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December 22, 2017

What Do You Know About Energetic Orgasms?

I often get asked what do energetic orgasms feel like and how do you achieve one? My very first energetic orgasm was an ecstatic experience to say the least…Want to know how it went? Here’s a little glimpse into this story:

“… All of a sudden, her body started moving of its own accord. It scared her. A sexual wave, a strong involuntary movement ran through her body. Another. And the Next.

IMG_9272“What is happening to me?” she asked him. He smiled. She could clearly see that he was not touching her. Tracey was intently looking at her vulva and moving his hands a few inches above it without physically stimulating her. As he later told her, he was playing with her energy field, pleasuring her with the power of his focused intention. But at the moment, she was completely puzzled as to what was taking place…

Her body kept on convulsing and feeling intense waves of beautiful energy explosions rising from her Root chakra at the base of the spine, moving up through her Heart into her Crown on top of her head. She was nervous, but chose to surrender to this beautiful spectacle.

Suddenly, the body movements increased and Alice squirted. Once. Twice. Three times.

She felt her energy centers bursting with fire. He saw amazing saturated colors of her chakras. In total disbelief, she opened her eyes.

She just experienced her very first energetic orgasm.

Speechless, Alice kept asking him “Has that just happened? Really happened?”

Energy Orgasm Phenomena

Energetic orgasm could be combined with the actual genital orgasm/ejaculation or may just be a standalone experience. The idea behind this ecstatic sensation is the movement of Kundalini energy (often depicted as a coiled snake which resides at the base of one’s spine) towards the higher-vibrating energy centers up through the vertical power current.

The experience that an energetic orgasm brings is healing, ecstatic and is multidimensional. It’s an ultimate explosion of body, mind, heart, and soul. These orgasms can be practiced alone as well as in couples to achieve deeper states of connection and bliss.

To see what an energetic orgasm looks like please watch this video.

Science Behind Energy Orgasms

Quantum field theory explains that our universe (as are we) is comprised of many infinitely-large vibrational fields that affect each other’s frequencies. Simply speaking, we live in a sea of energy.

In order to start experiencing energy orgasms, generally most of the following steps need to take place:

  • Practice sensing energy
  • Explore Meditative and Energetic Exercises
  • Learn about Human Energy System and Blocks
  • Release energetic blocks
  • Practice Energy Movement

Sensing Energy

IMG_7827Have you ever sensed energy? At my sessions and workshops, I show simplest ways to feel into your own energy and that of the other. People have all sorts of reactions when they first are able to perceive the higher vibrating frequencies. I love watching their child-like joy of surprise.

They may feel tingling, pressure, hear or a magnetic pull. They may start seeing colors, symbolic visuals or receive intuitive realizations.

Best ways to start sensing the energy that I’ve found are Meditative Practices and Energy Exercises.

Meditative Practice and Energetic Exercises

Along with Energetic Exercises, I teach the clients that want to sense better into the Energy Field around them, meditation is probably one of the best methods to start sensing into higher vibrations.

Any daily Meditative Practice (even 10-15 minutes in the morning or before bed) would most likely help you feel/see/perceive energy within only a few weeks.

Energetic Blocks

Health equals energy exchange. We have multiple Energy Centers that take in and expel energy of different frequencies to keep our field healthy and vibrant.

Throughout our lifetime we tend to encounter difficult issues – emotionally, spiritually, intellectually. When that happens, the energy associated with that given frequency starts to become stagnated.

Eventually, our energetic blocks start slowly permeating into the physical level, therefore creating actual disease in our bodies.

Releasing Blocks

Having studied energy healing at the World’s renowned energy healing school of Barbara Brennan, I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve to help clients Release Energetic Blocks.

The fewer blockages one has – the better the energy flows (which helps facilitate energy orgasms much quicker). This also enhances one’s well-being maintenance and healthy living routine alongside with healthy food diet and exercise to feel and live your best.

Energy Movement Guidelines

Below are few a tips on how to best learn energy movement on the quest to experience the Energy Orgasm Phenomenon:

  • Stay present and mindful during the lovemaking process with the partner or while playing solo.
  • Be open to a possibility to experience anything that emerges (a concept known in Buddhism as a beginners mind).
  • Use breath and vocalization to express as well as enhance the sensations of energy movement/pleasure in your body.
  • Visualize/experience circulating the energy from the lower energy centers up towards the crown.
  • Use the pelvic floor muscle squeezes as your own sexual energy pump to increase the energy flow and sensations.
  • Look into taking a Facilitated Touch Free Session to experience an enhanced/guided energy orgasm.

Keep on trying and please don’t give up. Experiencing ecstatic energetic bliss is your birthright! Our sexual force combined with energetic practices is a great gateway and playground to achieve higher states of consciousness, personal growth, and ultimately blissful pleasure.

EvgueniaEvguenia is an Accredited Energy Therapist and a Passionate Sex Educator who graduated from the World’s Premier Hands-on Healing program. She packs 10 years of Healing and Expressive Arts education as well as experience in facilitating private Healing and Sexual Guidance sessions focusing on topics such as Personal Growth, Energy Orgasms, Relationship Deepening, BDSM, Sex Positivity and Tantra. She also runs judgement-free, supportive and poly/kink friendly workshops at various locations in GTA (Sex Education Center at University of Toronto, Oasis Aqualounge, Good for Her, private parties). Evguenia is passionate about helping others live happy and essence-filled lives.

To learn more about Energy Healing, Sexuality and Meditation please follow Evguenia on:

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