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Sex with Dr. Jess


February 15, 2018

Where Do Happy Couples Meet?

With Valentine’s Day still on our minds, we’re reminded that single folks are also looking for love and research shows that the places that they’re finding it are shifting with technology. Jess sat down to discuss several recent surveys that reveal the latest trends in on and offline dating.

Where are happy couples meeting?

According to a survey of 14,000 recently engaged/married readers of TheKnot (a wedding website), 17% met on a dating site or app, 2% met on social media, another 17% were introduced by friends, 15% met in college and 12% met at work. The number who met online continues to increase year-over-year and couples continue to use apps once they’ve settled into the relationship (e.g. to plan the wedding, manage finances, set dates, flirt, and even schedule sex).

Is meeting online a matter of age?

According to’s Singles In America Survey, Millenials are more likely to date online, but interestingly, this is not their preferred method of meeting new people. According to the TODAY/Greatist survey, nearly 60% of millennials said their preferred way to meet new romantic partners is through friends, groups or shared interests — only 9% consider dating apps their top choice. We make many assumptions about how younger folks feel about love, sex, and dating, but the data suggests that Millenials want to get married, they value emotional attachment and they’re less likely than previous generations to have cheated on a partner.

You mention that 12% met at work. Will we see this decline as people become more cautious about flirting in the workplace?

I don’t think the likelihood of meeting a long-term partner at work will decline just because we’re less likely to flirt or more likely to ask ourselves if flirting is appropriate. You should be cautious. A little bit of nerves is a very good thing — from a relationship perspective, but also from a professional respect perspective. Even if companies create policies discouraging or disallowing workplace dating, we’ll still see romances, flings, and relationships blossom at work because of proximity, opportunity, and similitude. What’s important is that we are aware of our own power and privilege when considering our interactions with a potential love-interest at work.

So aside from online, through friends and at work, any tips on where to meet someone new this weekend?

  • In Canada it seems many of us connect at the dog park — even if you don’t have a dog, those four-legged friends help to break down social barriers.
  • We also meet at sporting events. Your passion chemicals spike as you cheer on your team and engage with your competitive spirit, so take advantage of this chemical shift and get your flirt on whether you’re at a local event or a professional sporting match.