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Sex with Dr. Jess


September 23, 2021

Sexuality Superheroes: Skyler Whitehead

Meet the latest Sexuality Superhero, Skyler Whitehead . Sky is a photographer, content producer, serial artist, and creator of the card game Hedonism and Debauchery. Check out the feature below to learn more about Sky and Hedonism and Debauchery.

How did you get into the field?

I’m a multi-media expert that started by photographing art nudes for different college classes. Then it became a personal passion, which eventually transformed into a career-making body-positive and sex-positive content. First for clients, then I was able to express my views through art. My overall goal is to shift the way we have nuanced conversations around embodiment and sexuality.

As a black-owned business, were there any limits or hardships you faced?

In the beginning, there were several challenges I came across. The first challenge was the stigma around conversations about sex. Then it was learning the ins/outs of manufacturing and intellectual property. The last challenge, having the resources to grow awareness of the product.

What do you envision for the future of sex ed?

The future of sex education could look a lot more fun. Starting at an earlier age with each year’s curriculum giving more emotional context for student development with conversations around autonomy, reproductive anatomy & STI’s, consent & desire, understanding relationship & relationship structures, pleasure.

Hedonism & DebaucheryWhat is Hedonism and Debauchery?

Hedonism and Debauchery (H&D) is an adult card game that stimulates conversations around consent, sexuality play, kink, and all forms of desire. Our game’s culture revolves around making people feel more comfortable in talking about sexuality in everyday spaces.

Hedonism: Living a lifestyle seeking pleasure.

Debauchery: The pursuit of raunchy sexual fun.

Hedonism and Debauchery is a game for everyone that balances both fun and pleasure with respect and consent. These factors set the game apart from a standard party or drinking game.

How and why is this game so important? And how can people benefit from this game?

H&D is important because it is a game that centers conversations around consent. It’s a game for everyone – a game where you can talk about what you want without feeling weird asking someone a question out of the blue. In a fast-paced world, our culture has never learned about consent or autonomy. To create a safe space for people to come together.

The game is an educational tool. It teaches about consent, autonomy, pleasure advocacy, sexual liberation, relationship dynamics, intimacy building, sex re-education, and desire mapping.