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August 21, 2019

The 7 Myths of Male Sexuality

I hosted a We-Vibe and Womanizer event with Dr. Chris Donaghue last month in Toronto. He talked about the 7 myths of male sexuality in his presentation and wrote about it on Instagram. Check them out below.

Myth 1: If you don’t stay or get erect when you want, then you must have a dysfunction.

Healthy erections don’t always work. It’s not a disorder, it’s a natural variation in functioning. It’s called erectile disappointment, not erectile dysfunction. Erections come and go. Don’t panic, and partners don’t take it personally!

Myth 2: Erections are required for sex.

Erections are not required for sex. Sex is about pleasure, and erections and penetration are not needed for this. When having an  erectile disappointment, use fingers, tongues, and toys. Sex is supposed to be fun!

Myth 3: Male sexuality is not fluid.

Nope, we are all more sexually diverse and fluid then we realize. Our sexuality is always evolving and changing. Toxic masculinity, homophobia, slut shaming, and gender roles trap us.

Myth 4: All men are sexual.

Males experience low sexual desire, and are not always hypersexual. Males can also be asexual and solosexual (more masturbatory and not desirous of partnered sex).

Myth 5: All men are “Tops”.

Some men are passive, don’t initiate sex, and have a receptive sexuality. Not all men are “tops” or assertive.

Myth 6: Men just want sex, and don’t want an emotional connection.

This is fine for some, while others are more demi-sexual (sexual desire emerges after an emotional connection) and many prioritize affection and emotional connection.

Myth 7: Sexual anatomy is genitals only.

A man’s full body is an erogenous zone, including the anal area. And no, anal play does not make you “gay” (toxic masculinity, gender roles, and homophobia only thinks so).

To read Chris’ expanded post on the We-Vibe website, click here.

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