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May 3, 2017

5 Scientific Signs of a Happy Relationship

If you’re looking for signs that your relationship is moving in the right direction, look no further. These science-based indicators can help you to assess your relationship health and potential for longevity.

1. They’re On Your Mind Even When You’re Apart

According to a 2007 survey, thinking about your significant other when you’re not together is a sign of a strong bond with your partner. Those who find it difficult to focus on other matters when thinking about their loved one report stronger feelings of love and connection. Apparently absence not only makes the heart grow fonder, but may also provide a barometer for assessing your relationship.

2. You Have More Fun Than Fights

Though fighting is inevitable in the happiest of relationships, if it dominates your interactions, it may be a sign that your relationship is in jeopardy. Researcher John Gottman suggests that there is an ideal ratio of 5:1 for positive versus negative interactions in terms of predicting relationship happiness.

How you fight and resolve conflict also plays a role in relationship satisfaction and outcomes. One study found that those who attempt to resolve serious conflicts via text message report lower relationship quality. The takeaway? Accept that fights can be constructive and attempt to resolve them face-to-face when possible.

Dr. Jess Disagrees with Science When it Comes to Texting!


3. You Embrace Change and Novelty

Novelty is food for the relationship soul. According to a study released in 1993, couples who try new things together qualify their relationships as more fulfilling than those who follow predictable patterns. Humans are hard-wired to crave novelty, which is why it is important to always be on the lookout for new things to experience with your partner — in and out of the sack. New activities allow couples to create new memories and strengthen their bond through the release of passion-related chemicals like dopamine, adrenaline, and serotonin.

4. You Share Chores

Division of labour plays a key role in relationship longevity and satisfaction. A 2007 survey found that 62% of partners classify housework sharing to be very important for a lasting, happy marriage and a wealth of research reveals that it can be a significant issue of contention in relationships. If you want to save your relationship from ending up in the ditch, roll up your sleeves and get down to housework — it’s good for your connection as well as your sex life.

5. You Make Sex a Priority

Although good sex won’t guarantee a happy marriage, a lack of sex is associated with relationship dissatisfaction and dissolution. In the early stages of the relationship, sexual desire may occur spontaneously, but these feelings of passion and lust fade within a few months in many cases. In long-term relationships, you need to cultivate passion and look for ways to reignite the spark. Happy couples understand that sexual desire and chemistry are cultivated — they don’t always occur naturally.

Science has answers to many questions and apparently, matters of the heart are not an exception. And since lasting love is both a science and an art, be sure to pay attention to these scientific indicators as well as your individual needs — your experience is what matters most.

axtg1hsq6w4-averie-woodardRoxana is a travel enthusiast and lifestyle consultant from Sydney and she loves to write about her adventures. She is all about the healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Being a typical Aussie, she often hits the waves and loves beaches and sunshine! You can find out more about her writing following her on Twitter and Facebook. She is also one of the editors at Higstylife Magazine.