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December 1, 2020

Sexuality Superhero: Brittany Broaddus-Smith

Say hello to our newest Sexuality Superhero, Brittany Broaddus-Smith. Brittany is the founder of The Intimacy Firm. The Intimacy Firm is an intimacy coaching and sexuality education organization. With the influence of sex and faith, Brittany aims to empower individuals to discover, embrace, and navigate the world of sexuality in a way that doesn’t compromise their personal or professional values. Check out her feature below!

1. How did you get started in the field?

Funny story actually, I started off wanting to be a lawyer. From about 3rd grade to until my first day of college, where I enrolled as a Political Science major, I was going to be Johnny Cochran and find my way to the Dream Team. However, my first professor for that 8am class bored me to tears. Literally! The next day I changed my major to Psychology. From there, I would go on to get a master’s in social work and another in Clinical Human Sexuality. My primary focus was to do couples therapy. But God had other plans. All of my training is clinical, but my heart’s work is comprehensive sexuality education for believers in Jesus Christ. Despite popular belief, sex is a God thing. I’m the self-appointed representative for all of those who are unapologetically in love with Jesus AND sex, even if they aren’t having any. In 2016, I started The Intimacy Firm with our new signature workshop, Daring Discussions – Sex & Relationships game night, with 50 Black Women and the rest is history. TIF is an intimacy coaching and sexuality education agency.

2. Who was your biggest role model growing up and why?

My Mom. She literally worked for everything she had. She modeled what was necessary for success and expected nothing less from me. The hardships she overcame and the grace she did it with is how I approach most things in my adult life. Moreover, the things she got wrong motivates me as well. She was a perfectly flawed individual and I love her for everything she was and was not.

3. What is your mission?

My mission is to empower individuals to discover, navigate and embrace their sexual selves without compromising their beliefs.

4. How is navigating the sexual health space different as a Christian sexologist?

Working in the intersection of sexuality and faith is not for the faint of heart. I struggled in the beginning with the Sexology field considering me too “vanilla” and my message of faith to be oppressive. Then there were some people of faith that associated my mission with neglecting God. Each time I approached a podium, pulpit or classroom, I was able to identify who was in the room just waiting for me to show and prove who’s side I’m on. As a Christian sexologist, my biggest struggle in the beginning was figuring out, Am I supposed to show the sexology community God? Or show the body of believers the real deal about sex? I soon realized it was neither and it was both. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. A really good friend and colleague of mine, Melissa Pintor Carnagey of Sex Positive Families, told me to “find my people and talk to them”. I’ve been doing that ever since. I’m not straddling the fence anymore. Those looking for what I have to say know what I’m about from both communities. It’s been freeing in a way that I can’t even explain.

5. Tell us about My Vulva & Me.

My Vulva & Me is a brand for, by, and about Black Women. It started as a “Top 10 Vaginal Hygiene Do’s and Don’ts” blog post. Then it very quickly evolved into so much more. The web series premiered in May 2020, Season 2 just wrapped in November, or as it’s popularly now known as, ‘Vulvember’, thanks to Goody Howard. In July, I put out a call for submissions for Volume 1 of My Vulva & Me: An Anthology of Stories For, By, and About Black Women. I am elated that on 11/28/2020, “My Vulva & Me: An Anthology of Stories For, By, and About Black Women”, based on the web series by the same name, celebrates and centers the lives, love, and bodies of Black women and ultimately, the diversity that is Black womanhood through our trials and triumphs. This anthology features essays, short stories, poems, quotes and artwork from over 20 phenomenal Black Women from all walks of life. My Vulva & Me brings, from the margins, our generational and cultural beliefs, myths, lessons, traumas, celebrations, practices and lived experiences like only we can. Covering a range of topics from body confidence, life after divorce, and romantic relationships to first menstrual periods, overcoming trauma, and sexual confidence as a Christian woman. My Vulva & Me is unapologetic in the way it educates, informs, laments, entertains, and inspires. Readers will experience a full range of emotions, reminiscent of the multidimensional characteristics of Black Women. Without a doubt, the culminating feelings will be pride and joy, because simply put, Black Women are magic!

6. How does working in the sexuality field affect your own relationships?

As for my romantic relationships, you know I tend to say working in the field of sexuality has strengthened my boundaries, doubled my standards all the while increasing my empathy capacity. Therefore in relationships, I expect a lot but also am guilty of spending too much time empathizing when a need is met. My platonic relationships have grown exponentially, I mean who wouldn’t love to say they are friends with a sexologist?

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