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Sex with Dr. Jess


October 23, 2020

Astrology of Sex & Relationships

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Author and Astrologist Mecca Woods joins Jess and Brandon to weigh-in on whether or not you should consider your Zodiac sign in dating, and shares her insights on:

  • The relational and sexual strengths of each Zodiac sign
  • How air, earth, water and fire signs differ from one another
  • How we can benefit from embracing elements from all Astrological signs
  • The areas you may want to work on according to your Zodiac sign
  • How Astrology can support self-development
  • Astrology as a motivational tool as opposed to a destiny-focused blueprint

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Astrology of Sex & Relationships

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You’re listening to the sex with dr. Jazz podcast sex and relationship advice you can you off tonight? Welcome to the sex with dr. Jess podcast. I’m your co-host Brandon. We’re here with my lovely other page. Dr. Jess. Hey, hey, hey, you’re ready to talk about you as an aquarium. I am I’m I’m definitely ready to dive into that Wormhole. I you know anything about being an aquarium. No other than having had been born in February. That’s about it. Okay, so your your birthday, thank you. Yes, I think our eighteen-month-old nice note both day. There you go. We’re going to be talking about astrology and sex and relationships and personality and all that fun stuff before we dive in I want to say a big change. Q to our October sponsor Cleo vanes Oakley Ivana uses sound wave technology to enhance orgasms at the cellular level by targeting the clitoris, you know, I love the clitoris and the treatment boost the process of regenerating cells in the clitoris which results in improved blood flow to the area. Sounds good. Hun. Sounds amazing. I wish they had something like that for those of us with penises. No, no don’t even stop it stop honestly because there’s so many treatments for penises Cleveland earlier response to the lack of treatment for clitoris has well, it sounds great. All right, let’s talk. Let’s talk astrology. So not too long ago. I was part of a press event for the whole bunch of the nova-2 from Levi, which is just an incredible toy. So it is like a Rabbit vibrator, but it actually works. So it has an internal team that presses against the G’zOne that area on the upper wall and it has its own separate motor and it’s adjustable and then it has the outside arm in the old days. These are like little bunny ears, but it has a full bulb that presses against the external clitoris and you can control each arm the internal and external separately so you can yep. Obviously you can control it at the source or you can pair it with the app. Anyhow, we’ve I’ve had this big launch party online for the nova-2 and they hired an astrologist Mecca Woods to to discuss the ways in which the stars and the planets are used to predict and understand love and relationships. So all of these journalists show up with their questions about their jobs and sign and their moon sign and where are the different planets are and I was completely lost like just so lost. I know that I’m a monkey in Chinese. I know that I am an aquarium like you bought a birthdays are just a few days apart, but I was so far behind everyone else in this session. I didn’t know people were so into astrology and I so as I was researching this week, I was learning that there’s a crack A Renewed interest in astrology, especially among Millennials and websites are reporting that they’re they’re seeing triple-digit gains in visits to their horoscope related articles, you know, they used to kind of be back. Get the back of a magazine. Yeah, I feel like people are are looking for answers to What’s happening in the world right now? Yeah, I guess so and it’s interesting. I don’t know if you’ve studied ancient civilizations, but you know, I pray all of my courses when I was in school based on schedule. What time what time are you going to say based on your sign some of the stars in the moon? No, but I do recall learning that the ancient Egyptians wage would refer to the sky and the stars and the moon as indicators for farming practices and actually one of our favorite wineries in the Niagara region Southbrook refers to the Moon as part of their biodynamic wine making process and obviously, you know, there’s more than the moon involved that involves an entire ecosystem from local plants to animals to natural cycles and letting pass survive. Cuz some things that are seen as past can actually serve as a natural pesticide. I won’t get into that. I wish we were just talking about wine, but I was just going to say I bet you really long A deep in there, but at the end of the day you just thought their wine was real real good wine has a really good check it out Southbrook wines unsponsored and it’s interesting because I remember against these ancient civilization courses that the Chinese the Babylonians the ancient Greeks they all studied the Zodiac in different ways. And then I was watching Indian Matchmaker on Netflix. You haven’t watched yet. I haven’t it was quite an interesting show and there’s references to Indian astrology. And so between the We Vibe event and learning from Mecca cuz she’s she’s really really bright and that’s really brings I think nuance and rational thought to a field that maybe I didn’t assume was so based in rational thought.

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Yeah, I mean another even highlight some of these ancient civilizations that thrived for, you know hundreds if not thousands of years. There’s a lot of validity there when you think about rebirth The sky if you will write the stars and the Moon and the Sun the stars were the navigation system. Anyhow, I don’t know anything about it and I’m excited to learn more so astrologer and author englewoods joins us now. Welcome Mecca, how you doing? Since that Nova event. I’m doing pretty good. I’m doing pretty good life has changed a lot. But you know for folks who don’t know you and I know you’re Europe, you know, a famous astrologer and author, but for those who don’t know you how did you get into astrology in the first place? And what do you spend your time doing as an astrologist home? I got into astrology after having bit of a quarter life crisis. I was feeling really stuck in in work and feeling like there was something else that I should be doing. I wasn’t sure just yet but then the other part of that was who was trying to figure out my my love life, right? So it was it was money and love which is usually the big things that people come to, New Jersey. You get advice for me about but what I did was I actually had a couple of astrology readings myself because I only knew what my son signed was which you know, I’m a Sagittarius. I didn’t know anything about a birth chart, you know, and you know, we have all these different signs that make up who we are and when I got the readings it really opened my mind to astrology itself cuz I was a little skeptical cuz I was like, you know what, you know, what is this astrologer going to be able to tell me that I don’t already know and she really opened my mind to how useful astrology can be in terms of them self development and self-empowerment and just kind of giving it gave me more of a sense of like being more in control of my life as opposed to being like, you know, just kind of passively waiting for things to happen to me and that it just it’s just really kind of like I just became obsessed really honestly, you know just became obsessed with it and started to study dead. Read everything that I could possibly get my hands on and as it happened, it just started to coincide with me leaving the job that I had and eventually it started to become a hobby and then from a hobby it became a full-fledged career. I love it. I love it. Now if you can start from the very beginning because I’m a total neophyte here. Yes, so as I understand it astrology allows you to express and explore more complex ideas about personality about relationships and about life in general but in a more shorthand format, but how do you begin to read a chart? So I know that I’m an Aquarian cuz I’m born on February 18th. Yes, Brandon’s also an aquarium off. I am I thought I thought you were maybe driving home your birthday so that people knew when to send gifts or well wishes, but you know, hey, it’s all good. Yep. I love it. Brandon is 6 days before me well six days and two years and I’d like to highlight that she reminds me for those six days that I am more than I am a lot older than her not only took two years older, but I’m curious. I’m like, there’s a three-year age Gap here. I love when there’s a a three-year age group. So we know that we’re aquarians, but can you explain to us what it means to, you know be an air sign verse a water sign and you know, what do the positioning of the the Sun the moon and the planets have to do with reading the chart? Yeah. So the the basic Foundation of a strong have a lot to do with the elements because the elements give us information on how each sign expresses itself. So when we talk about are signs like Aquarius or Gemini Libra are is associated with the mind with the intellect. So people who are born under are signs like aquarians. For example, Aquarius is very it’s like the scientists, you know birth Of of astrology so wanting to experiment wanting to try out new things wanting to figure out how things work and then being able to share that information with friends or you know with the with the public-at-large are is really concerned with how things work and rationalizing things solving problems and then also communicating and sharing information with others. Okay. So if took the scientists of astrology, do we perhaps question astrology? Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, it’s also so funny like when I do meet like a strong Skeptics, which is totally fine. Like I’m I’m you know, I’m not here to like preach the word of astrology, you know, like it’s totally fine.

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But you know when I do meet folks who are skeptical it’s not uncommon for them to have a high level of either are in their chart or even Earth because Earth and air tend to be the more pragmatic and more rational thought Of the of the elements and so it’s really interesting to have conversations and to talk to people about like why astrology works and you know, that’s not a science, you know, cuz people like same as a pseudo science is not a science. It’s more of a language and a tool that people use to figure things out. I want to jump in and just say I’d like to thank you for bringing that up because I am very open to everything that you have to say, but I’d have to I’d be lying if I didn’t say that there was a degree of skepticism in advance like even just coming into this and hearing your story about how if I what you just said you were kind of in the same boat when things got started and now you went from a hobby, you know and peaking your interest to a hobby to a full-fledged career book like everything so I’m very I’m definitely very open to what you have to say, but there is a degree of skepticism cuz I think I just don’t understand wage. No, no even just like the the are signs and like the Aquarius. I’m like, I just thought we were water. I knew how I I’m like I’m totally confused right now. So please continue. So we have are we need water. We have Earth. Are there any others and fire real fire? Yes. Yes. And so, okay. So you kind of described a little bit about Aquarius. What’s your sign? I’m a Sagittarius. I’m a fire sign a and as a fire assign, you know fire signs. We’re we’re the Rowdy bunch of the zodiac, you know, we we tend to you know, we’re pretty out there in terms of being very assertive and like adventurous and you know fearless and that’s not to say that you don’t have like your Shire more, you know, introspective or introverted fire song at the end of the day fire is really about like unabashed. It’s self-expression. So whenever you know, it’s always funny to like when I come in contact with people who have birth Bad bad experiences with fire science. They tend to say that fire signs, you know that we can be very self-centered and that that that can be like an extreme but at the end of the day what fire is here to do a job is to basically Express the self Okay. So we’ve got fire being you know, the exciting ones we’ve gotten the are are being a little bit, you know focused on rationalizing my understanding. Yeah. I was like areas of curious curious one. Okay, we want answers and then what about water water is the emotional and intuitive ones. Yeah. So I guess we talk about water that’s cancer. Scorpio Pisces people who tend to have that element high in in their birth chart tend to be the people who are really good at like reading people, you know, being empathetic being compassionate. They also, you know on the more extreme slide can also manipulate folks very easily as well because they know what Bush buttons to push home. No water has a lot to do with like, you know, emotional memory, you know think Nostalgia, you know things that that strike a chord with us on on the inside, Okay. And then finally we have Earth what what do we have to say about the dirt Earth? They there are some of my favorite people because these are the when you think about Earth, you know, think about it as being what holds us up, right? What supports us? Right? What we what we can build things with so people who have you know, so that these are the the Taurus has the score Taurus Virgo and Capricorn. So when you home of Earth signs, these are the people who want to build things whether it’s a company whether it’s a family they are also very stable, you know, step stability being very pragmatic being very Savvy, you know with money and finances and like material wealth. And also these are the folks that also have to have a lot of concern with like our physical body as well. So feeling good in our bodies whether it’s like you know them Very nice things or you know working out physically like, you know Earth is concerned with the material material realm Okay. So we’ve got the emotional side the inquiry side the stability side find the passion side. I mean, I would think that you might be inclined toward one or multiple angles, but don’t we all I guess we want to all embracing each of these elements in our lives and we require a different amount depending on you know, the individual is that fair to say absolutely so, you know, they’re you know, when we talked about our birth chart which is basically a cosmic map to who you are and it’s based on the time and the location that you were born wherever the planets were located in the sky at that time with whatever signs that they were in there are some of us who have like, you know, all four elements represented very Being very balanced or even in our charts, but then there’s also those of us who sort of lack certain elements in our charts too.

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But I always encourage people to sort of embrace the entire life because you know, a lot of people just think that there’s just one sign like, oh, you know, I’m an Aquarius or I’m a Scorpio and that’s you know, that’s it. But we actually have all twelve signs sort of, you know, flowing through us at some at some level. Okay. So you’ve talked about the different elements. What about the the location of the planets and the Sun and the Moon because when we were doing that we Vibe Nova chat, I heard all the reporters saying like, oh, my my son is in Venus and my moon is in Mars and I might be messing that up. Okay. All I know is that I fully didn’t understand. So, how do I figure out you know with my birthday month? How do I figure out where my mood and my son and my planets were great. So there’s I know there’s different apps like Time Passages. I think the pattern is another job There’s a website called where you can actually go on and log on and get your birth chart for free. So basically what it will do is give you a readout of where each of the the planets going from the Sun all the way out to Pluto were located and and has a lot to do with the math too. So so where they were mathematically located at the time that you were born and based on that mathematical configuration, it will give you information on on who you are. So, you know, we have a moon sign of Venus sign a Mars sign Mercury which has a lot to do with how we communicate with each other Venus is what we love and what we value Mars is passion and like how we get angry and assert ourselves the sun represents our contract ends in our Vitality. We have a rising sign too. So are rising sign is sort of like I are idealized self-image and sort of like the first impressions that people get from us. We have a dog And sign which represents our feelings and you know, how we self-soothe so it kind of goes all down the line. So when we put all of that together, we essentially get a sense of like who we are both interesting and and so are there planets and locations of planets that matter more to relationships. I do recall during that chat people asking specifically about Mars and Venus. Yes. Yes. So when we talk about love and relationships, I ultimately the whole chart plays a role, you know, and how we connect and relate to one another but when we talk about like parts of the chart the specifically have to do with like how we we mate and relate Venus definitely Venus and Mars are like the two thousand planets in relationship planets. So, you know Venus has to do it has a lot to do with like Beauty and pleasure and attraction, you know in like how we, you know, sort of seduced you know or attract. You know mates Mars has a lot to do with what turns us on, you know, and like how we sort of, you know, go after folks and you know, the things that we sort of like like both Venus and Mars in home and them also represents the kind of things that we like in bed, you know, you know what our sexual tastes might be and then of course, I always like to talk about like the moon because the moon also represents our feelings, you know, and how long are able to relate to a partner on an emotional level? So as somebody who identified as somewhat of a skeptic but open to this, where would you suggest that I started life? I was interested the website you said to get my birth sign is that the best place to go to to begin with? Well actually so the website is where you can get your birth just kind of get an idea of what it looks like but I always encourage people to actually get a reading because it’s it’s a little bit difficult trying to unless you’re really like hungry for the information. I was you know, and you kind of like take on the self-study and you’re just kind of pouring over the internet and scarring, you know, a lot of people don’t have that kind of time or that kind of interest to do it themselves. So it’s really think that’s where people like me come into like basically read your chart for you and tell you like what’s up. So I always encourage people to seek out professional astrologers and get your chart read because that that’s essentially really ought to give you the information that you need. That’s awesome. And I’m assuming that you do that all online now, yes. Yeah. I love this. This is actually a kind of neat gift cuz I was looking on your website. And so you have a birthday reading you have a relationship reading a natal chart reading what what does a relationship reading entail so a relationship reading is basically looking at the chart side-by-side usually, you know, too sharp side by side and just kind of talking about how those charts connect with each other and then also looking at the chart for the relationship wage.

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Self. So there’s this idea, you know when we talk about synastry, which is basically the study of like like astrologic compatible compatibility and relationships. You have the two people or the you know, the parties that are involved in relationship and then the relationship itself becomes like its own separate entity as well. And so basically what I’m doing when I’m looking at these charts is off looking at where couples fit well together and then of course, you know looking at where some trouble spots maybe and then talking about like how they can work through those those trouble spots and and a lot of times too. I also talked about like, you know, we we tend to attract people that we need to learn things from you know, or that are here to sort of teach us something about ourselves. That’s what that’s how I see relationships in general. Like if we’re we’re learning about ourselves do our connections, you know that we have with others and often times through the compatibility readings. I’m also talking about like why you know two people B may have may have come together in what they have to do to teach each other or show each other and how that also factors into the nature of the relationship. That’s interesting. So as we explore compatibility, I imagine it’s not as simple as oh we have the right sign or our planets are in the right place you do the reading and then look at attitudinal and behavioral change to cultivate compatibility cuz I do think people say things like oh no, he’s a tourist I can’t deal with tourists and I think that could be awfully dangerous. Yeah. Absolutely. You know, I’ve had situations like that to where people will come to me for loves things and things like that and you’re like, you know, well what sign should I avoid and I’m like no signs, you know, like that’s that’s not how it works. It’s not about like like astrology is not here to be exclusionary. You know, it’s it’s easy to make things more accessible and easier to understand and when we understand too that we also have like those continue those twelve signs within us and and it’s really funny too because like I remember For when I was having a lot of trouble with Scorpios, right? And because I I was just like I can’t figure out Scorpios would it why do I always attract Scorpios and I had to realize that there was something that they were trying to teach me that I was not like I wasn’t absorbing the lesson correctly. And then once I figure it out through astrology, like what it was that I needed to learn from Scorpios actually started to have better relationships with people who had strong Scorpio influences in their chart. So usually what I find is that when people shy away, you know from certain signs and you’re like, well, I can’t take Tauruses or I can’t take long has you either they have that sign prominent in your chart that you’re sort of like disowning that energy, you know, or not acknowledging that energy enough or is it a situation where that sign up trying to teach them something and they need to sort of incorporate that lesson into their life or integrate that lesson in order for them to be able to to to make peace with it. So, can I ask a girl? You might have been avoiding what that lesson was. Yes. Yes as a secretary is we’re very Carefree. You know, we’re very we’re very Carefree very independent when it comes to love and relationships sometimes to the to the point of being kind of irresponsible, you know and Scorpios there the sign that is most consistent with intimacy of and vulnerability and being like very, you know open, you know with your lovers and what their Partners but it takes a really long time for a Scorpio trust you you know, it really takes a really like they really have to feel very very comfortable with with you in order for them to open up. Otherwise, you know, it just the relationship doesn’t go anywhere even if you are even if you’re not having a sexual relationship with them, they can still be very closed and very mysterious and very secretive. And so what I learned from them was that I needed to be a little bit more dead. A little bit more. How can you say I hadn’t vet people a little bit better. Basically, you know what? I mean? Like I had to learn how to be a little bit. I don’t want to say wrong Trussville, but I had to be a little bit more wary about who I was allowing into my life romantically, you know and not being so open and like hey, you know, like I had to learn that for myself and kind of like see like is this person worth my time and energy, you know, is this person, you know worst giving my Sexual Energy to and Scorpios kind of taught me, you know, that’s sometimes having a little bit of mystery and kind of like taking your time is better than being like to open if if that makes sense. I could see this working really well when you’re getting into cuse me a relationship with somebody but when you first meet someone and you’re like hey, what’s up, when were you born? You know, like I just I need to know what your sign is cuz I need to know a little bit more about you birth.

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I take another step but at the same time all of this seems like like an education and self-development because I almost feel like listening to you speak right now. I’m curious about what you would tell me about my sign of what that tells me about myself and almost seemingly would give me confidence to maybe examine those different attributes or characteristics about myself and be more aware of them when I’m interacting with other people. You know what I mean? It’s almost like the permission to say. Hey this is that who you are or this is a little bit of this is what this is a little bit more but what your sign says about you and then I may actually dig a Little Deeper or play into some of those things that I might not have been willing to before so I think it’s really cool. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely and I would say that like when it comes to like dating often discourage people from getting birth birth Chart information too soon because not only just because of the the danger of like excluding someone to soon but sometimes it can also make us a little too excited to assist as well. So it’s usually try to encourage people to use astrology, you know more so like, you know giving after you’ve given the relationship some time to like develop organically and then it can become a really good tool about the self-awareness and also like understanding like relationship patterns and things of that nature. Okay. So you’ve told us about a couple of signs. Let’s ask about our home. So what makes aquarians good partners and also what holds us back what are some areas we can work on and I really want to emphasize that you’re you’re using your lesson that all twelve signs are within us is is really important to me. So it’s not like I’m an Aquarian. So I am this I’m a little bit of everything as I understand it. Okay. So what do we do? What what can aquarians do birth? What would do we do? Well naturally? Okay. So aquarians are make really good friends, you know, which I think sometimes is lost when we talk about love and relationships because we get so caught in the chemistry and like, you know the passion of it and just kind of don’t really ask like don’t actually like this person like do I actually enjoy spending time in like have things that are a common like can we talk about things and you know, if we were to like break up like can we still be friends after that and now I’d say like Aquarius is designed that’s associated with friendship, you know across it’s not uncommon to for aquarians to have like more chosen family or friends that become family as opposed to like actually blood relatives being being family because ultimately when we talk about Aquarius Aquarius wage is here to shake things up and to do things that are unconventional or non-traditional or or things that don’t always quite make sense to like the general population or the publishing. And so with that there is sometimes an element to with aquariums of being a little bit of like an oddball, you know, or a little bit of a weirdo and I say that very lovingly because I have a curious very strong in my my own job. And I definitely you know on a personal level have grown up, you know, kind of like, I don’t know I feel a little bit. I don’t know if I belong here, but when we talk about that in context a relationship, like I said, I think aquarians are really good friend a really good friends, you know, in terms of what they’re lovers or with their partners and also being very open to talk to, you know can talk to Aquarius about just about anything and I also like the fact to that because Aquarius is also very independent aquarians don’t have the same Hang-Ups that some other people might have in terms of giving their partner Freedom, you know, or you know being like hey, you know, these are the things that you want to do go and do that. Like I don’t you know, I’m not going to feel threatened, you know, if you need to like if I don’t see you in a week, you know like those birth. Things as long as as long as we communicate of course, right but I would say the downside to Aquarius aware Aquarius needs to work on things is is processing emotions a bit better. I think sometimes with Aquarius just a lot of rationalizing the feeling and talking about the feeling it’s not going to be feeling the feelings, you know, so that can sometimes be a little bit tricky cuz sometimes it can also be a thing especially if your partner is a bit more emotional and there’s just like, I’m really having a tough day and I just want to vent but then you’re trying to solve the problem, you know, or or give them advice wage can get a little bit tricky and then also sometimes you know, the the gift and the curse of that occurring and freedom sometimes is not only just about you know, being independent and in you know, giving your partner like, you know the freedom but sometimes it can also be a thing of like taking too much space, you know, and you know, if you have a partner that requires a little bit more attention or quality time, they could kind of feel dog.

00:30:14 – 00:35:13

Bit left out because of that occurring in need to be free so that I would say that that’s kind of like the major points with Aquarius. Okay, so you pretty much just described me to a tee shirt. So do you think so I think you know, you’re not going to Oddball though are not an outsider. It depends on the context. I feel like an outsider just going to say you in I’ve always felt that way. Yeah, and I think like it goes back to you know, my being mixed race and not knowing where I fit them. I’m not white. I’m not Chinese. I’m not Caribbean but I’m all three of those things. Yeah, and so never having a group growing up. And then also I’m a I’m a effing sex all the time off and then we have, you know, a different type of relationship. So I definitely feel like an outsider. Do you think that month and this is not necessarily an astrological question, but if you feel like an outsider, is it important to try and fit in sometimes or or you know my resistance perhaps to fitting in is that okay something I can be resigned to? Yeah, I would say, you know, that’s always like the Aquarius dilemma. Like, you know, how much do I fit into the group and cuz the Koreans are very friendly like the answer is usually dead. An element that’s that or digitally there’s things of like being able to find your tribe. So like finding your unique spaces in terms of like where you fit in and finding your groups and say your friends and your association’s that where you feel like you belong but on the flip side of that a lot of times when I talked to aquarians, you know, in terms of like birth chart reading things like that. I often find myself am talking about like it’s also important to celebrate the things that set you apart from the crowd as well. And that’s also kind of like sometimes when you get that aquarium rebellious Miss where it’s like I don’t you know, if I can’t, you know, if I can’t feel like I’m accepted or if I don’t feel comfortable in the space, then I’d rather like sort of reject the space entirely so it’s and you know, and and I feel that you know myself too because I do have an aquarius Moon. So it’s always interesting to see like how it shows up in my own life where there’s moments where I’m like, hey, I want to be friends and the next moment. I’m like leave me alone. So, you know so long So yeah, it definitely in that net also has to do a lot to with like the the Aquarian extreme, you know, either sometimes it’s being very friendly very open and then sometimes it’s also about being very like very very solitary and very kind of like rejecting, you know the group as well. So yeah that definitely describes brand and now, when you mention that aquarians are open to giving freedom, of course, I think about consensually non-monogamous relationships and I I see in your work that you read charts for two people for three people in a relationship. So, if aquarians are perhaps open to ethically non-monogamous or C, NM consensually non-monogamous relationships, is there another sign that you find tends to be more open about giving space or feeling like they don’t need to have all of their needs fulfilled by one person or one source and and vice versa. Yeah, so I see that a lot with with Jim Which in astrologically astrologically speaking they are the sign of the twins, right? So there’s a lot of Duality, you know, something serious is also very open independent. I would also say Pisces to not a lot of people I think give that credit to Pisces because Pisces is a water sign and water scientist to be a little bit more about the emotional bond, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be non-monogamous or polyamorous and not have emotional bonds with people. You know, I think sometimes people have misconceptions about like polyamory or or like, you know, ethical non-monogamy and they think that it’s just about you know, accumulate accumulating as many people as possible, but it’s really about establishing like bonds with winning and caring about folks and so, you know Pisces being the sign that’s you know, it’s a water sign is also very much a sign that’s about like Universal love song. Like Universal compassion. So people who have that that strong they tend to be also very open when it comes to relationships as well. So I’d love to go through the the signs quickly. I know you did a deeper dive on Aquarius, but can you tell me what makes Pisces great I think you’ve sort of explained that and what perhaps can they work on? I think Pisces are are super compassionate romantic very romantic very thoughtful lovers where they need work definitely has a lot to do with boundaries and knowing their boundaries because sometimes they don’t want to you know offend or piss people off or they don’t like conflict.

00:35:13 – 00:40:01

So for them, it’s really important to know like where what what they’re hard-nosed and what they’re hard. Yes is our home awesome. Okay. And what about Aries Aries are some of the most enthusiastic passionate fun people around and they also are very much in town. Of like, you know cheerleading people and you know, they they love to like get into like new things and explore new things with a partner but they can also be quite selfish selfish at times. And so Ares needs to learn how to play fair love it. Love it and tourists Tauruses great grew up in like supportive very doting very caring folks. But and they also have you know, like they these are the folks also check to make sure that you feel good. So, you know anytime they’re doing anything is always with the idea of like, you know, I want you to feel good like can’t you see like how much better your life would be, you know, if you’re with me off but on the downside they can be quite stubborn and can be very my way or the highway, you know, when it comes to relationships and so they often learn need to learn how to be more a little bit a little bit more dog. Civil, okay and Jim and I you spoke about them briefly. Right? So Gemini very curious very funny witty Charming people, but they sometimes can be a little too flighty at times where you can’t necessarily like know where you stand with a Gemini and sometimes they also have a habit of playing like Devil’s Advocate which can be really what’s going to be very very frustrating. If you’re trying to like, you know have a Converse like, you know, if you’re if you’re trying to get them to understand a point of view, you know with things sometimes they can be a little bit tricky when it comes to, I mean, they are the sign of communications so they know exactly what to say and when to say it or what not to say I should say God but yeah, they they can be really smart engaging really amazing Partners in that regard, but they can also be a little kind of wishy-washy on the other side Pub. I love this and I think it’s also a great time just to offer ourselves a reminder that because personality and behavior fluid whatever your sign is inclined to be you’re not destined to it. I think when really many of us think of astrology we associated with Destiny, but you preach the opposite which is you know, here we can look at our readings. We can see this cultural phenomenon or language and see it rather than being set in stone as an opportunity to learn about ourselves to grow to adjust our Behavior so that we can embrace, you know, the best of not only you know, the signs that were I don’t know if this is the right terminology but the signs that we’re high in but also learn from the signs that perhaps we don’t have such close access to so let me just round it out so often we got through five cancer tell me about the crab so cancer is a very nurturing they it’s funny because the archetype that is associated with cancer is the month. So they can be very very sweet very doting and also hold a lot of emotional space for their partner is you know, but they can also be very moody and also at times can take things personally very very easily which can also kind of like, you know, make them a little bit defensive at times which can be hard to communicate with them, you know our talk to them because they live so much in their emotions and and while it’s important for us to honor what we feel sometimes our emotions aren’t always an accurate reading of like the situation or what’s going on. So with cancer is sometimes they have to learn to have come come out of their emotions a little bit and and to kind of be a little bit more objective, you know, as you go through these it’s clear that we all have something to learn from each of them. So I see exactly what you’re saying like, I’m like, okay, I need to learn from the Gemini. Okay. What about the Leo so Leo fire fire sign song Very very very fun very fun. Very playful also, very romantic. Like when a Leo loves you like they pull out all the stops, you know for you to make sure that you know, Thursdays are the folks who like if you’re interested in being like, you know, a power couple, you know, like they definitely want they want that as well. But I would say the downside to Leo sometimes can you know because they also have that sort of stubborn sort of quality.

00:40:01 – 00:45:32

They can also be kind of like my way, you know all the highway when it comes to two partners or not. Not thick enough, you know about what their partner needs or or what their partner wants like they’re going to be some of that self-centeredness with Leo from time to time or being very bossy, you know, like Leo’s can be quite often and like I want you to do this I want you know, so they they sometimes have to learn you know, that they’re not the only ones in the room. All right and Virgo so Virgo birth Virgos are really sweet very thoughtful devoted committed like, you know, these are the people that you know, if you’re sick, they’ll make you soup. You know, they’ll be the one to remind you like if you have important dates coming up and making sure that you don’t forget which is really great. Especially if you’re like a disorganized kind of person like they you know, like they’re they’re like the fixers, you know, like they want to help they want to fix they want to they want to support which is which makes them some of the the the most supportive Partners around but we’re Virgo gets tripped up sometimes is over giving you know, you know took over extending themselves being hyper focused on like the outcomes and and and people-pleasing, you know, and so that can get really that can kind of get them in trouble because life is then they feel like their needs aren’t being met, you know, or they they feel like they’re sacrificing and sacrificing and not getting enough in return and that can also kind of create situations where you know, yep. Start to keep score and you know for Todd and being petty and things of that nature. So with I do love being petty off. It’s it’s it’s in my Caribbean side. We can’t help like my friend and I she’s a sexologist Luna mitadas, but we’re thinking we need to start a podcast called Petty and Patty’s. We just eat Patty’s Day. I love that. I love it. I must have Virgo in me somewhere. Yeah, but yeah, yeah. So with Virgos it’s you know for them. It’s really happening. You know, they they need a little bit more balanced in terms of how much they give and and how much they take. All right, and that rounding it we’ve got Libra Scorpio. Sajan Capricorn. Yes. So how long has Libras you know, the the other Romantics, you know, very Charming very sweet very Suave like these are the folks that you can take, you know, and introduced to your parents and not feel dead. Embarrassed, you know and things of that nature like they they are very well-read very cultured and they care a great deal about like having their other half like so if you’re someone who watches like that fifty-fifty sort of relationship, you know, and and you want that sort of connection where both parties feel like, you know, they are are are equally important in a Libra is what you want. We’re Libras can sort of get tripped up is that it can take them a long time for them to commit because they they could get really trapped in this this ideal of the one you know, like are they the one is this person the one you know, and that sometimes can make them Miss home a good thing that’s in front of them because they can get caught in this idea of this idealized, you know, or or sometimes superficial superficial version of a person so for them, It’s really about like kind of like being able to recognize what’s in front of them and not letting their like, you know ideals or fantasy sort of like carry them away my goodness. It’s impossible not to see yourself in all of these. We we just have a couple of minutes left. So we’ve got Scorpio Scorpio is October to November, right? So what’s Scorpios very passionate very intuitive or very right like right or die. These are the writer die Partners, but they take a long time to trust people and when they are hurt can take them a long time to get over it even if you’ve been with them for years and sometimes they can be very vengeful so that you know, so with Scorpio is like they have to learn how to let things go wrong with sagittarians, you know, very very adventurous very funny funny fun. Loving also very like, you know cheerleading like and they want to grow up. You know Sagittarius we want to grow with our partners, you know, we want to be able to teach you things and learn things from you, but we can also get very restless and you know feel like oh, you know, the grass is greener on the other side. So so we have to learn you know, how to be okay with like the mundane the you know, the mundane things of relationships with capricorns capricorns, very, you know, like they they they want to build you know, whether it’s like a family whether it’s a life with a partner they there are some of the most stoic people like you can just really lean on them, you know, like they they will definitely like like when they commit they commit the downside to to Capricorn are Capricorns need to work is allowing people to like the vulnerability, you know, because Capricorns Pride themselves on their self sufficiency, they don’t always allow people to help them, you know or or you know dead.

00:45:32 – 00:50:09

They don’t allow themselves to have those moments of weakness, which can make it really hard for a partner to sort of get in. You know, sometimes it can feel like being with a brick wall or trying to get through to a brick wall sometime. So long with them. It’s more about you know, being a little bit more heart open as opposed to just like the more practical sides, you know of a relationship, you know, as you talk about the areas to work on that’s where I see myself in each of these. I’m like, I don’t see myself and strengthen like, oh, yeah. I got I struggled with that. So, you know, you’ve summed up so much. I think I have a better understanding. I didn’t know that it wasn’t just about the day. I was born that you also can get a reading as to where the different planets and Moon and Sun were I certainly see I really like the perspective of seeing all of different signs within yourself and seeing them as opportunities for learning and growth. If you had to sum it up, how would you want people to use astrology in their lives to improve enhance grow in their relationships and sex lives. I see it off Charles G as a way to co-create with with the cosmos or to co-create with the universe. And so what basically what that means is that astrology gives us the the choice, you know to decide like how long want our narrative or how our story to go even when it comes to things that might be outside of our control or things that we might not have a lot of power over astrology can still show us how to navigate those spaces and those places as well. So when we talk about astrology, it’s a language, you know, it’s a tool, you know a language for for figuring out why things are and it’s a tool for figuring out how to do things with you or how to navigate things and that’s essentially like what I would like for people to to use it for a tool for for self-discovery self-empowerment and and birth Basically, you know creating creating the kind of life that you want. I love it. Well, thank you so much for spending some time. I highly encourage people to check check out your work at my life And yeah, I’m thinking about your readings as a really fun and interesting and motivating gift as well. So whether it’s for a singles or a couple months or groups or even you do it for for kids as well. I see so very very cool. Really thankful. Thankful that you’ve joined us. So people be sure to follow along with Michael Woods check out her book as well astrology for happiness and success. And yeah, I’m really thankful to we’ve Ivanova for introducing us. Yes. Thank you. Thank you, sir. I had a great time and thank you for getting it for your questions as well. I think you I’m a big fan of yours ever since we met on the Wii Vibe So, yeah, thank you. I’m I’m coughing. I feel like I have to read up now and and understand more but there was so much information there that I’m just going to get a reading you want to get out. I think I think I just need a reading and then the scientists part of me can dive into the bits and pieces that you that you tell me. I need to work on. Yeah, thank you. Again. Thank you so much for being here. All right, my Aquarian partner, what do you have or say? I think I went into this being very skeptical but I’m very much more open and willing to dive a little deeper into what these thoughts astrology means to me. Like I was saying, I think it gives me a permission to explore other sides of my character that I may not have considered before. I don’t know if that sums it up as succinctly as I think in my mind. Yeah, the the way Mecca described it for me was far less constricting and far less typecasting than I might have imagined. I think I imagined astrology writing off behavior and say well they can’t help it. They’re a cancer or of course there that way there a Gemini as opposed to I may be inclined toward this and maybe I embrace it. Maybe I don’t so are you going to do a reading for what real? I think it would like to do a reading I’m lining up a lot of things as a result of this podcast. I’m going to have to do like going to see a pelvic floor therapist. Oh, I’m going to and then reporting back and also now getting a reading and diving into that. Do you want an individual reading or do you want a couples reading? I would do a couples reading why is it something like why doesn’t like she Kubota you can make it to him.

00:50:09 – 00:51:19

Like I was kicking you mean I’d like to do both. That’s the truth. I think I’d be curious as to what what they have to say about me. And then what they have to say about us. Okay, interesting. All right. Well, I feel like we should book because we’re you know, I always have the best of intentions but gotta follow through. So yeah, I think there’s a really interesting discussion. I’m certainly interested in learning more and yeah, we’re going to keep the conversation going so want to say thank you so much, babe for chatting with me. Thank of course to make a woods and a big. Thank you to Cle Ivana for their ongoing support of our program. Please do check them out clean Ivana, They use sound wave technology to improve blood flow to the clitoris as part of regenerating cells to increase orgasm frequency and intensity wherever you are at really appreciate your support. Please do leave a review page. If you’re enjoying the podcasts and share with your friends, otherwise have a great one. You’re listening to the sex with dr. Jess podcast improve your sex life improve your life.