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September 30, 2021

Tantra with Tyomi

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Superstar Tyomi Morgan shares her advice and insights on Authentic Tantra and how you can integrate the practice into your life for more pleasure and connection — in and out of the bedroom.

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Tantra with Tyomi

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You’re listening to the sax with dr jess podcast sacks and relationship advice you can use tonight. Hey hey it is a good day for me today. I hope it’s a good one for you as well. I even though i’m without brandon. Today i’m about to be joined by superstars sexologist model instructor sex educator tie you mean morgan who is just honestly so incredible. And i think you’re really going to going to enjoy this conversation and we’re gonna be talking about touch and taunt tra and breath and so much more and also really excited. Because i have some really good news october first so for many of you. That’s today is the launch of season. Two of intimately you dr just presented by tse and it is a tv show on city tv across canada fridays at midnight and you can also watch the replay from anywhere in the world that tse dot ca slash intimately you which of course is quite the mouthful. Maybe not good kind of full. So i’ll definitely put the lincoln the show notes. 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You either we use code doctor just twenty five because it’s a really good discount and all of the terms and conditions are in my show notes as well and i just want to say. I’m really proud of this project. Tse because well. We’re hawking vibrators on national network which is so cool but also it’s cool because we’re joining you in your living room to have real conversations about really important topics so please tune in if you can watch the replay online. If you’re not in canada. Oh and by the way. I just wanna say if you are in jamaica even know what the segment of my is in jamaica but i know a bunch of the satellite packages actually include city. Tv so you can watch from over there on the rock. And the i guess. I can brag and say we’re international and one last thing is i just want to add that so intimately you as this project is a lot more than just the tv show at self. We’re really trying to put together a whole bunch of resources at usc dot ca. So folks can ask questions get their answers and of course shop for products so i’m just really pumped about this project and i hope you will follow along to all right enough about that. Let’s get to the topic at hand. Authentic contra i’ve a lot to learn on this one joining me is the tommy. Me morgan. Certified sexologist authentic contra practitioner. Pleasure coach my friend. We’ve done worked together as as of recently you you played. Dr jefferson a movie in chicago. When i wasn’t able to fly in and do my speech you you took over and the crowd loved you. I got so much year. I was of fun event and it was a beautiful setup and i got like some fresh roses from our alternate which was great because it was all these roles pedals all over the place and i collect them from space so they can have those so it was like a nice like two for one first of all being able to assist you and like hold space for that and then just seeing. Just how like the people there. They needed that information. I made i was just like wow. There’s so much more work to be done because people just really don’t have this information and they don’t even know where to start.

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So those great i know and thank goodness we are talking about. You said your altered. Tell me about your alter first and foremost. Yeah so even before i started practicing contra i was already practicing like different spiritual metaphysical practices and when i was growing up my aunt. I didn’t know this but she was literally teaching us how to build altars. We would always do what was called pouring libation for our ancestors so thanksgiving we would get around. Come around and have a little plate of food would sit out for our ancestors would be an offering to them and then we would have a plant. Where would pour water into it. And so everyone would go around and call a name of ancestor. Wants to call until the room and after we would say their name we would say in pour water into the plant would say libation and so go around the room and everyone would do this and then we will do it prayer and then we would eat so that would basically call our ancestors to eat with us in join in with us for thanksgiving. And i didn’t know at the time when i was younger. And that that was literally a ritual and that it was a form of an ulcer and so as i got older and i started getting deeper into my spiritual practices. Learn how to build altars for myself. And so i’ve done all types of ulcers over the course of the last like ten plus years of my life and now i have an ulcer. God bless her soma that introduced me to that. She passed away in two thousand nine. And i haven’t altered her in my home because her presence has been very powerful there and some spiritual guide she said. Yeah you know building also dedicated to hers. You can bring her into the space and so i have a picture of her one. Like this handcrafted wooden table where all of my li- you know magical things sit and meditations that and there’s just rolls pedals all around it the stalag evoke love until that space. And i haven’t been stock. Because i have a little puppy. Who likes to get into everything. Kind of puppy. do you have maltese. And he just turned one. Oh yeah i see on forgotten. He’s here he’s here at the conference pass to see him. He’s gonna love you We are down at sex down. South is dog friendly or is it secret. Dog friendly dog friendly like look if the hotels dog friendly. The conference is dog friendly and he’s met lake He hasn’t made marla yet. But he’s practically everybody. That’s been down there so far this morning and everyone’s like all my god we love him so i can’t wait. There’s such a. There’s kind of this way that dogs are animals. Bring people together right like they already have a research that people are more collaborative. they’re more affectionate more patient. But there’s something intimate when you get to be a little vulnerable right because the puppies or the dogs make you vulnerable like really awesome get a little softer little sweeter. Like i need that. Because i can be a little you soon not not serious like harsher and the dogs. Just soften us up. So i can’t wait to meet him now. We do have a limited amount of time because you are teaching So i want to get into this talk about time. Tra- and it ties into where we started with the altern spirituality so what is entre so contra is a spiritual practice that basically teaches you how to use your sexual energy for healing in our modality. We believe that time is weaving light and sound with form so essentially it’s weaving visualizations with mantras into your body and so you don’t have to be a buddhist and you don’t have practice or participate in any particular spiritual practice in order to practice contra as long as you are willing to communicate to move participate in pleasure and meditate which is essentially breathing in visualizing. Then this is something for you. And there’s so many different forms or modalities of contra. I particularly practice authentic contra which is a weaving of tibetan buddhist sexual entre with somatic healing practices. It was founded by debbie. Ward erickson who got the permission from her llamas to take the lineage. Was which is these shack pecan lineage. And weave it into the somatic healing practices to create this modality so this this form of entre specifically the elemental practices that we teach others as kind of like a secret lineage. And so it really hasn’t been brought out until the world so there’s only so many people that actually practice the style of contra now here at the conference. I’m only teaching the things that i can teach to others that they can use personally but if they want to go deeper into the elemental practices that would require for them to come and sign up with me as a coach or if they want to become certified in the particular elemental practices that. Come along with the modality then going through authentic contra dot com and signing up for a certification course because we don’t want people practicing this or teaching the elemental practices that have not gone through the actual training. Because it’s very powerful stuff. This path is called the diamond path. Which is like a swift path to enlightenment and healing so people who are like. I don’t wanna waste on. I’m a person that really enjoys doing. Self work doing shadow work this modality. Authentic entre is for you and always say you have to really like personally resonate with whatever tantric you do because we always say like if you’re drawn to it this is not your first time doing it.

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As far as how long your spirit has existed which is turn your spirits eternal so at some point in time in one of your lifetime. You’ve probably practiced entre as though if you’re drawn to whichever modality that means that this medicine has always been with you. Is it possible to that you’re practicing mantra without realizing that you’re practicing entre like there’s something that you do in your life in your routine whether that’d be sexual or otherwise absolutely and if she comes to you jeff because we’re intuitive being’s right and it’s so beautiful because i had a client recently a couple and it was the husband that came to me and said okay. We want to do this thing and some of the practices that i was suggesting always suggestion right that he do. He said oh. I kinda already do this with my wife. And i was like this is a beautiful. This means that this practice is for you. Because you just intuitively already picked up on like sinking with your wife’s breath while she’s asleep and now you do it when she’s awake and conscious and you book. It’s sharing that experience so most definitely a lot of us who are like tapped in. We’re already doing tantric things. And so now imagine having a practitioner who can take you through the actual like steps in mantras and mu dras to just like enhance. What you already know naturally. Yeah i’m thinking about my partner brandon. I don’t think you’ve met all we’ve met physically like virtually yes. Yes i am thinking that a lot of what i think he is drawn to has to do with the slowing down. The mindfulness the tuning into brad. The really being in your body that i associate with tantric practices. I have to ask for him but also for myself. How long does it take to go through the program so the offensive contra program specifically it takes. It’s like a two year track because you do a preliminary training. I which kind of gives you the foundational tools because it can be pretty intense especially after not used to the way that we meditate typically meditation closure is within we actually meditate with their eyes open and the reason we do that is to basically like enrich our central channel because we don’t work in the spine hindu mantra works in the spine with coon illini energy but we work in front of the spine and so to enrich that central channel which is just like a column of light that runs in front of the spine from the crown through the perennial. We keep our eyes open and then also to cultivate presence so the still remain present. But also go into that charan state where you’re still visualizing in imagining the things that we’re requesting for you to do when we go into our meditations so that alone when i first started i was like oh my gosh i can’t. He is open. But as i started to go deeper into the practice it became easier and now i can go straight into a trance state with my eyes open without even thinking about it. So you can tune out when someone starts talking. I’ve literally been that since forever. Always been a big daydreamer. I remember my english teacher in seventh grade. She’d be like miss martin out a lot. I land a window. Just like staring into the future having premonitions because literally had his gifts is out of the child where like i get visions and get downloads and didn’t know what they were before until i got older and spiritual guys had to like really explain them to me so i can totally tune out. It’s like the easy thing to do. But knowing now that it gets to be purposeful in actually doing healing work. And i don’t have to be afraid of the things that i’m downloading that i’m seeing because i literally can see something happened before it actually happens years before sometimes. Can you acknowledge that. What can you tell what it is it the time or is it more that you’re able to reflect back and say oh i remember something like this at the time when it’s happening because sometimes it’s like a really specific people or like situations than i just honor in that moment and i’m like okay so i’m seeing something that hasn’t happened yet but it may happen and there’s a great responsibility around having a gift like that because you can totally ultra. Somebody’s reality if you go to them. And say i saw this thing sometimes. It’s not for them. It’s just for you to be aware of how you get to move around the relationship right and you don’t just go tell someone something you asked for permission because this is literally life altering information so to know that i have this gift if is being if i’m feeling compelled to reveal what i’ve seen chew someone i would ask them first for consent lake. Can i offer an insight. But i never truly tell them what i see. It’s kind like just giving them a little bit of insight but not telling them what to do or what’s going to happen. Because i want them to arrive and you also you don’t know it right you can see things. It doesn’t mean it’s reality. It’s something that could potentially cause there’s so many possibilities. That’s that’s one thing shift and it’ll change your whole thing that makes so much sense i wanna go back to contra because i want to talk about the breadth piece What is contract breath. How is it incorporated into sex because You know if you listen to the program before we’ve talked about the fact that tonkery is not just about sex races part of spirituality part of everyday living and breathing and moving throughout life.

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But we are the sex doctor podcast or we’re going to talk about the what is contract breath. And how is it incorporated into sex so tantric breath is essentially just conscious breathing. And sometimes that conscious breathing is accompanied with like pelvic floor contractions or it’s accompanied with visualizations or. It’s accompanied with mantras. So being either. Here or say certain seed syllables. Or sounds that correlate with your different shockers and so when you are using tantric breath in sex it’s typically sinking your breath with your partner it slowing down and then it is accompanied with certain montross or visualizations. So you could be chancing that say Rahm r. m. for instance rahm is the seed syllable. That’s connected with the sex shaqra and then the color red so you can take a deep breath and then you can chanting rahm out loud along with your partner or you can channel rum rum rum in your mind whether your partner is involved in it or not see the thing is you can practice this practice it solo with a partner but it’s so much more powerful when you and your partner on the same page and you’re connected you’re doing it together and then also there’s another breath that we use in other to tundra which is the ocean breath and it was founded by karl tara who taught it to debut ward and we now use it and we teach our clients breath and it’s so powerful because we use the seats available which all sounds originated from And is an open mouth breath so it’s an inhale. Xl through the mouth. And when you chant. Aw at vibrates the throat. Which stimulates of vegas nerve. Which is the information pathway for all the nervous system right so shaken up trauma and shaking things up in a so powerful because it puts you in a deep state of relaxation triggers the rest in response and allows you to drop deeper into your pleasure so the whole focus of tantric breath is to help you to relax into pleasure and like removed the armory that we all have from traumatic experiences throughout life. And it’s such a beautiful thing sometimes like you know you reach orgasm and there’s tears that come along with it in. This is a beautiful release so as long as you and your partner are connect date your breakfast and seeing. That’s just like a very basic form of tantric breath but then when you go into the different tantric practices the type of breath that you use in the other element to come along with the specific to that modality. Okay and so. Why do you call that ocean breath. So carla tara when she created she basically like she said it from the ocean and she was just inspired by the sound of the waves. And so the sound that you make it pretty much. Sounds like the ebb and flow of waves coming in rushing out so it sounds like in the bottom of that breath. Sounds like you know when the waves crash in this like that that missed and then they go out the bottom of the breath kind of sounds like that when the wave has completed in. It’s going to get his energy back in the comeback. Okay so i use this ocean breathing. And i don’t know if. I brought it up before on the podcast but i use it all the time personally and also with clients and i have like a mindful sex. Course not what you’re describing. but i’m wondering how it could be enhanced by what you’re describing so my version of ocean. Breathing is a visualization. Where as i inhale the waves are coming in. And that’s what i’m visualizing and as i exhale they’re rolling out like i use that in bed when i’m trying to relax. I use it sometimes in the in the middle of the day. When i just need a couple of breaths to bring myself back because maybe i’m worrying about something that’s not worth worrying about. So i’m wondering can we put that breath into it. Absolutely because that visualization in itself is so powerful you know like water is cleansing and it just has a way of calming you and even like when you surrender your in water and you just surrender to it just being able to hold you. Up is such a beautiful thing. Magin taking that visualization and then incorporating the actual ocean breath into that now will say sometimes people. The sound can be a little difficult to master if they have like blockages in their throw shaqra or if they’re just not used to hearing their voice because the audio sound very sexual but i’ll take the sexual space and take it into something that we are familiar with where we yawn quite naturally. We make sound right and that is a sign of our bodies just like relaxing and allowing us to just like be so. I like to start my clients off with just making sounds first before we even go into the actual breath. Because i’m i’m aware like everyone’s learning style is different in everyone’s at a different level with what they’re able to actually practice in librarian fourth so i just start with us just kinda like inhaling through the nose and then exhaling with a sound and then we go into the open mouth breath because it can be pretty intense during your mouth has to be like two fingers wide. Your tongue rests on the bottom pallet so just gently and then you’re inhaling an ex howling through the mouth so sometimes it’s hard for people to keep the mouth open because it feels stressful yet.

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I i don’t know if you saw me just try but my jaws kind of clicking So i definitely don’t have a problem making noise when i breeze. Can you walk me through that ocean breath. Okay so you basically two fingers indexing your middle finger and you put them like parallel horizontal and you just put them in between your lips. And that’s how wide your mouth is going to be opened the entire time and your tongue is resting on the bottom of your mouth your soft palate and then you just inhale the mouth and when you exile you let go in and it’s like you’re connecting like a high note to a low note and you just connect them so as you go through your xl at the bottom. It’s going to trail off so we just. How can they tell you how good that feels. Doesn’t it feel amazing. Feels so good You know. I make a lot of noises not always. I guess positive noises. I kind of an especially bad when i’m rolling around. I do that. So my is just so attentive. Where he’s like are you okay. Are you okay. And he’s like god. I hate yourself. Vote what they’re not really think to him. I wish she was here. I think to him. They sound like complaints but to me. They’re just. They’re kind of a release like i’m leading something out of my body that i don’t want in there. Does that make sense total. Because i do that to wake up in the morning and i’m stretching. I’m doing all. I am not in pain. It’s just sometimes just the vibration of your throat and just letting those sounds out is just releasing like you said things that you don’t want and so i think it’s like it really helps to not judge the sounds but just let them be. It’s so beautiful. When you are in a partnership where your partner just let you do your thing. You know what. I’m saying as weird as it may sound or seeing you know just like. Hey you wanna let you do. Because it’s like if you don’t make the sounds and you feel like you’re stuck you know absolutely constipated and it’s like holding in a sneeze. Yes you’re thinking about that sneeze or holding in an orgasm or desire any natural bodily responses or yawn meeting and you’re supposed to try and hold it. I liked hearing upcoming. Excuse me the bathroom so uncomfortable so sounds so thinking about breath and sound being at the basis of your practice. What is the cost of stifling. Your sounds during sex. I’m often asked this. But i’m so interested in your perspective. Definitely i say it causes congestion and it just creates blocks. You know if your body wants to express itself in whatever way it is especially if it’s not harming anyone else and that is something that literally your mind saying. Hey we need to express this through the body because the body lives in the mind not the other way around so if you choose to stifle that you’re literally going against what your body is telling you through your mind what it needs. And it’s a conscious choice but there will be imbalances that you experience in your body so filling like aches and pains or tiredness or even just like general agitation or irritation. You may not understand where that’s coming from. But it’s coming from the imbalance in the blockages. You’re creating for yourself and not releasing what wants to come out so i always say like hey. The first step is dropping judgment. These are just sounds. They really don’t mean anything until you attaching meaning to it literally anything that we see working experience in the physical doesn’t have a meaning until we attach a meaning to it so if you are judging these things instead of just taking them for what. They are just expressions. It’s a beat express so that you can create balance you know. That’s a very healthy way of looking at it but if you’re attaching judgment to it then of course on stifle yourself so you’re going to ask yourself like this thing of it like a water hose right. The water wants to come through the whole wants to come out but when you step on a on when you put any type of obstruction one that thing they just want to build up and what is he going to do is gonna cost pressure to back up into the source where water is coming from which can then caused an explosion. An probably create some pretty hefty bills for you that to get that corrected so think about that in your body you think about the elements that you may have been experiencing in your body and how many bills and appointments and things are attached to that. Because you’re trying to figure it out you know but you are the medicine you like the breath in just sounds that you may literally our the medicine so imagine being able to be your own healer number living witness to it just through breath and making these sound. I appreciate that so much. So what can people do tonight right. Maybe they can’t sign up right away for authentic contra. Maybe they’re not quite ready for the ocean brass. Like what can we do to let our sounds flow more freely like do we need to practice.

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Do we need to do it in the shower. She return on really loud music so we don’t even hear ourselves and feel less self conscious. Where do we begin our definitely say just begin with being alone and being in a space where you feel like no one else can hear you or see you and that could be when everyone’s out of the house but if you don’t have that luxury like go into a closet a space that is like secluded from everywhere else or drive to like your favorite place in nature and i think that doing it in nature is the most beautiful thing and if it helps like you can put some headphones in especially like the noise. Cancelling wants disclosure is. Because when you’re in nature you may encounter other people but the goal is to not think about anyone else and what they think or feel about what you’re doing because this is a self practice and just take some deep inhale who knows like diaphragm breathing so breathing into your diaphragm and expanding your your belly as you bring the breath down which allows you to really trigger a deep relaxation of the body. And then you exhale exhale through the mouth and let whatever sounds you want to come out of the mouth and they can start really low. You know very soft but over time just let him ride out even louder and just go as loud as you can and then bring it back in in just practicing that. Just bits and pieces of time. Like don’t start with leg thirty minutes. You can just start with five a for yourself and just allow yourself to be in that in as you become more comfortable. Just take it another minute and other minute and another min and even if you don’t want to yet maitha sounds then just in your bed like when you first wake up in the morning place one hand over your heart center and one hand over. Wherever else she wanted to be your belly it could be your genitals. It could be your head wherever you feel inspired. She touch you’re connecting your heart space to the other space and there’s taking some deep breaths in through the nose and excelling through the nose and just being present with your breath. And then if you feel compelled to open your mouth and make a sound on your excel. Then do that to say slowly gently you know we all we all but those of us who are very conscious of hilling ourselves right through tapping in we have this like urgency to like push through it. Just want to get it done right but sometimes even in things are meant to be good for us in pushing and trying to apply these things so quickly it can push us into spaces that we’re not ready yet and calls like a sort of breaking so you wanna be gentle with yourself you know and not judge are so for or comparison other people and say well. This person can do this for thirty minutes. That’s okay that’s that person that’s their path and where they are in their journey. If you’re just starting out just just five minutes and if there is resistance to doing that that’s okay because that resistance typically comes up when the body is aware that you’re doing something that’s going to bring it medicine. Our egos want to protect us but our eagles also don’t understand at the things that it’s doing to protect us are actually harming us so the ego will definitely come up and be like. Oh you don’t wanna do that. It’s like actually. I do want to do that. And so just kind of sit with what’s coming up as you’re going into these practices and even if you have a resistance just write that down and be gentle with yourself and then when you’re ready to actually do the practice go into if five minutes steel seems too much for you just to ask you that you have at least two minutes out of twenty four hours for years. Saw yourself yes yes. That’s a lot of actionable advice for people. Yes so lots of lots of after hours homework as she today. And i just want to really emphasize that for folks of all genders. Like especially i think folks penises guys have been whole. Don’t make noise. I saw this instagram post. I don’t know who it was. It was just scrolling the other day and it was something like men make noise in bed. It’s literally the hottest thing it is honestly. Just there sounds. I mean regardless of gender but for me especially because men tend to stifle their sound in my experience and i’m sure that you know a program like yours of going through something like authentic torture really changes that because the the big thing is letting go of judgment right feeling like this is how i’m supposed to sound right and even and for women we feel. We have to be high pitched where we feel. We have to be cute or we feel. It has to be smooth when sometimes it’s just a crun- yup and we sound like sometimes. Yeah like an animal or a hog. I feel the same way about eating right and in our culture like in western culture. We’re not supposed to make any noise. we’re not supposed to smack our lips or like moan and groan on. I always tell my stories about you. Know getting called out at restaurants. For if i really enjoy something. You’re gonna know chefs like me japan. It is an honor when you burp slurp your food. Yes okay and so. If you’ve ever watched japanese people eat. There are slurping. And they’re doing all the things because that’s part of their culture right you know and so i have no reservations about smacking and doing the happy dance when i’m eating and smacking my lips and burping and all that stuff because i’m like i’m this is part of my pleasure experience right now.

00:30:12 – 00:32:21

Want to censor myself because of how other people feel or think about it. And i’m an literally burp doesn’t mean anything. It’s literally gases exchange of air coming out of an escaping the body. Oh i need your help with that. I like i. I’ll make my moans and groans. I i. I can’t burp on purpose. Like you know people who can just burp. Yeah see. But i’m definitely more self conscious about bodily functions like that so that’s for a whole other time. Oh yes yes love the information. You’re providing so appreciative of the work. You’re doing we’ll make sure we leave all of your info in the show notes. Tony thank you so much for chatting with me today. Without had he chew more hours to go back eater. Yes yeah anytime you want to come back on you. Just tell me oh absolutely what. Thanks the in bay. I really appreciate this time. It’s been a wonderful conversation. And i hope everybody out there at least taps into breathing. That is the most powerful medicine you have for yourself that literally. You don’t a prescription for you can just do it right now. Yes they can take three five deep breath love it. I’m going to do that to thank you so much pleasure and thank you for listening a reminder that intimately you presented by tse ariza on city tv. Fridays at midnight. So please do tune in share. Send us your questions. Watch the replay at tse dot ca slash intimately you again. I’ll link those in my bio. And while you’re there check out the awesome selection of sexual wellness products ranging from we got. I don’t know vibrators we’ve but plugs we have hemp infused lube From one of my favorite a canadian brand called high on love we have pelvic floor. Health products even got another canadian based product called south A brand called south and they have a bunch of different body products like body wash that is balanced for your body. They’ve got different sprays. If you’re into shaving down there all of that fun stuff again. Discount is dr. Just twenty five. It’ll get you twenty five percent off which is really rare deep discount on these higher end brands so do check it out and until next week. Have a great one. You’re listening to the sex with dr jess podcast. Improve your sex life improve your life.