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Sex with Dr. Jess


May 15, 2023

How to Touch a Woman: Part III

How to touch a woman part 3

How to Touch a Woman: Part III – Exploring Sensual Pleasure

Sexual experiences vary greatly among individuals, and it’s important to recognize that there isn’t a single definition of what constitutes great sex. Engaging in a range of activities and embracing experimentation can lead to incredible pleasure and satisfaction. While many people prioritize penetration as the main focus of sex, there is so much more to discover through sensual and intimate exploration of various body parts. By expanding our sexual horizons, we not only enhance our pleasure but also promote sexual functioning, response, and overall satisfaction.

In parts I and II of this series, we explored ways to touch and pleasure a woman without penetration. Now, let’s explore the possibilities of manual sex that involve intimate touch. Remember, every individual is unique, so open communication with your partner is key when exploring new techniques. Additionally, ensure ample lubrication, embrace the entire body, and practice safer sex using barriers such as condoms and gloves.

Here are some ideas to ignite your exploration:

  1. Circle of Love: Begin with a slow and gentle circling motion around the entrance of their genitals using one well-lubricated finger. As you feel their excitement building, delicately introduce the We-Vibe Touch X, a powerful mini massager with a soft and plush texture. This magic multi-tasker can deliver earthshaking yet whisper-quiet vibrations, enhancing pleasure and sensuality. Remember to observe their response as you move the Touch X in small, circular motions.
  2. Come Hither: Position your palm facing upwards towards their abdomen and insert your finger into their genitals. Use a “come hither” motion, curving your finger towards their pleasure spots. For targeted stimulation, you can introduce the We-Vibe Nova 2, featuring an internal stimulator and an external stimulator. The Tango 2’s design flexes with each movement, allowing for precise pleasure. Remember, every person’s preferences are unique, so always prioritize open communication and consent. 
  3. Twister: Cross your fingers, inserting them into their genitals with your palm facing up. As you move, rotate your hand in one fluid motion. Experiment with different angles, adding a twist of pleasure to your manual exploration. 
  4. Line Dance: Insert one or two fingers into the vagina and press upward on the G-spot. Trace a line from the G-Spot out toward the vaginal opening and then up toward the clitoral hood and glans. Gently circle the clitoral glans and then trace a line back down into the vagina and up toward the G-Spot.

  5. Come Together: Engage in simultaneous pleasure by stimulating different areas at once. Explore their erogenous zones by using your fingers to provide pleasurable sensations. For enhanced precision and stimulation, consider incorporating the We-Vibe Melt. This versatile pleasure device combines innovative technology with precise stimulation, intensifying pleasure and enhancing intimacy between partners. 

Remember, the journey of pleasure is unique for every individual, and it’s essential to prioritize the comfort and enjoyment of both you and your partner. Embrace the use of high-quality products like the We-Vibe Nova 2, Melt, and Touch X to elevate your sensual experiences and unlock new realms of pleasure and intimacy. Let your exploration be inclusive, respectful, and diverse, celebrating the beauty of individual preferences and desires. Enjoy the journey and remember to practice safer sex as you embrace the joys of intimacy.