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December 15, 2022

Full Body Orgasms

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Want to experiment with orgasms?
Explore pleasure across every square inch of your body with this head-to-toe pleasure guide that will help you get out of your head and into your body.

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Full Body Orgasms

Participant #1:
You’re listening to the Sex with Dr. Jess podcast, sex and relationship advice you can use tonight. This is the Sex with Dr. Jess podcast, throwing me off by giving my oneliner that I practice in the mirror. Here’s your oneline. Go. Welcome to the sex with Dr. Jess podcast asked. I’m your co host Brandon Ware here with my lovely other half. And Dr. Jess. What are we talking about today? What full body owes? I feel like my voice is a little off today. I had a late night. You did have a late night. I’ve been trying to stay on European time. How’s that working? Because I like waking up at 430 in the morning. I love being up before everyone else. 4 hours later the sun comes up here in Toronto. The problem is you go to bed at 01:00 in the morning, so getting up at four is a bit of a challenge. I went to bed at about two last night. Yeah, I did hear it. Yes, I did. Because I did not stay up that late. I don’t know how you slept through us making all that noise. I’m obviously super loud, but I have another extremely loud friend. Oh, really? Brandon has learned to tune us out because our house is small. Like, you can hear everything in the house, but somehow you were asleep. Yes, I was. That’s my superpower. I can sleep through anything. No, your superpower is you can tune me and Mel out. I’m going to send this to my friend Mel. So holidays are upon us. This is a super social week for me. Every day and every night I’ve got events and social gatherings and parties and I’m excited. I’m a little nervous because everyone’s sick and I’m trying to stay healthy. It’s a two cough, two sneeze threshold for me. Unless you’re one of those eight sneeze consecutive people where I’m like, okay, I get it. Someone close talked to me last night, so I started kind of breathing really hard. You’re disturbing the air around because I’m sure you looked really normal doing that too. I was hoping he would just kind of back off a little.

So you did essentially a candle blowout in his face while he was talking and I was moving my head around in a circle. Was it sexy or was like, what was going on there? It was not sexy. I’m envisioning that right now and it does not look and sexy. No, but I don’t know. I’m thinking about social Burnett. I was thinking about how much fun I’m having right now, kind of being back with people. We’ve got work parties. I’ve weaseled my way into parties that are not my work parties. We’re going to an amazing work dinner on Thursday night for a company we don’t work for. I’m hoping to get an employee of the year. This whole easing back in, it’s not easy. Listen, a lot of people have been back at it in full steam for a year or more, and some people aren’t really going out at all. Obviously, there’s people who are higher risk. Of course, there’s both ends of the spectrum, but what I’m noticing is that sometimes people are out, and that initial climatization back to social settings was weird. I had somebody full on just let one rip. No, yeah, it was my dad or your mom, in which case it wasn’t unusual. It was normal. But no. We’re standing in a circle talking, and all of a sudden, I’m like, that wasn’t like, wow, that was definitely noticeable. And the odor is also noticeable, so it wasn’t just, like, their shoe rubbing against the ground. What you I was hoping that it was a shoe, because, you know, it sounded a little wet, but but I was like, okay, we’ve been at that point, I was like, we’ve been cooped up for a little longer than this person thinks. Well, this is the thing. I’m wondering after this week if I’m going to need to go into my goblin mode and just I love the word goblin. I love that that is the, like, new word of the year goblin mode, but so many parties, and I think I’m loving it, but I’m worried how overwhelmed I’m going to be. Anyhow lucky to be around people. Excited for the holidays, folks, if you’re doing last minute shopping, check out Use code Dr. Jess for 50% off almost any single item, plus free shipping, and there’s a whole bunch of goodies they sent me a list, but it’s just a whole bunch of free stuff. Code Dr.

All right. Did you tell us what we’re talking about? I don’t think I did. Caught up in my social awkward story. Okay. I really want to know who farted. We’ll share that another time. Okay. Give that person some anonymity. Okay. I can’t wait to get this conversation over just so I can find out who farted in the I’m very sensitive about farting. That’s another conversation. I have a couple of friends who are trying to get on this podcast all the time just to talk about poo, because they know I’m not comfortable with it. But you know what? We should bring them on. This is the closest I’ve come to talking about poo. I’ve said fart. I don’t know if I told you I grew up in a household where we were told that fart was a bad word. Well, I grew up in a household where fart was something that for breakfast that people did all the time everywhere, and it was like, oh, man, end. For real. Oh, no. There was farting happening. We just weren’t allowed to say the word. I think it was, like, a word that my mom hadn’t heard growing up, and so she thought it was a bad word. I can tell you a word that I learned living in that household. It’s called brick wall. Or somebody farts, and then you literally walk into it, and it’s like hitting a brick wall. It’s like banging your head into a brick wall. It’s so potent. Is that like a part of crop dusting? Crop dusting is different. I’ve heard you. Crop dusting is when you gently squeeze a little something out and share your odor around a road. Okay, I’m crying. I’m actually running my eyes and crying funny because we’re talking about this. And I don’t pass gas in front of you. No. You turn all your farts into burping. It’s amazing. It’s my other superpower. I’ve been sleeping through things. I can turn farts into burp. Oh, my God. Okay, we need to move on. Okay. I’m having a great time. Yeah, I know. And I’m not. I’m sweating. I need to work on this. This is a hang up I need to work on, but not here, not now. Switching gears to something slightly sexier than farting. And I also want to mention that for some people, farting actually is sexy because we had talked to a fart fetishist who shared their story. So I know we’re laughing because we’re uncomfortable with it and we find it funny, but no judgment to people who enjoy a good fart. I remember that. And they were great. They were great. That was really informative. Seriously. Yeah. So I do want to just note that my joking has to do with my own discomfort around it and probably my own family trouble, as opposed to the fact that farts are good or bad. And of course, it’s healthy. You’re supposed to like fart and sweat. And you know what? My mom did all that. And I almost died. Because of the wall? Because of the brick wall. Did anyone ever Dutch oven you? Oh, my goodness. No. I don’t know if anyone has. But that’s when you fart under the covers and then surprise. And then you put them under put them under the covers. Oh, my gosh. Okay. For real. Let’s talk about something way sexier. Okay, let’s do it. This is full body orgasms. We have been talking about orgasms for several weeks now, and it’s taken us a little longer to get through it. Not because we spent all this time on fart chad, but because there’s just so much to talk about with orgasms. And I received a question about how to give my girlfriend a full body orgasm. And there are different approaches to full body orgasm. I think there are different definitions and different expectations around a full body orgasm. When I have an orgasm that feels more full bodied, it doesn’t mean that every single millimeter of my body is experiencing orgasm. But I’ve felt orgasm in my face. I’ve felt it in my feet. I’ve felt it in my fingers. Where have you felt it?

In my penis. Okay, you need to come to one of these sessions. I’ve had intense orgasms, but I can’t generally tell you that the feeling is concentrated around the groin. It’s not rating. Okay, so then we need to do more of this together. So there are different ways you can experiment with full body orgasm. So one, and the one that I’m going to COVID today involves stimulating the entire body before you get to orgasm. So awakening all the nerve endings, promoting blood flow and drawing awareness across the entire body. So touching every tiny little spot so that when you finally do arrive at orgasm, perhaps more through a tried and trued way. Tried and true way, right. So you explore the whole body. It doesn’t mean that a tickle of the earlobe is going to lead to orgasm. But if you’ve stimulated that earlobe and then you do the things that really turn you on and get you off, you can start to feel it in that earlobe or in any part of the body. So nerve endings, blood flow, awareness, full body. So that when you arrive at orgasm, you feel it radiate all across your skin to kind of all corners. So that’s one way. The other way tends to be through either the Gspot or the prostate. And I’ve talked about that before that there is this belief that it’s a different nerve pathway that wanders throughout the body from those areas that creates a more full bodied sensation. And then other people will report that they have more full bodied experiences when they stimulate multiple pathways to pleasure an orgasm. We talked about that. I think it was just last week, the blended orgasms. So don’t just focus on the penis, also play with the prostate. Or don’t just focus on the clit, also play with the GZone. Or don’t just focus on the genitals and the breasts or the chest. Also focus on the nipple. Yes, it’s all the nipple for you. I didn’t tell you this, babe. A bunch of people were like, yeah, I’m like Brandon, I also have sensitive nips. You know what? I feel you all, you only have one sensitive nip. Don’t give away the farm. It’s the last one. So we have all these different approaches. And this is perfect timing because I’m launching a new video course on full body orgasms in the early new year, and it covers all of the erogenous zones, all the different sensual touch techniques. With your hands, with your fingers, with your toys, with your nose, with your lips, with your tongue. And then I think the key and what makes this course amazing, in my opinion because I made it and I’m still in it no, because I’m awesome. Is the audio guide. So the audio guide is something that you use yourself to kind of walk you through the process. And this program is drawn from the workshops that I really only teach on the Desire Cruises. And today, my plan is to share a little bit of the content as I walk you through full body touch.

So this isn’t an audio guide, because an audio guide would be a lot slower, a lot more relaxed, a little bit more sensual and gentle so that you could play it in the background while you’re actually touching your partner. So the intro would be different. There’ll be no far talk on the audio guide. Okay, that’s the last time I’m saying that word today. So I think that what I’m about to share. So a guide to explore the full body for full body pleasure is more than enough to get you started. If you just can’t wait for the course to be released. And if you are interested in preregistering for the Full Body Orgasm course, head on over to You can put in your email and you will get 50% off the course when it’s ready to go. So I guess you’re sort of going to take a step back now because I’m just going to kind of go through some of the content of the course. You can chime in if you want, but you can also leave. You were dismissed. So when we start with Full Body play, we obviously want you to get comfortable and feel connected to a partner. I’m going to talk about this as though you’re doing it with a partner but of course you could also try it on your own and you’re going to take your time. You’re going to have your lube, your massage oil ready. Any props or toys should be kind of readily accessible. If you have a partner, you’re going to take some time to kind of kiss and caress and snuggle and just feel calm and in the moment and mindful and good with one another. And you both want to get super comfortable because the partner who’s receiving, we’re going to do this in a giver and receiver mode. The partner who’s receiving is going to lie on their stomach. So they might need a pillow under their head, they might need a pillow under their ankles or under their hips, like whatever kind of works for your body. And then the partner who is going to be the giver also needs to get into a comfortable position and kind of maybe use furniture, use pillows, use the bed, use a chair, whatever works for you so that the givers, hands and full body are available to explore. So sitting on a bed for this can actually be a little bit harder because you again, you have to use your core to hold yourself up as you’re reaching around. So just some pillows to prop a partner up can help. Or putting them on the edge of the bed and you stand next to them kind of like you would on a massage table can feel really good. This is going to be an erotic massage that is not therapeutic in any way. It’s really about touch and skin and contact and taking your time. And so the too long didn’t read it didn’t listen. Version is that we are going to stimulate the body, the back side of the body, because they’re on their stomach from head to toe. We’re going to take our time. We are going to touch every possible point of the body.

You’re going to use your lips, you’re going to use your tongue. You’re going to use your breath. You’re going to use your fingertips if they’re into different textures. You could be using a soft makeup brush. You could be using a silk scarf. You could use pervertibles like an emery board or a nail file, like whatever you’re into, you’re just taking your time. We’re starting at the head and we’re working down to their feet when we finish the backside. And it’s going to take some time like you’ll find when I actually put out the audio guide, it’s fairly slow and I think that’s the greatest value to this program is that it gets you to stop and slow down. And even if you don’t have a full body orgasm, no big deal. This is an exploration of full body pleasure. So head to toe, on the backside side, then we’re going to roll them over and we’ll do the front side. And then you’re going to do whatever it is you do to get to orgasm. And we’re not going to COVID all of that today because you have to go to the course. But we’re going to COVID definitely more than enough to get you started. So to begin the erotic massage, you’re going to start at their scalp by touching really gently. You’re going to roll your fingertips through their hair or you’re going to trace them around in slow semicircles. Maybe you’re going to kiss gently with your lips and nuzzle your nose to follow the contours of their ears, maybe all around the back of their neck. You’re going to breathe really deeply and you’re going to take your time and tune in to every sensation, the temperature, the texture, the energy, all of that stuff. So you’re going to spend a moment here just rolling your fingertips around their scalp and their ears and circular motions. You’re going to try different techniques. And in the course we begin with different erotic touch techniques. So you’re going to keep this up before slowly adjusting. Maybe you stop rolling your fingers and you start using your palms. Maybe you do the spider pull technique, which is where you open your fingers wide and you pull them slowly together in this sensual, teasing way. You’re going to take your time with one open palm. You’re going to spread your fingers slowly out through their hair and really you’re going to spend a few minutes here. And the beginning is always, I think, for many people, the most awkward because you’re not relaxed yet. And we have this expectation that like, oh, I’m going to get really turned on. I’m into a full body orgasm.

But really this is about slowing down, getting into your body, tuning into the sensations, getting out of your head and just being focused on the moment. And then next. And in the audio guide I’d walk you through it. You’re going to work your way down their neck, breathing breath kisses over it for a few minutes. You can keep your hands on their head to kind of stay grounded. And you can follow the shape of their neck with the tip of your nose. You can trace it with your cheeks. You can gently run your dry lips against them. You can plant a few gentle kisses as you lick your lips and trace around with your palms. You can smile while you’re touching them for pleasure and just admire them. You can of course use massage lotion or oil to make sure that it feels smooth and sensual and pleasurable and warm. You’re going to work your way down their neck to their shoulders where you’re going to kiss and lick and breathe and swirl and touch and really feel their skin against yours. And just a reminder, what I’m doing here is much faster than we’ll have you do via the audio guide. So you’re going to notice how their skin feels, how your body responds. You’re going to use the backs of your hands over their shoulders as you gradually work your way over their upper back, around their shoulder blades. Again, touching with fingers, palms, lips, tongue, breath, slow and gentle. You can do the slow motion pitter patter over there. You can draw a two handed heart. You’re going to pay attention to your breath and see if you can slow it down. Breathe a little more deeply. Oftentimes you’ll find that your breath starts to sink up. So the more deeply and purposefully you beat breathe, the more likely they’re going to follow suit. And so if you’re the partner who’s lying there receiving pleasure, you’re just going to breathe and take it in. So same thing. You’re enjoying the pleasure. You don’t have concern of reciprocation, you’re indulging in the connection. You’re giving yourself permission to let go of any worries or responsibilities. And I should note here that in the video course, before we get to this full body exercise, we’ve already gone through a number of practices to prime your body and mind for this.

So for example, we do an exercise where you learn to be a receiver in a lower pressure exercise as opposed to full body naked touch. But for the receiver you’re just, you know, if your mind wanders into fantasy, that’s cool. If your mind wanders into something distracting, that’s cool. Just kind of notice it, let go of it, bring it back. And so for the giver, you’re working your way down their sides, down their lower back. You’re touching with intention. You’re breathing warm air all around the small of their back. You’re kissing, you’re caressing, you’re rolling your tongue around and then you’re breathing over that wet pop path you’ve created. Maybe you roll your tongue in a figure eight pattern. Maybe you press your cheeks against them and you feel their body rise and fall with every breath. Maybe you sweep your hands in a smooth figure eight technique. Maybe you do eight slow strokes and then alternate kind of right and left hand. Again, don’t forget your tongue. Don’t forget your breath. Swirling your tongue around the shoulder blades, using your cheeks to sweep around the area. Maybe add a little more massage oil. Trickling the backs of your fingers slowly down their sides, sweeping back up until you start to increase the pressure. So maybe in the real life version with the audio guide, this will be maybe like the ten minute mark or something like that. We’re really taking our time. You’re going to spend a few more minutes here until you slide down, trickle the backs of your fingers slowly down their sides and you kind of get to their butt. And as you touch, you’re admiring, you’re smiling, you’re breathing. You’re letting them know that you’re enjoying it, even if they’re blindfolded, because I often recommend that they have their eyes closed or blindfolded for this. And no inhibition in your sounds. Like just let them flow freely. If something feels good, let out. You’re like, right, we stifle our sounds. We stifle our breath. And in doing so, we stifle the pleasure and sexual response. So you get down to their butt and you sweep your palms over their cheek. You allow your hands to move in unison or alternate one at a time. And you’re going to very gently increase the speed and pressure over the course of maybe three to four or five minutes over the butt. You’re going to breathe over their butt cheeks. You’re going to kiss them. You’re going to suck them. You’re going to kind of take them in. Maybe you slide your fingers between them. Maybe you glide your nose in there. Maybe you roll your tongue around the area. Maybe you tease down low kind of toward their genitals. But you don’t go there. You tickle, you trickle, you caress. You need. You kind of play to your heart’s content. And now you’re touching to escalate their pleasure. And so again, what we’re doing here is we’re just making sure the mind, the body, they feel connected to every part of your body. If you’re the receiver, you can also think about as you breathe in, bringing that breath and that energy to the part that’s being caressed. So that, yes, we’re getting the circulation, yes, we’re getting the awareness, but we’re also awakening every single nerve ending.

So you’re going to eventually work your way down their thighs. You’re going to alternate between gentle trickles and breasts and warm touch as you kind of wrap your hands right around their thighs. And again, they’re still on their tummies. You’re sliding up and down. You’re moving side to side. Sometimes it’s rhythmic and predictable and other times it’s unpredictable and organic patterns with your lips, cheeks, nose, hands, chest. Maybe you roll a vibe around there. Maybe you play with, as I said, like a silk scarf. You slip your fingers between their thighs so you almost kind of touch down in between their legs. But you’re just teasing. You open their thighs, you kiss all around with this heavy breath, every square inch. Then you’re going to work your way down their calves, their inner ankles, their feet. And of course, and we’ll cover this in the course, if there’s an area they don’t like to be touched then be mindful of their preferences. You don’t have to touch every square millimeter if there’s a part that doesn’t feel good for them. So once you’ve caressed basically the entire backside from head to toe and if I look at the audio guide timing, it’s probably 20 minutes. You need to take some time with this. You’re going to move back up your legs again for a second and move on to their arms. So we’ve done head to toe. Now you’re playing with the skin of their inner elbows. You’re taking time oh, with their fingers to touch and caress and kiss and suck. Because orgasmic sensations in your hands are like the best thing ever. So you’re spending a few extra minutes here and you’re checking in with each other and once you arrive and you’ve done every single spot on their backside and they’re breathing and they’re feeling relaxed and you’re both feeling good, it doesn’t have to be super arousing yet by the way. You’re going to COVID their eyes and gently roll them over onto their back. And once you roll them over, I think a blindfold really helps. By the way, I’ve done this with probably over 1000 couples when we do these desire events and they all say that the blindfold really helps to kind of tune out distraction. So if you can cover their eyes and maybe you reconnect by holding hands or kissing before you basically do the exact same thing on the front side from head to toe. You’re going to spend at least a few minutes caressing their face with the backs of your hand. You’re going to plant kisses, you’re going to run your nose around the curves of their face and you’re going to breathe deeply and you’re going to kiss and caress their neck and their ears and the collarbone because the face and the collarbone can really tingle with pleasure during orgasms. So play with different strokes and kisses and knuzzles and then you’re going to take your time and you’re going to work your way down their body on the front side because they’re now lying on their backs just as slowly as you did on the backside. Exploring and experimenting with all the different touch patterns that you enjoy or that you’ve learned. Following the curves of their collarbone. Using the soft pads of your fingertips to swipe centrally from side to side, releasing warm air from your lips from shoulder to shoulder along the collarbone, paying extra attention to that superstarl notch in the middle. Rolling your tongue around this area. And again, just thinking about multiple points of contact. If you have a spare hand, press it firmly into another area of their body. If you’re flexible and your positioning allows it, you’re maybe pressing your warm body against theirs even as you trickle your fingers against, I don’t know, their arms, their fingers, their palms, and again working your way down their body, not missing a spot. Awakening every single nerve ending, drawing circulation across every square centimeter and bringing awareness to every curve and space.

And so today I’m going to stop there because I think there’s lots to get started. Like, the short version is touch them every single place before you get to going down on them, or before you get to intercourse, or before you get to a vibrator, or before you get to whatever it is that tends to lead you to orgasm. And clearly do it slowly. Yes. Take your time. Yes, well, and when you hopefully get the course and you get the audio guide, I’ll have one version where I speak much more slowly than this, and Brandon will do a version as well because people like to hear different voices. I’d definitely rather hear your voice, but I can hear my own voice in the headset. And I’m like, oh, but we’ll go slowly, we’ll go centrally and you can go try this. But I also think that the course will be, first of all, amazing because the video is going to have all the different demos of the erotic touch techniques, like how to touch the body. And really, I think the audio guide is going to be super valuable because you can play it in the background while you’re actually exploring the full body experience of touch and pleasure. It’s slow, it’s sensual. I want to say it’s low pressure. And I always tell people this when we’re doing it at Desire. I’m like, Everybody’s going to respond differently. For some people, this is going to be the most indulgent powerful experience they’ve had in their body, because most of us have not taken 20, 30, 40 minutes to touch and explore the body intentionally with purpose. For some people, this is just the most overwhelming experience, and for other people, it’s not. For other people, it’s more like, oh, that felt really good, that felt really relaxing. I felt really connected to you fine. You don’t always have to have one specific outcome. So, yes, I’m talking about full body orgasms. I’m sharing a technique that you can try, but it doesn’t have to be the singular outcome. Hopefully, there are other outcomes, like really just slowing down, and I’m not naturally inclined to that. I really have to work to slow down. So I find that audio. Guides are really helpful for me. So hopefully you’ll go give this a try and even if you don’t do the whole thing, maybe you just set an alarm for ten minutes and touch the body before you get to the genitals. Or maybe you try this on, you know, on a Monday, but you don’t finish an orgasm and you get to pleasure on the Tuesday and you build that desire and that dopamine. So take your time, explore. No pressure, just enjoy. And you can go back and listen to previous episodes. I think we had at least one on Erogenous Zones, if you want to explore that as well.

So I’m going to encourage you to preregister for 50% off the course, head on over to, click on Full Body Owes and you’ll get that 50% discount for listening today. What a great gift. What a great gift. And, of course, a reminder that Adam and Eve is offering that 50% off almost any single item, plus free shipping and a whole bunch of free goodies with code dr jazz. So if you’re still shopping for things that vibe, if you’re still shopping for leather and lace, butt plugs, penis rings, nipple clamps, all that jazz. Adam and All right, thanks for listening. Thank you. You haven’t walked through this before, right? I haven’t I haven’t had the privilege. Would you rather be the giver or the taker? I’d rather be the giver. Fucking right. Sorry. I never swear. I mean, I swear all the time, but I never swear here. Must be the lack of sleep I had. OK, folks, thank you so much for listening. I’m going to go be a taker now. Wherever you’re at, wishing you lots of pleasure across the body, the mind and beyond, you’re listening to the Sex with Dr Jess podcast. Improve your sex life. Improve your life.