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April 25, 2017

Dr. Jess Tours Europe!

After her first speaking tour in the Middle East, Jess visited Europe to work with YPO chapters in Prague, Czech Republic, Geneva, Switzerland, and Kiev, Ukraine.

After winning an award with the YPO Czech chapter for the Most Innovative Event in Europe in 2015, Jess designed a weekend-long retreat which included coupled activities, counselling, guided visualization and small group work for the members of the YPO Czech chapter and their spouses. She also facilitated day-long workshops in the countryside outside of Geneva for YPO Alpine and at the beautiful Verholy Park Hotel for YPO Kiev. As always, Jess reports that she learns as much from her clients as they do from her and she shared some of her insights and discoveries in the Facebook Live video below.

Sex & Relationship Advice from Switzerland 🇨🇭💕✈️

Posted by Dr. Jess Sexologist on Thursday, March 23, 2017

Check out what some event members had to say…

Yes, it was a fantastic event. Everybody was super happy and I can tell you right now the poll ratings could not be better. They are still coming in, but so far 10/10 overall rating and 10/10 take home value from everybody. – YPO Geneva

It was perfectly organized and filled with really extraordinary, interesting and necessary information. My members told me that it was the best event for our Chapter for last 3 years. THANK YOU!!! – YPO Kiev