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November 8, 2017

Study Says Vibrators Are Good For Men’s Sex Lives

A study conducted by the Center For Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University’s School of Health reveals that nearly 45 percent of men and 52.5 percent of women have used vibrators for sexual pleasure.

For men, there was no statistical difference between vibrator use rates according to sexual orientation. Those men who identified as heterosexual, gay and bisexual were equally likely to report having used vibrators. Among heterosexual male users, 91 percent indicated that they had engaged in vibrator use during sexual intercourse or foreplay with a female partner.

The benefits of vibrators for men include higher reported rates of sexual functioning and sexual health care. Those men who reported vibrator use also rated their erectile function, intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function and sexual desire as higher and were more likely to have performed a testicular self-exam.


The study, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, addressed a nationally representative sample of 1047 men and 2056 women ages 18-60. Women who used vibrators were also more likely to have engaged in sexual health promotion behaviors and reported higher levels of sexual functioning.

The research also addresses concerns about side effects from vibrator use with results indicating that the vast majority of female vibrator users had never experienced any side effects and the few reported were rare and short-term.

The results of this study confirm what many therapists and sexual health experts have known for a while: good vibrations enhance your sexual health, satisfaction, and functioning.