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December 3, 2015

Great Winter Date Ideas

As the cold weather creeps in, you may enticed to stay at home under the covers all day. However, if you have a big date coming up or want to reignite the spark with your lover, impress them with a creative activity, rather than the inside of your apartment. I chatted with dating experts, Carmelia Ray and Deanna Cobden to get inspired with some great winter date ideas!

I am trying to save some money for holiday gifts. What are some examples of economically-friendly dates you would suggest?

“Ice Skating is a classic but still very romantic. There’s something about holding hands while skating that can melt a ice-skating-dategirl’s heart. Don’t forget to bring along a thermos of Hot Chocolate to warm you, up after. Staying in can be fun too, light some candles, get a bottle of wine, add snacks, snuggle up under a blanket and have a winter themed movie marathon.” – Deanna

Trying to stay warm this season? What are some indoor date ideas you would suggest?

“Many cities offer Paint Nights usually held at a wine bar or lounge and they include all art supplies and canvases. You don’t have to be an artist, just show up ready to drink some wine, be playful and at the end of the night you have a cool souvenir of your date to take home with you.” – Deanna

1850d1a34c5184e93415b07715960a44“Volunteer at an animal shelter, homeless shelter or soup kitchen to spend time helping the less fortunate. It’s amazing how the act of giving as a couple, can create a closer bond and memorable experience.” – Carmelia 

“Taste Test Date – Chose a random cocktail that you’re both into, like a Whiskey Sour or Sidecar and go to three different places to see which you like best. If you aren’t into drinking you can substitute it with something else, like a cupcakes or holiday cookies from three different bakeries.” – Deanna

Its a beautiful Winter day. Any fun outdoor winter activities you could take your date on?

“Have an outdoor campfire (with an outdoor fireplace you can purchase at a Home Depot or Rona) and make s’mores! This type of date allows the couple to really get close to one another and provides an opportunity to cuddle if it gets chilly.” – Carmelia

“If you’re near the mountains snowshoeing and fondue is a fun option. Fresh mountain air, a workout and warming up in the lodge after with a glass of wine and fondue or hot chocolate is hard to beat.” – Deanna

Deanna Cobden
Dating and Relationship Expert

Carmelia Ray
Online Dating and Matchmaking Expert