What else can they be

[00:18:55] Luna Matatas: doing? Okay. You can also take your tongue and lap up that butt hole so you’re licking from the bottom of the butt hole with a flat tongue pressing, putting pressure against the anus, and then ending up at the, the top of the butt hole.

[00:19:07] Luna Matatas: So all that pressure inwards is also engaging the nerve endings. It feels great cuz there’s more surface area. It’s a broader stroke for people. And then another tip I think is, is really fun is to just kind of take your tongue and, and play with it. So circle the butt hole I’m doing, I’m doing a circle motion now, everyone with my face, and you’re gonna circle the butt hole and um, and then get your tongue into those little folds.

[00:19:30] Luna Matatas: And so tickle those little folds and watch how they open up with, with your touch. They’re gonna fill up with blood flow. They’re gonna become even more sensation rich.

[00:19:38] Jess O’Reilly: I love that. Almost like kind of tracing pedals around that middle area. Yes. And. Anything you can do with your tongue, you can also do with your fingers.

[00:19:45] Jess O’Reilly: Absolutely.

[00:19:46] Luna Matatas: Right.

[00:19:46] Jess O’Reilly: You can do it with your chin. Oh wow. I don’t know. I feel like my chin is, how do I get my chin in there? I don’t want your chin in there. Get outta here with your scratch, chin, chin

[00:19:54] Luna Matatas: scratchy. You know what? I have a solution for that. We’re gonna put some silke on your chin. Let’s just to make a little barrier.

[00:19:59] Luna Matatas: [00:20:00] Oh, interesting.

[00:20:01] Jess O’Reilly: On your dick beard.

[00:20:02] Luna Matatas: On your dick beard. On Dick Beard.

[00:20:03] Brandon Ware: Yeah. Thank you. I, I have a question. We’ve been talking about techniques, but how about for people who haven’t ever done it before? What, and, you know, don’t know how to introduce it to their partner and they wanna have, they want to throw it out there and it’s something, let’s say I’m interested in, Jess isn’t, we’ve never had this conversation.

[00:20:18] Brandon Ware: Do you have a suggestion for a line or a, a, a verbal cue to introduce it for the

[00:20:24] Jess O’Reilly: first time? Or a greeting card if you know a greeting card line that says, can I eat your butt? God, we should make those cards. You, you should make

[00:20:31] Luna Matatas: those cards. It’s not me. Well, but Holyo here has a whole leg brand. I

[00:20:37] Brandon Ware: love the new names I’ve been given to Fran Lio.

[00:20:41] Jess O’Reilly: Dick Beard.

[00:20:42] Luna Matatas: Dick Beard. I think if, when you wanna bring something up with your partner, sometimes there’s a feeling of obligation by the receiving partner. So just cuz we talk about it means that we have to do it. And so if you bring it up with a, a error of, of curiosity. So something like, Hey, I was listening to this podcast and they were talking about eating as like, how do you.

[00:21:01] Luna Matatas: How do you feel about that? Have you ever done that? Do you have a reaction to that? And whatever your partner’s reaction is is fine because sometimes people need a time to digest to think about it. And so having a no pressure conversation about your feels can also just help you open up more understanding about your desires, about other things you wanna do.

[00:21:18] Luna Matatas: So they might say, no, I never thought about you eating my butt, but I want to eat your butt. Hmm. That could

[00:21:23] Brandon Ware: get interesting. And, and again, I think all of these things, Could also inspire or lead to other conversations about other types of pleasure too, right? It’s like, no, I haven’t thought about that, but you know, I’d be interested in maybe getting a finger in my butt.

[00:21:32] Brandon Ware: Maybe. Let’s start

[00:21:33] Jess O’Reilly: there, right? Yes. Yeah. And I would say a lot of people will start with their hands. Yes. And a toy before they go to their mouth. So I think that if you’re brand new to butt play, this might be like the third step or the third of the step as opposed to the very first. Yeah.

[00:21:45] Luna Matatas: Yeah, and some people feel that it’s very taboo, and so that, that’s exciting.

[00:21:49] Luna Matatas: That’s like, oh yeah, let’s like start with some external play. Maybe even holding a vibrator against the butt hole and seeing how good that feels, and then watching your partner respond to that pleasure.

[00:21:57] Jess O’Reilly: I think it can be really, uh, important like as a [00:22:00] trust building activity too, for folks who are brand new to, to anything anal, to promise that you’re only gonna play externally to begin with, like just.

[00:22:07] Jess O’Reilly: Building up the pressure of taking your middle finger and pressing it on the butt hole really gently and releasing, first of all, that’s so pleasurable for so many people, like during intercourse or during oral or during solo play and just playing externally. So you get used to the sensation. I think the big thing with anal is everybody thinks they need to go like for the grand slam immediately, and everyone wants to stick basically a dick in the butt and there’s so much more you can do.

[00:22:30] Jess O’Reilly: Besides just the penis or just the tongue. There’s all these other layers. So we encourage people to take their time. Definitely recommend you go back and listen to a couple of the anal sex podcasts. And of course, if you wanna learn more and more about what is it, eating the butthole, like a champ milk, uh, eat booty, like a champ.

[00:22:45] Jess O’Reilly: Eat booty like a champ. Luna, you’re at luna Maybe we can beg you for like a podcast discount code or something.

[00:22:53] Luna Matatas: Oh yeah, I can definitely do that. In that class, you’ll also hear about my rim and gasm where it. Felt like someone was licking my CLT through my butt hole. So you will

[00:23:01] Jess O’Reilly: learn to do that.

[00:23:01] Jess O’Reilly: Oh my gosh. Okay. All right. I’m gonna, I’m gonna just put it out there code, Dr. Jess. Okay, perfect. At luna just on that one course. And you’ll save if you, thank you so much for being here. Oh, hello

[00:23:12] Brandon Ware: everyone. Welcome. I’m back Lu. That was wonderful. I loved it. It was, I look forward to playing with Ziba Hall tonight.

[00:23:25] Luna Matatas: Thank you for having me.

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