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Sex with Dr. Jess


June 26, 2020

Cannabis, Endometriosis & Sex

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Antuanette Gomez, CEO of Pleasure Peaks joins Jess & Brandon to talk about sex and cannabis. Pleasure Peaks is a sexual health company that develops products for women to have an optimal and healthy sex and this week, we discuss:

  • How cannabis can be used to assuage pain and symptoms related to Endometriosis, PCOS, trauma, infertility, and menstrual pain
  • Topical uses of non-psychotropic cannabis products
  • Cannabis baths
  • CBD vs THC
  • Cannabis as a superfood
  • The role of our endocannabinoid system
  • How cannabis suppositories have been used to treat endometriosis
  • Pleasure Island retreats
  • Strain journaling
  • Advice for newbies
  • Her role as a young WOC in a now white-dominated field

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Cannabis, Endometriosis & Sex

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You’re listening to the sacs with Dr Jess podcast, sacks and relationship advice. You can use tonight. Ex Dr Podcast. I’m your co host Brandon wear here with my lovely other half, Dr. Jess Hey, hey, how’s it going awesome? We’re going to be talking about sex and cannabis today. Yeah I’ve had some experiences with cannabis. And sex or just can’t. This, just no I mean with both but my experiences cannabis have been. Up and down back and forth. For a while, it was for a while. It was great and it wasn’t once. Since, then it has not existed here of staining I have abstained for over a decade. Has it been a decade been over? Ten or twelve years. Since that fateful night since that night while yeah, that was that was not great for me. Do you remember when we used to enjoy Friday nights a little bit of cannabis and a lot of sour candies, chocolates kraft dinner and chips and I would get upset if I didn’t get all four of my food groups. Engage in some cannabis consumption, and then you would send me and a good friend over to the store to load up on. All of those goodies and it was great walking over there. I’m sure we look like a couple of fools. Do you remember on sex while we were high? Not at all? No, no, not really I remember. It was great. I remember a few times where it went on and on and on and on and I’m sure it didn’t. Complaints No, no, it wasn’t it. Sorry, did I say it that way. No actually. It wasn’t I mean I have no problem complaining. For those of you behind the scenes. She lets me know when it doesn’t work totally. Not Working. The, I remember feeling like this one experience just lasted and lasted and lasted and the I. We’re going to be talking about things a little bit more. I think interesting and complex than our recreational, totally civilian use and I’m curious about what can be used now. That doesn’t necessarily result in that psychotropic effect right, though because it’s not just about getting high there, so many of the benefits exactly and so our guest is the expert in that will will leave that. That to her, and before we welcome her on, I want to say thanks to womanizer and encourage folks to check out the womanizer premium, so even if you don’t love the name, this toy is incredible. It’s what we call pleasure air technology people describe it as a section toy, but it’s not a section. It’s got this little loop this little opening that goes over the head of the CL. It releases tiny little bursts of air wave like Aaron, it feels. sort of like A. Like oh! My nation of sucking and licking and kind of a gentle blowing and rubbing. It’s really awesome, so check out the womanizer toys. Please use code. DOCTOR JESS AT WOMANIZER DOT COM, wherever you are in the world and get credit for. Their knowing that you’re listening to this podcast very much. Appreciate it, so it’s womanizer. Dot Com, and the code is as always trying to make the code on every site D. R. J. E. S. S., and you knew I want adopt I wanNA. Drop the damn doctor. I mean why not I know it’s just. I’ve created the brand around it folks. It’s so funny because even when I meet people. They say hey. Dr Jefferson unlike no just call me, Jess. Only Brandon has to call me Dr. Back to the sexual experiences. Me Dr Yeah well that that’s a hot thing that’s totally different and that that pre existed the the. All right joining us today we have Antoinette Gomez. Pleasure peaks. Thank you so much for being here, Antoinette at tell us about pleasure peaks what it is you do and why you founded this company. Of course. Thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited to be here today. Pleasure pressure peaks It was one of my first cannabis companies that I started back in Twenty fifteen pre legalization. I’m a background is in holistic nutrition I was always really interested about superfoods, and how to really heal yourself naturally through holistic foods, and it was always shocking to me when it came to superfoods and cannabis, being one of them, and once I started working at a chronic pain clinic. had access to thousands of patients that are telling me that they were using cannabis to help treat their sexual health ailments and I was absolutely blown away. There’s no way this is true. I had people telling me that they were using? Cannabis for multiple chronic ailments from cancer to veterans who have Crohn’s disease? Endometriosis and thing that really stuck out to me is that there’s a huge demographic of? Specifically that aren’t having the best sex lives of their dreams, and not only that a lot of them are dealing with a lot of pain, medication, or even sometimes psychological trauma, and that was something that was very eye opening for me from a person who didn’t have pain in in intercourse, never had problems achieving an orgasm during sex, or never had fertility issues, but I found that there is a huge demographic of women that were suffering in silence and I felt that it was.

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Really disheartening to understand that they didn’t really have products or support or information to really have an optimal sex life regardless of whatever you’re dealing. Medically so pleasure peaks is a cannabis based women’s Sexual Health Company. It’s a community we. Have lots of events throughout the year that really educate people on cannabis, and how other patients have also used it to help their sexual health ailments, and we also have a podcast as well as a platform for women to share their stories as well for a woman who? Have had endometriosis and have been told that they’ll never have children at a very young age in their early twenty s to using cannabis suppositories for six months and getting pregnant or woman with having fibroids, which is a uterus in a tumor in the uterus, a benign tumor, but also treating it with Rick Simpson oil, so they don’t have to have. A hysterectomy which means that they don’t have to lose their ability to have children in the future, and these things are mind blowing, and they’re incredibly effective to the point where I can really change a person’s quality of life and I think that’s worth raising awareness on and paying attention to an actively funding research and the in these places, so yeah, it’s been a passion project of mine for a very long time, and I’m so happy how much it’s grown, and how much cannabis has been really apparent in the news these days and I’m just really happy to be a part of it. Can you help us? ’cause you already have said some terms I’m not familiar with. Can you help us to better understand cannabis? I know that there’s a lot to it, and you can’t give us a full crash course, but can you just give us a some delineation between CBD THC different strains? You said I think rick. Simpson oil yeah. Can you tell us a little bit about that? And then we can dive into the connection between cannabis use, and perhaps mitigation of symptoms related to Endo and menstrual pain. Of course I would love to something is that is so cool about cannabis is that it’s so taboo of course It has been legal for decades and. The war on drugs has made people think of cannabis when in terms of mad refer or and. There’s so many terms of cannabis, says we’d whatever you WANNA call it, but the medical term is cannabis, and the correct term is cannabis that I like to use and cannabis is a plant and you can use it by. Infusing it or you can use it topically or ED ably. What I love about cannabis is that there’s lots of medical properties like we mentioned the two biggest medical components of cannabis as THC and CBD, those are two cabinets that are found in the plant that are incredibly helpful for pain medication within patients and. But there’s so much more than just t h CNC beady, but we’ll focus on those first two cabinet just to make things very simple right now. THC is what is known to have you feeling intoxicated. It really gets you. into that creative flow, but you definitely feel high. That’s the high effect of cannabis, but t h stone has also been able to really help you mitigate pain as well so sometimes is the debate of using. Intoxicating cannabis products versus non intoxicating panic cannabis products, but That I’ve learned while being a holistic nutritionist since that every ailment super specific and finding what’s best for you is the most important route. CBD is found in cannabis, but it’s also found in hemp and what I love about. CBD is that it’s non psychoactive, so these are the can can cabinet so that you can use that? You don’t have to feel intoxicated, so these are great for for first beginners who are looking to test their waters and cannabis into their sex lives, but don’t really WANNA. Get Higher First Time, which is totally fair. Having a CV option can not feel that anxiety of being high and also just enjoy the beautiful benefits of muscle relaxing.

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Helps incredibly with anxiety or sexual anxiety. Really helps you get out of your head and into your body. And it’s also really good for inflammation so using it as a lube. If you ha-, if you’re dealing with endometriosis, fibroids could also really help you and Rick Simpson. Oil is just hype of. Infusion of cannabis or a type of method when used cannabis, he can really use it as a flower or a dried herb and roll it up in a joint. You can either use that herb in. A Bong or you can. Make that herb into a butter and make cookies edibles, or you can make it into glycerin and make cocktail, so there’s so many different cannabinoid infusions you can make. The opportunities are really endless on how you really want to incorporate it into your sex lives a lot of people like to use massage oils but Rick Simpson. Is just. An oil that’s very well known in Canada. Because Rick Simpson cured his cancer. He was one of the first people that cured his own cancer with cannabis. Freight when the youtubecom boom kind of happened, so everybody knows Rick Simpson, oil as high. I extracted cannabis product. So those are like ninety nine point nine percent THC very very very intoxicating, very high in potent, although with that Poe, NC can also have amazing effects on tumors like we’ve mentioned or cancers, so that’s. I? Interesting I’m sure we need more research in this area because we haven’t really had the funding, so people can have kind of anecdotal reports of usage, but are we lacking funding for full researcher you seeing that? That’s shifting because of the changes in the law. Yeah so you know what was really getting. My blood boiling when I started, pleasure peaks was noticing that women’s sexual hall is the least funded area and the body, and the lease researched as well which is crazy to me. Considering life starts there and I felt that we have so much to honor their. But yet it’s very interesting to me and ever since I found that out I’ve been adamantly pushing for research, I know that there’s not a ton of research on sexual health ailments, but there’s ton of anecdotal evidence, and when we talk about Dole Research, it means that we have literally millions of reviews of people that are using cannabis for their own ailments, and there’s a lot of proof in the pudding there. Obviously, it’s not enough definitely, not enough because as a person like myself, I’m a huge. Huge Geek when it comes to medical cannabis products to have a standardized Karen Cannabis products that people feel safe with and can get the exact same experience every single time, but what’s really unique about cannabis is that there’s thousands of different genetic strains and when we use cannabis, every strain has very different effects, so it’s really important to test the strains, and you’re very early stages and see what really works the best for you and I know. We all have really funny names for our genetics which? Annoying sometimes like blueberry Alaskan. Thunder, fog or Pineapple Express, but with these crazy genetic names. They actually tell us majority of the time Turpin profile or the THC THC TO CBD ratio that we’re looking for just why I think people that have been cannabis for a very long time have so much knowledge on really helping people choose the right strength for them. And so we need more experts in the field. I mean I have to think about the way in which folks of colour and black people in particular. have been thrown in jail for using for selling. And now we’re in a new system. Where certain people are you know? Especially people with money are able to now benefit and and Prophet. is something you’ve run into your work as a young woman, a woman of color. You so much for asking that question I think I’ve been asked that question, but I would love to answer it as being a young woman of color in the cannabis industry. That’s incredibly monopolized. It’s been very hard for me to really get through hearing. Canada, when in when getting involved in a cannabis company. In Canada, there’s a lot of licenses that you need to get a lot of partnerships. And unfortunately it’s a very small circle and majority of the people who are involved in the legal candidates space, come from ex Pharma ex, political insiders and ex police chiefs. Literally and That’s been something that I’ve been very aware about the reason why I also started pleasure pieces because I wanted to be a part of the game. I understand that I I. Understand how pharmaceuticals I believe are amazing and Western.

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Medicine is amazing, but I don’t think it’s the only option that we have and I believe that women should have different options as well as the option to have a company that has your best interest at heart as well as having a company in the pharmaceutical world that run by women for women, especially when it comes to women’s sexual health ailments just because. Because I felt that eighty over eighty six percent of of feminine hygiene products that are in a wreck cells today have very toxic ingredients in them, and that comes from either Tampons, or that comes from Lubes, but majority of them have very toxic ingredients for the vaginal flora, and that really makes me think about why we have so many raising a sexual health ailments, really just coming to fruition, and these are drastic numbers women with endometriosis. Ten percent of the world is over hundreds of millions of women that are suffering right now, and they don’t have a single product out there. When it comes to women with endometriosis. They’re told to either get on birth control or have a surgery to the point where they can’t bear children, or the can’t have optimal sex, whereas we’re trusting with cannabis, and they’re having incredibly pleasurable sex and having children again, so it’s been very hard to navigate that being a person of color and also being hyper sexualize because of the color of my skin. But I love that I’m still here today and I believe that women still deserves good, and you’ve raised millions of dollars for support and research in in your with pleasure peaks. That’s correct. I have with pleasure peaks and we’ve been able to. Partner with a lot of amazing manufacturers in the US and Canada. And I’m really excited for what we’re going to be coming up with wonderful now I’d like to talk a bit endometriosis, so folks who perhaps aren’t familiar with Indo. Refers to, it’s very painful. Experience in which the uterine tissue or tissue similar to that which lines your uterus, or which we call the endometrial, it grows outside of the uterus, and I I mean I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds, and then I’ve read thousands of other accounts from mostly young women who have their concerns entirely dismissed there either told that it’s in their head. They’re told to us more lube. If Sachs’s painful as you said, they might be. Put on birth control to lighten. the symptoms of their period enlighten the flow, and or they have trouble accessing surgery, or they have surgeons who maybe aren’t. Consider it of the quality of life that goes along with surgery between your legs, and so I’m very interested in I. Know that we see we may not have the scientific studies or peer reviewed studies yet, but I’m very interested in. Anecdotal stories from people who have used cannabis to address either the symptoms of endometriosis or the condition itself and I’m interested in in how it’s used because I don’t even know where people begin, is it? A bath is an oil is a topical Do Smoke, is it? A suppository is taken in food. Is it in English ran the above and I’m sure as you said. Everybody’s everybody’s body is different so I’d love to know what you’ve learned especially in your podcast, because you must be hearing stories from hundreds or thousands of women. Yes most definitely animation bid on our radar for a very long time. What I love about our podcast, is that it really able to raise awareness on this topic so I think our first episode is actually covering Demitrio Sis, and we have another episode with a doctor who talks even deeper about CBD in Wyatt, so effective for me, trio says. On our PODCAST, we love to have a disclaimer that obviously none of this information is to treat cure. I diagnosed. Anyone are really just stories that were sharing, but at the end of the day. What I love is that we’re finding. Is that using cannabis -cations? Are Incredibly effective for women with endometriosis and the thing about cannabis, just to take one step back that we all have an endo. Canaveral it system in body, which is super cool that we’re don’t really learn about in school. Of course, just like we have a respiratory system in a muscular system in the central nervous system, we also have an endo cannabinoid system specifically for processing cabinets like THC CD, and what’s really cool is that we have a lot of Seaweed CB two receptors in our uterus lining, and within our pelvic floor, and also within our breast tissue, so clearly we. Are Very familiar with CBD within the body and.

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When it comes to using it. As an application or specifically for women with endometriosis or finding that? suppositories are incredibly effective for women. What I love about suppositories is that has a pretty as a has prolonged effect six to eight hours, and you can make this at home as well, but there are so many amazing endometriosis advocates that have videos on how to make your own suppositories at home with infusing cannabis oil with a shea, butter, or coconut, oil or. Specifically Amana coconut oil that keeps it very hard. At Room temperature, or even a little bit of harder temperatures, really works and what we’re finding and we had Dr Caroline. Hartridge join us from New York City, who has her own cannibus line as well and speak heavily on cannabis as a medical product. She says that when we used. On the vagina internally. It really helps with inflammation in endometriosis has tons of inflammation on the vaginal lining and what we can do as if we use. The Tories there it can really give it time to get the inflammation low enough to heal itself, so you don’t really feel the effects of endometriosis, so it truly is treating it in that sense and. That comes. A an opportunity to have pleasurable sex again and if you use it for even long longer periods like six months, you can really help heal and also. Just strengthen that tissue again for having kids in the future, so that was something. That’s really interesting to me to find out but there’s so much more of course. I’m such a Geek when it comes to management cannabis. Applications and I wish I can tell you so more, but there’s so much that we can deal with cannabis there for sure. What is the cannabis bath I? Remember hearing about this a while back, but I haven’t explored it. Yeah, having a cannabis infused bath is amazing. I love cannabis massages. I’m definitely the Queen of Pampering myself and. Like, to mix up a bunch of EPSOM, salts. Put a few essential oils, and there may maybe some baking soda, and maybe a Quarter Cup of cannabis, oil, or maybe a few tablespoons of cannabis oil. And just mixing that altogether, running a bath in throwing the epsom salts the infused APPs. Themselves in the bath can really help you. Relax your whole muscles. Your whole body that also really helps when women with end because it just helps with attention because it’s just so incredibly painful for women with Endo that it can really be very stress relieving on the on the muscles on the muscle tissue, so that is is really beautiful for really anybody as well because it’s just if you’ve never it’s. It’s just like having ten baths at once. He just leave with your feeling like kind of. I need that I wish we had a bats out. Bathtubs, but I do wonder. Is it absorbed through the skin in a bath? I’m assuming that’s how it penetrates. An adds to that relaxation element in the healing element. NAP, you heard that, right? It’s beautiful that we have Receptors on the skin as well we have all throughout her body within her brain within her heart with the at pretty amazing, so what I love about cannabis as I, it’s can be applied almost everywhere. And also, for those suppositories for men I love recommending them for anal before. Sachs’s well can really help. Loosen up the lower back and and really help with ten trick. Energy experiences as well I’m kind of interested as to how this might connect with Paul floor health. Do you know any pelvic floor? Therapists who are also working in the cannabis space? Not Specifically, but I’m definitely I love working with them to simply because they have so much to offer, but not specifically when it comes to cannabis. But I know that doctors have found incredibly helpful for them. And massage therapists like my own for sure. You talked about massage and the benefits. There is somebody so for instance for my personally. I’m not big on getting the high high high. It’s not that I don’t. It’s not like you weren’t. but lately I’m not interested as much getting high, but I’d love to benefit from it. So what are the like Some massage oils that infuse it the CBD, so they don’t get that high effect, but still benefit from it. What would you recommend? Most definitely when it comes to infusing cannabis oil, it really loves healthy fats so.

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Like a high fat oil coconut oil is is going to be a really good infusion, or an almond oil What I also like to do is put just a like a just a dash of grape seed oil, just like a natural preservative, and it doesn’t have a flavor as well so if you use it as a loop, which is great. But high fat oil. What I would do is you either get a crock pot or a level oil machine? which can you believe eleven? Oil Machine is a cannabis cannabis kitchen countertop appliances these days. Cannabis in it or you can put. Use A crock pot, but basically it infuse it for about two four hours, and and it’s very very low heat, just because you don’t WanNa burn the oil of course, but you just want to burn it enough that Kavanagh’s could really fall off the the leaves, and once that happens after two hours you would strain it or the level. Oil would do for yourself Put it in a Mason Jar, and yeah, you can also add your. Favorite essential oil, some people but lavender in the Crock pot is well. Seeking get really fun with it. If you like it a little bit heated, you know trying something like a dash of cinnamon, obviously not super much and making your own lube. It’s really it’s really fine. Are you can use that lube as a lube or as I’m assange? Simply because it’s a, it’s an all in one oil, and is this so that I better understand you’re talking about the flower, the bud actually going into the Crock Pot, or are you talking about like drops of CBD oil? Yes definitely dried bud for this experience. If you have CBD oil I, believe you don’t have to necessarily infuse the oil, you can just mix it up if it’s oil soluble. What about these SI oils are they all? Maybe this isn’t ignorant. Credit question, but I’m just a Newbie it. Are they all similar potency, or are they? All very different doesn’t average person like me who? Can we find out what strain it is because you talked about all these different strains? And different turbines like how how do we know what we’re ordering? Yeah. For sure when it comes to CD, it’s an absolute mess. Unfortunately. It’s a mess for everyone when it’s in three here in Canada. We have an amazing legal system, so we’re here in Toronto, you can go to the Ontario Cannabis Star so OCS. Dot. CA and look CBD. That is the most informed CBD You can buy on the market today at tells you exactly how many milligrams of see are per drop. It tells you what percentages of CBD isn’t. It tells you the ratios between CBS. It also tells you the major Turpin profiles like they’re finding in there. so what I love about the Ontario Cannabis stories that obviously it’s incredibly safe and and it’s also tested, and they have lots of information on it, which is incredible for people like us are everyone, but when you look at the US, they have just passed a farm bill so now they’re CBD on every Bodega every corner. There’s CB everything, and it’s very much regulated, and we have people that are selling like five milligram of CD to like a thousand milligrams of CBD’s. So people really not understanding where to start, but what I love about CBD is that it’s non psychoactive, so it’s incredibly safe to try And there’s different types of CD, so there’s full spectrum, and then there’s CBD isolated and full spectrum means that you’re getting the C. D., as well as the Turpin profiles in the plant, but when he gets CBD isolate your simply extracting that CD molecule and that’s it. It’s an isolated molecules CD, so it comes in a powder form, and I like the SEE Vdi slip because I can put it in. In my water in the morning or I can put an oil, but having it’s a little bit harder to find the CD I slept, but the CBI jobs are also great because you can put it into your teaser, coffees or food as well so yeah, because it can either be digested through the stomach through your end cabinet through the skin, so yeah, feel free to play around with it. In terms of skin absorption. Can thc be absorbed through the skin like. Can you get high from a massage oil or are no? Most definitely THC can be absorbed through the skin. Any girl that has tried to lube can tell you that Yes. But it will, it will not get you high because it’s not passing the blood brain. The blood brain barrier. It’s not going through the actual liver and into the bloodstream. What what’s happening when he is cannabis as topical it’s it’s only used as a localized effect so it only you will only feel that effect on wherever you place it. About topical so like if I’m working out or five hush released like Steph.

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Nag I WANNA massage. Using candidates in that area can really help. Relax the muscles and feel really loose, but I won’t actually feel high, which is the greatest part so I can go along my day, and not feeling toxic or drive in that makes so much sense for people dealing with for example, menstrual pain, or just tension and air in an area you. You mentioned easing lower back pain, and that’s why I asked about the pelvic floor therapists because oftentimes when we have pain in the groin, it’s related to referred pain from the area now if we we take this back kind of to the general, public folks who are just looking to make their first foray into the use of cannabis and sex to wrap up, can you? Can you give us an idea of where to begin? Yeah, if you’re looking to enhance your sex, lives was sexiest. Get creative because you are in the perfect time. We have so many different candidates products to choose from and what I loved you. The advice that I love to share with you. All is to get a stranger and all get a cannabis journal with you or your partner. It’s fun to explore by yourself or with apartment. Try Different stray, and what works for you you know, try joint made the joints. Don’t work for you. Maybe you’re more into topical like Lubes and oils. Oils, or maybe you’re into edibles like tease or infused foods like brownies. They all have very different effects. You know some are long longer than others really testing out what works best for you. throws strain. Journal would really help you because you’ll recognize. The names are what ratio to CBD TO THC works for you, and because it’s all different, even if you’re using the exact same product that your partner is using. What I find is that you both can have very different experiences because. What so are unique about our endo? CANNABINOID system unlike or central nervous system and olive are their systems is that it’s as unique as a fingerprint. Can. Stomachs completely different Than York, so if we’re using the same product, we can still have very different effects, and this is very crucial. When using it with a partner to understand what their likes or dislikes on cannabis, and what really works for them? Since I’ve been consuming and you know testing cannabis products for years like at least eight plus years I find that some strains don’t work for me like white widow or castle, and just stay away from those strains. They just give me a very big headache, not sure why, but there’s hundreds more that I can test out and that I absolutely love so finding stranger all and you know having fun with I think the best part as a couple indefinitely starting with CBD rather than Thc, and as you go up, just start small and go. Go slow. That’s a rule of thumb that like to share I like that and the local application or the local effect seems to make sense to me if you’re brand new at this, so you’re not necessarily going to feel it across the body. If you’re using something topical, you know on your thighs or on your hands or something like that is that accurate? I would totally echo that for sure and I would love for people to play around with cannabis lubes especially if they ever are finding that, they’re having trouble achieving orgasm. I would just love to leave that with you. Yes so I. Know that I have to let you go, but I’ve had clients who have had their first orgasm with the use of topical cannabis, like along the Labia, so not internally, but many of them have have reported that and again it’s it’s anecdote and I think with anything that causes a change in your body. It’s going to be different for each person right you know. If if I drink a shot of Jack, Daniels or let’s say three and brandon drinks three shots. We’re going to be in very different places even though he’s. TWO HUNDRED POUNDS I’m smaller than that. The three shots jacker actually GonNa hit you harder. Because you’re not as practiced as. Yeah. And then some people get sick from drinking alcohol, some people can’t have any at all and others as I, said our practice. or I mean there’s a genetic component to it as well. So I really yet. Each their own. Really appreciate your taking the time highly recommended folks. Checkout your pleasure talks podcast. You also have some pleasure island retreats. Can you tell us oh, where to find out more about that? Most definitely I love our pleasure. Island retrieves something that I did really early on after might holistic nutrition schooling was taking more time. Trick courses and Contra is having a very sacred relationship with yourself and your partner just delving a little bit deeper into intimacy, trust and communication so I love sharing it with people, but it’s really an amazing island to go away. Offense, your hedonistic self and pleasure with kin abyss with Aphrodisiac infused foods with amazing waterfall tours and grow tours Ed.

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CANNABIS SPA. including as well so it’s a really beautiful experience. We have them in Hawaiian Jamaica both places where it’s legal, so it’s very safe and finding pleasurable to enjoy. If you’re a couple, please come up. We also include singles as well and yes, you can find that at pleasure peaks dot com. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for taking the time. Really encourage people to go. Check out your website. Be Sure to check out your podcast as well because I’m sure there’s a lot to be learned from other people’s stories follow along its Antoinette on twitter and at pleasure peaks Thank you again for being here. Really appreciate your time. Of course. Thank you so much for having me. We talked about a lot of juicy nece on cannabis, and it’s always a pleasure. Well a lot of food for thought there your lots to digest right. Not Gumy’s because my problem with Gumy’s is once I’m high I. Want More and more Gumy’s and you can’t just keep eating the. We’d Gumy’s I. appreciate the comment of taking it slow and going just going at your own pace because I know that with edibles. Friends that have consumed larger amounts initially, and then subsequently had very bad experiences that that’s not the Chinese You put your hands I don’t think that was me. I’ve had my share of experiences where you know. I have not felt okay, and that’s actually a big reason. Why the last decade I haven’t really consumed although we’re really talking about THC The psychotropic, so certainly you. You’ve used CBD oil though right. UCD, oil actually started using CD oil when our pup was sick and use it as an alternative medicine to ease, the pain had to do a lot of research into it, because of the the toxic effect of THC on animals, so did a lot of research into the different strains and the CD oil. After, ended up consuming some of on my own, just simply because I recognize that there are a lot of from the research, a lot of benefits that I would take as well awesome well, thanks for being here next time I’d love to talk a little bit more about cannabis and men’s sexual health I’d be curious to know what kind of products would benefit you know. UH, people with penises who? WANT TO DABBLE and wanted to explore and I’m glad to hear that you don’t have to experience. The the sacred Tropic Effects Right off the bat. If you don’t want to, and I’m glad to hear that I can experience the psychotropic effects. Looking for. Different personalities I like a little bit of loss of control. Than I enjoy maintaining. And so it works out so thanks for chatting babe. Thank you to you for listening folks. If you’re in the market for a new pleasure, air toy checkout, womanizer, dot, com use the code Doctor Jess It’s really I like their premium version, but they have many different products, and they are. They’re game changers in the adult toy field, so they really a lot of people have stolen their technology, but they worked very hard to create this technology so a big fan, womanizer, dot, com, and one of my favorite I have to just mention. Features of their premium womanizer is that it has something called Smart Silent Technology meaning that when pull it away from your body, it actually stops, and then it doesn’t turn back on until it makes contact with the skin burr, cool kind of like getting your partner to shut up and. Sorry feeling. We’re really opening. Your Mouth Dash among all right folks. Wherever you’re at hope, you have a great one. We’ll be back next week and every week with a brand new episode. You’re listening to the sex with Dr Jess podcast. Improve your sex life. Improve Your Life.