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February 12, 2018

How To Have The Hottest Sex Ever This Valentine’s Day

Do it in the Morning

This Valentine’s Day, kickstart your morning with a passionate lovemaking session and let your intimacy soar alongside levels of your feel-good hormone, oxytocin.

I know. I hear over and over again that most women don’t like morning sex, but there are a number of good reasons to reconsider this timely sex act. Not only are men’s testosterone levels higher in the morning, but physical sensations are often heightened after a good night’s sleep making the body more responsive to touch. Research even suggests that couples who get frisky in the morning are happier and healthier thanks to the cardio workout, improved blood circulation and the palliative effect of orgasm. So this year, trade in the heart-shaped breakfast-in-bed pancakes for a morning quickie that will leave you both feeling refreshed, connected and blissfully in love.



This modern bride’s trick is designed to build anticipation before the big day, but the same approach can be employed for any special occasion.

Abstain from sex play for a few extra days (or weeks depending upon how often you tend to have sex) before your special Valentine’s celebration and allow the tension and desire to percolate. Flirt and tease throughout this purposeful dry spell by and tease your lover with provocative views (e.g. bend over wearing nothing but heels as you get dressed for work), sexy texts and seductive dirty talk. Just be sure to limit the genital touch so that you’re both ready to explode by time St. Valentine ushers in the morning dew.

Celebrate a Day Early

Never underestimate the element of surprise!

Daily routines and demanding schedules can turn even the wildest of lovers into predictable bores, but our sex lives don’t have to suffer at the hands of our hectic timetables. This Valentine’s Day, surprise your sweetheart with romance and seduction a day early. Whether your plans include chocolates and long-stemmed roses or a latex catsuit and slithery anal beads, pull out all the stops on the 13th of February to catch your lover off-guard and leave him dreaming of ways to reciprocate before the clock strikes midnight.

Meet at a Bar & Make a Change

If you really want to get your lover’s attention at the bar, make a noticeable change to your appearance. Our brains (and bodies)
710A26D2-BA55-4AFB-8C4A622A4F56A855are attracted to novelty, so small alterations can excite us and build anticipation as our dopamine centres become activated. Involving more of our five senses in this attraction results in greater stimulation, so consider changing your perfume, lipstick colour, hair, shirt, scarf, lipgloss flavour or even your tone of voice to keep your lover guessing…and yearning to discover more about their ever-evolving lover.

Get Paid

Dressing up and talking dirty may spice up your love life, but the roles of nurse or pizza delivery-guy tend to fall short of our most passionate fantasies. This Valentine’s day, insist that your man trades in the chocolates and long stem-roses for cold-hard cash as you play the role of an high-class call girl.

Whether you greet him at the door dressed in nothing but an overcoat and heels or go all-out and purchase a latex bodysuit, relish in the power of knowing that he’s willing to pay for your incomparable skills as a professional. Just be sure to negotiate the parameters of this role-play ahead of time or make the negotiations a fun part of the role-play itself as you trade a variety of acts, positions, and scenarios for cash or reciprocal sexual favours.