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Sex with Dr. Jess


February 7, 2018

Sexy (And Affordable) Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may be a commercial holiday and you’ve probably heard me bemoan the risk of relegating romance and intimacy to one day per year. However, if you like V-day and want to celebrate, that’s all that matters. So here are a few ideas for sexy gifts that won’t break the bank:

  • Print some sexy coupons for your partner to redeem at his/her leisure. Some ideas for sexy gifts include erotic massages using body parts other than your hands, “non-reciprocated” oral sex, a candlelit dinner in the nude, chocolate body painting, afternoon delight, a morning quickie, a bondage session and a naked sponge bath. Though this idea is not new, these coupons are great for breaking the ice, initiating sexual activity and introducing new “moves” into your repertoire.
  • Watch a full-length erotic/dirty movie together and see how long you can stay focused on the “plot” before being inspired to make your own.
  • Surprise your lover by sending an explicit card or flowers to their workplace from a “secret admirer” and use this foreplay to inspire some all-night role-play. Bonus: change your name in your lover’s cell phone to your character’s name (e.g. Mr. Big, McSteamy, Cinnamon or Mrs. Robinson) and flirt all day over text to build up the anticipation and bolster the role-play.
  • Create an erotic buffet and eat light finger foods off of your partner’s hot body. Try grapes, fruit preserves, cheeses, strawberries and of course, chocolate.
  • Forget about the trail of rose petals leading to the bedroom. Instead, create a trail of petals (or lingerie) leading to the washer/dryer and take advantage of the heat and vibrations.
  • Sext! Send tasteful, but sexy “selfies” to your lover.
  • Write an erotic story, letter or email describing (in graphic detail) a fantasy that includes your partner.
  • Dedicate one hour to touching, caressing, tickling, licking, kissing, sucking, blowing on, fondling and otherwise pleasing your partner’s body. Flip a condom to decide who goes first.
  • Jot down all the things you love about your partner and share your list in a Valentine’s card. Be creative, appreciative and sexy! If you don’t have a partner, create a Valentine for a friend, loved one or yourself.
  • Create a new sex position and name it after your partner as thanks for his/her loving touch.
  • Blindfold your sweetheart and try out some new oral sex moves. My new book, Hot Sex Tips, Tricks and Licks offers many suggestions, but I’ve also posted a few online.
  • If you prefer the do-it-yourself method, set aside some alone time for a sexy shower/bubble bath and a long, slow, hot self-caress with music, candles and your favourite toys.
  • Eat chocolate cake together, but forego the cutlery.


Have fun and remember to eroticize your relationship throughout the year — not just on February 14th.