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Sex with Dr. Jess


February 8, 2018

4 Steamy Winter Sex Tips

Whenever I tell people that I’m from Canada, they often conclude that my career path as a sexologist must be related to the cold Canadian winters. It seems that our neighbours to the south assume that we spend the frigid months frolicking beneath the covers in an attempt to stay warm. Unfortunately for many of us, nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, many of us lose interest in sex during the colder months due to chemical changes in the body that diminish both energy levels and sex drive. Couple this with shorter days and plummeting vitamin D levels that impact our mood and you’ve got a chilly recipe for disaster.

Sex Tips to Fight The Winter Blues

This winter, let’s do our best combat the seasonal sex blues by kicking our sex lives into high gear with these winter sex tips:

Spike your warm drinks! Research suggests that booze (in moderation) is actually good for your sex life. Women who drink moderate amounts of wine (one to two glasses per day) report higher levels of sexual satisfaction and functioning than non-drinkers. So pop that cork and get frisky – just don’t overdo it since excessive drinking is associated with the opposite effect.1 (1)

Buy a red light bulb. Research suggests that exposure to red light can give you the energy boost you need to set your sex life back on track. Switch out a few bulbs in your bedroom and get frisky with the lights on taking advantage of the soft, flattering hue.

Keep her feet warm! Women are thirty percent more likely to orgasm when their feet are warm, so get creative with some colourful socks or warm her up with a foot rub before you get down to business.

Exercise! As testosterone levels rise, the libido kicks into high gear and those feel-good endorphins give you a confidence boost that translates well into the bedroom. Eighty percent of men and 60% of women who exercise 2-3 times per week feel sexier (regardless of bodily changes) and those who get their sweat on four to five times per week rate their sex lives as higher than average.