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Sex with Dr. Jess


January 17, 2022

Sex Positions for Shorter Penises

I was recently asked about positions for smaller penises and am pleased to share my notes below…

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Small penises are awesome — especially for penis-in-vagina sex because the clitoris isn’t at the back of the vagina, and the vagina isn’t that long, to begin with.

You don’t need to change anything (including positions) according to your size unless you or your partner finds something uncomfortable. You might assume that you should play with positions that allow you to thrust deeper, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Shallower penetration can be more pleasurable in many cases for several reasons:

  • More pressure & stimulation of the external vulva and clitoris
  • Stimulation of the G-zone via the upper wall of the vaginal canal
  • Some people have shorter vaginas
  • More stimulation of the coronal ridge (the puffy ridge at the base of the penile head)
  • Personal preference

The following positions can work for all penis sizes, but if you might have more fun with them if your penis is shorter:

Reverse Ride

  • The penis lies on their back with their knees bent
  • Their partner sits on top facing their feet
  • If the top partner has a clitoris, they can use the lower partner’s thighs for extra friction and grinding
  • The bottom partner gets a great rear-end view

Lap Dance

  • One partner sits on a chair or on the edge of the bed
  • The other partner straddles them to enjoy eye contact
  • The top partner can control the depth of penetration
  • The bottom’s partner’s hands are free to roam for extra stimulation of themselves or their lover

Frisk Me

  • One partner stands facing the wall
  • The other approaches from behind
  • The front partner can grind against the wall for extra friction
  • The rear partner can slide inside from below

The Snake

  • If you have a clitoris, lie on your stomach as your partner enters from behind.
  • Use your weight to grind against your clitoris – against the mattress, a toy, or your hand wrapped around your pubic mound.
  • Penis size doesn’t matter for folks or orgasm from rubbing and grinding externally, and many prefer not to have their cervix poked by a longer penis.