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Sex with Dr. Jess


August 3, 2017

Erogenous Zones You May Have Overlooked

If you’re looking for a quickie in the closet over the lunch hour, your go-to hot spots and techniques are probably your best bet. If, however, you want to prolong the pleasure and promote full-body orgasms that make you weak in the knees for days, it’s time to slow down and explore unchartered territory. Try teasing and tantalizing these surprising hot spots with your tongue, lips, breath and fingertips and allow the waves of delight to radiate throughout the entire body. Start with slow, feather-light touch and then increase the speed and pressure as the arousal builds.

Suprasternal Notch

This hot spot is located at the base of the neck at the centre of the collarbone. Not only is this tender notch sex to look at, but it can be hypersensitive to touch. Kiss your way from the outer collarbones (also considered an erogenous zone for women) and breathe some gentle warm air over this indentation before twirling your tongue slowly around its perimeter.

The Sides of the ChestTouch-his-chest

Believe it or not, the nipples aren’t always the most erogenous part of the chest. The skin on either side of the body beneath the underarms is highly responsive to touch, temperature and texture. Try tracing your fingernails down the sides of her body or twirling your tongue along the edges of his pecs.


 Philtrum is derived from the Latin for love potion, so it’s no surprise that it has a history of sexualization. This very kissable groove is located below your nose and above the centre of your lips. Nuzzle away!


imagesIts proximity to the groin makes the bellybutton a natural erogenous zone, but there is more to it than simple geography. The area is also rich in nerve endings and is linked to the spine through a nerve pathway that passes through the pelvic region. This connection may explain why some women say they feel a tingling sensation in the clitoris when the bellybutton is kissed and sucked.

Treasure Trail

Stimulating the space between the belly button and pubic mound will send a rush of excitement to your genitals. Trace a line down the lower abs with your tongue and then purse your lips to breathe cool air over the wet spot.


This is the space between the balls and the anus in men and the lower vulva and the anus in women. Firm pressure right behind the balls can stimulate the inner penis and smooth, sweeping motions just below the vulva can awaken the nerve endings in the fourchette, which is the sensitive spot where the lower labia come together.


Just because you’re not into anal sex, doesn’t mean you should discount the butt altogether. The pucker (bum hole) can be easily excited by very light touch from a finger, tongue or vibrating toy. You don’t have to venture farther than the delicate opening, but if you plan on working your way inside, be sure to read these essential tips for anal sex.


Though grinding up against your lover’s shoulders is unlikely to result in a deluge of orgasmic pleasure, the shoulders may hold the key to desire and arousal. Many of us harbour tension in this region, so a shoulder rub may be all we need to let go of our stress and become more present in our bodies.

Create Your Own

If you want to rewrite the way your body interprets pleasure, try stimulating different areas right before and during orgasm. Your body and mind learn to associate pleasure with activities and sensations that accompany peak erotic experiences — so if you always rub your breasts during orgasm, you may come to associate greater pleasure with this experience and your body will respond accordingly.