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January 7, 2019

Sexuality Superheroes: MaryEllen Reider

We are starting the new year off by showing some love to others in the field. The Sex With Dr. Jess blog will now have a Sexuality Superheros column which will feature experts, educators and influencers alike. We aim to highlight their skills and expertise, and hopefully bring a stronger recognition to their work in the sexual health field. This week, our Sexuality Superhero is: MaryEllen Reider.

How did you find yourself working in sexuality?

Before starting Yarlap®, I was in Kosovo helping women understand financial issues so they could better help their families. It was an idea that the happier women are, the happier society is.

Reliable information is the pathway for women to make the best choices for themselves, their families, and society. I was looking to empower women, when I was asked if I would contribute my skills to help women empower themselves.

Pelvic wellness is integral to nurturing; it is about continence, posture, sexual expression and sexual performance.

What is the best part of the job?

1. Knowing that women are making choices that really improve their lives, and sometimes very quickly. I love reading the customer reviews.

2. Working with a great team and knowing that our experience is shared openly and that my contribution to the team is highly respected.

What is the most challenging part of the job?

Getting information to the women and their partners that are looking to improve their lives. Winning Women’s Health magazine’s FemTech Award has been very important in getting the word out.

What is your most important piece of advice that has the potential to revolutionize relationships?

Historically, research has focused on female pelvic dysfunction. I believe there is a very positive change in research because we are beginning to discuss how to be proactive in our pelvic floor wellness, including positive ideas about sexual performance and expression.  For example, research suggests we stop focusing on “Spots” like the “G”-Spot, “U”-Spot, “A”-Spot and “O”-Spot.  Instead we should explore our stimulation preferences as individual women; including the clitoris. And, we should look at the orgasm as a wellness maintenance issue without the stigmas often associated with reproduction.  Both of these perspectives will more accurately define the role of the female orgasm and mitigate objectification we find some might associate with the pleasures of the female orgasm.

If your listeners would like, they can read more about in a PowerPoint® on our web site at

What do you do to decompress and take care of yourself given that you spend so much time helping and caring for others?

A big thing that helps me is that after 8 PM, I turn off notifications on my phone and I put my computer away. I do work long hours, so having that little time to relax and not to worry about a ping from my phone is necessary. I think if I didn’t have my notifications turned off, I would work through the night answering people’s emails, taking phone calls and talking to women about their lives.

Hearing some of the stories from women who call in, it makes me really proud of what we’re doing. We’re helping women really treat the problem. We’re getting them back out in the world without worries of peeing themselves.

I have a little folder where I put kind words people have written to us. Reading through them is one of my favorite things.


What do you want people to know about your work with Yarlap® as one of the founders, and as Director of Marketing?

It’s 100% okay to talk about your pelvic floor muscles. You should not feel weird talking about your wellness. Your pelvic floor muscles are so important to your overall wellbeing.

A lot of times, we get women who will say “this might be too much information but…” and I want to hug them and tell them it is never too much.

The more you know, the better off you are. Having the correct information is the power. You can find a peer review article written by Yarlap®’s president on the role of the pelvic floor muscles in the female orgasm here; it talks about how the pelvic floor muscles are tied to posture, bladder control, and orgasms.

The other is a fun PDF on the clitoris and pelvic floor muscles we created. It has a great map of lady’s “pelvic arousal spots.” It’s a good idea to know where you are going so you can get there!

Where can we learn more about your work?

You can read about how we created the perfect Kegel Trainer on our blog!

When it comes to Kegel trainers, you want something that is safe, effective, customizable for your comfort, and clinically proven – Yarlap® is all of those, which you can read more about here.

We are on Amazon and your physician can order a Yarlap® for you as well.

When it comes to women’s health, it’s all about open, nonjudgmental dialogue. Yarlap® is really proud to be at the forefront of that conversation.

MaryEllen Reider is the co-director of Yarlap, the wellness device to treat urinary incontinence and improve sexual performance and experience through muscle control. MaryEllen spends a lot of time researching and finding out what’s new in the pelvic floor world and the social media realm. She strives to empower women through their pelvic floor muscles. She enjoys getting to know her customers through social media and speaking events, and inspiring people about why the Kegel exercises and Yarlap are so important. MaryEllen and her dad, the two co-founders of Yarlap, have emerged as a leading voice in the pelvic floor and sex tech wellness space.

Since MaryEllen is on a roll with social media, you can always find her and what Yarlap has been up to by following @Yarlap_OTC on Instagram or @YarlapOTC on Facebook.