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Sex with Dr. Jess


November 7, 2017

Real Sex Advice From Kaleigh Trace!

This post is brought to you by The Taboo Shows. Join Kaleigh at the Calgary and Edmonton shows on November 9th-12th and 16th-19th. Seminars are included with entry and you can save $5 by pre-purchasing tickets here. Come say hi to Kaleigh at the We-Vibe booth!

Have you heard of writer and sex educator, Kaleigh Trace? Time to get acquainted! Jess sat down with her to discuss her upcoming appearances at Calgary and Edmonton’s Taboo Shows. She additionally provides some REAL sex advice and talks about her work in the sex education field. Read her interview below.

Why did you choose to pursue work in the field of sex education?

To be totally honest, it was sort of a fluke. I started working in sex education when I was 22 and got a job at an incredible education-based bookstore and sex shop called Venus Envy. I wanted that job because I was primarily excited about the books that the shop sold. But once I began working, I realized I much preferred talking to people about sex and bodies than about books. Talking about sex and our desires can be a really vulnerable experience, and I am so honoured that I get to do it!

What is the one thing you wish the average adult knew about sex?

Woof, good question. I suppose I wish that every single adult knew that they are totally hot and sexy just as they are. So many people of all ages and genders tell me they need to lose weight or have a bigger penis or clearer skin in order to have better sex, and I just want to tell each of them that confidence is what is really sexy. The myth that looking a particular way will make you more sexually valuable is totally bunk. Sex will be better based on how you feel in your body, not how your body looks on the outside.

Oh! And also – USE LUBE PEOPLE! I believe it was Sebastian from The Little Mermaid that said “Everything’s better, when it is wetter” and damn, he was right.

What sex myth do you wish we could eradicate for good?

Oh my gosh, I wish we had better information about anal sex! The myth that you anyone can just wam, bam, put it in there is so dangerous! Anal sex can be super fun and amazing for all kinds of people, but there are some incorrect assumptions being made about size and speed. To enjoy anal, you’ve got to go slow, start small, and again, use that lube!

Why are you excited for the Taboo shows?

I love talking to people about sex! It provides me with an incredible opportunity to meet new people and learn new things. I can’t wait to meet sexy Albertans! Oh, and I need to pick up some new gear. 😉