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Sex with Dr. Jess


May 8, 2019

Top Online Dating Profile Tips

Jeff and Carolyn may not be in the dating market, but that didn’t stop them from creating mock profiles to solicit feedback from Jess. Check out Jess’ advice for crafting effective online dating profiles in the video and notes below.

Make your profile photo pop. Present a clear photo of our face (preferably smiling) and do not include anyone else in the photo, as you do not want viewers to have to guess which face is yours. Online dating moves at a rapid pace, so if your message isn’t clear from the onset or they have to do work to figure out what you’re trying to convey, most folks will swipe away. Take a photo specifically for your dating profile rather than using one from your highlight reel in which you’re all glammed-up and try not to crop photos other than to fit the sizing requirements.

Tell a story with your supplementary photos. Include a few additional photos that illustrate who you are and what you value. How do you normally spend your weekends or time off? Share a few pics that paint a picture of your lifestyle. Some people won’t bother to read your full profile, but most people will be open to scrolling through photos.

Be honest about what you’re looking for. If you want a casual hookup, say so. If you’re looking for a long-term commitment, be up front about your preferences so that you don’t waste time messaging with daters with whom you’re not well-aligned.

Illustrate your interests and personality without making self-proclamations. If you consider yourself cultured, don’t tell them — show them. What exhibits, shows, artistic periods or genres to you like? If you consider yourself outdoorsy, don’t just tell them — show them. What mountains do you like to climb and what type of camping, fishing or hiking do you partake in? Share your interests and be open to sharing your limitations.

Set limits. How many messages are you willing to exchange before you propose getting together? How long are you willing to chat online before you get together offline? Online dating is grand, but in most cases, you want it to lead to an in-person date, so speak up when the time is right. Do not let your gender determine whether or not you propose getting together — if you’re interested, speak up!

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