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Sex with Dr. Jess


June 27, 2018

The Hottest Expert-Approved Sexting Tips

Sexting is supposedly all the rage. But how many times have you gone back and forth, contemplating what you’re going to write in that next sexy text? How do you communicate what you want and leave your lover with a sense of mystery and intrigue? We’ve joined forces with a few experts to bring you the best sexting advice that will leave your lover wanting more!

Pleasure Coach, Tyomi Morgan-Najieb suggests…

1. Perform a striptease with selfies.

Kick off a sexting session that involves
06-sexting.w710.h473 removing clothing layer by layer. Begin with a photo of your body from an angle that only shows your lips and upper body. Include a message to your lover with the photo that sparks intrigue like, “want to see more of me?” With each picture you send, slide your clothing off inch by inch. This will keep your partner’s attention and have them anticipating what they will see when the next photo comes through to their phone. You can even request for your partner to send you photos of their reaction to your tease. When you’ve removed your top, now it’s time to move to your bottom. Make sure to include dirty talk as you’re sending photos. Tease with your words by saying things like, “I know you want to feel my soft skin on your lips right now,” or “I feel so soft baby, I wish you were here to help take my clothes off.” This play is all about enticing through tease and letting your partner know that you desire them. You can even use short 10-second videos to show yourself teasing in real time. Ask if your partner is aroused and to show how much they’re aroused by sending you a photo or a short video. Once your clothes are off, you can take selfies in provocative poses that only show specific body parts. At this point, your partner should be fully engaged and aroused, ready to love into some mutual self-pleasuring at a distance.

2. Play follow the leader.

Master your partner’s orgasm by playing a game of follow the leader. This sexting game is great for those who want to take control and dominate their partner. Whatever you want to see your partner do can be expressed via text. Just make sure your partner gives full consent before proceeding forward. You can use a clarifying statement to secure your partner’s participation such as, “I want you to follow my every command. Are you willing to let me control your arousal completely?” This is also great for those who have wanted to be dominated but haven’t yet experimented with the dynamic of being a submissive. Once you get the green light, let your imagination run wild. Instruct your partner to send selfies and videos after you make a request of them. Also, remember to give praise when your submissive follows your instructions. Your partner’s satisfaction is yours to control. Use language that has a loving intention and is direct. An example would be, “get on your knees for me and open your mouth wide.” The reward for your partner’s obedience is the ability to orgasm once given permission to.


Our very own Dr. Jess says…

Take close-ups.

This is a great way to keep your partner-in-sexting guessing, as well as help disguise your identity. Even if you trust your partner with your life, you might want to leave your face out of the photos just in case they leave their phone lying around.

Leave something to the imagination.Home Screenshot@2x

If the first pic you send is a hot shot of your entire body or genitals, you leave no space for build-up and anticipation. Move gradually and make sexting about teasing, so that the grand finale is even hotter.

Don’t send via text — use an app!

You don’t want to share sweet nothings or share your deepest fantasies in the same text chain in which you discuss dinner plans with your in-laws. And you definitely don’t want your roommates or kids to stumble across your sexy messages, so consider using an app like In The Mood.

In The Mood lets you flirt, send disappearing pics, and set dates (romantic or naughty) using encrypted software. And if you don’t know where to begin, they provideIcon-Small-40@3x hundreds of options to help you get started.

Check out “In the Mood” here

Dating & Sex Expert a.k.a the “Man Whisperer”, Laurel House says…

Sexting can be sexy. It can also be creepy and even scary if not done the right way. So what’s the right way? That depends on your relationship and your partner. Just because one ex may have loved your racy messages, doesn’t mean that this one will. Your first step is communication. Don’t text until you talk! Communication is the foundation of your relationship and it’s what bridges two people, and turns confusion into clarity and even closeness. Communicating your likes and dislikes, interests and edges can expand and deepen your relationship. Talk about what you think is sexy, what turns you on, and what would turn her on. Ask what words your partner likes/doesn’t like, and tell her your preferences too. Talk about photos, selfies, and what body parts she and you are most excited by. The perfect time to have this conversation is when you are most open – after sex. If you haven’t taken your relationship to that level, then talk about it during a very connected moment when out on a date. When you send your first text, start slowly. More than what you say, consider when you send it. You don’t want to create a seriously embarrassing moment for them – like if their 14-year-old nephew is playing with their phone or their boss is looking over their shoulder! First, ask what they’re up to. If it seems like the coast is clear, then send an initial “I’m thinking about you… and how sexy you are.” They might respond with “oh yeah… What are you thinking about…?” Then you slowly escalate from there.

Start practicing your dirty talk over sext, then say it out loud next time you’re together in the flesh. Not sure what to say? Tell them how you feel, how you want them to feel, what you want to do to them, what you want them to do to you. A few dirty talk lines to try:

  • You want me to lick you, don’t you?
  • It makes you wet when I stick my tongue deep inside you doesn’t it?
  • Can you imagine my tongue deep inside you? Close your eyes. Imagine me licking you. Now tell me that you love feeling my mouth all over your pussy.
  • It makes me/you so hard to go down on you and taste your dripping clit in my mouth.
  • I need you to cum in my mouth
  • Tell me you want to cum in my mouth
  • You love taking my cock deep inside your mouth, don’t you?
  • I love it when you swirl your tongue around my hard cock
  • Take me deep inside your mouth and taste my cum
  • I can’t control myself with you. I need to feel you all over me.
  • You love feeling me deep inside you, don’t you? Tell me that you love it
  • You’re so wet for me. I’m going to make you drip all over me
  • I’m going to shoot my cum inside you baby. And you’re going to cum all over my dick.
  • You’re going to cum so hard for me. I want you to cum for me… now
  • You’re my naughty little whore, aren’t you?
  • I own your pussy, don’t I?
  • I’m going to take you
  • Are you ready to come for me because I’m hungry…