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Sex with Dr. Jess


October 12, 2017

How Would You Deal with Sexual Harassment in Your Workplace?

Jess finally made it back to Canada yesterday and this morning she joined Jeff on The Morning Show to discuss sexual harassment in light of the Harvey Weinstein case.

Watch the video and read through the brief notes below.

How common is sexual harassment?

  • More than one quarter 28% have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

What is the gender divide?

  • The numbers are higher for women, but men are affected too: 43% and 12%.
  • One-quarter of those who are harassed say that management was unresponsive or dismissive of the issue.

What is it really about?

  • Power, entitlement and a deficit of empathy.
  • Effects: emotional for individual and witnesses; organizational (toxic workplace, decline in productivity etc.)

Donna Karan says they’re asking for it.

  • By the way we dress we’re “asking for trouble”? So the dresses she designs — are they harassment-proof? Or are her dresses also equipping us to “ask for it”? This is absurd. I understand that she has since apologized in response to the backlash.

How can we reduce sexual harassment?

  • Institutional level: policies and real training that examines the outcome.
  • Individual level: if you see something, say something. Show support.