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November 24, 2015

Tech Toys to Get You in the Mood

I met Elliott Chun, Best Buy Canada’s Communication Manager, at Global Television’s The Morning Show earlier this year and I’ve been hooked on his technology-based advice ever since. We tend to hear a great deal of bad news about how technology has the potential to destroy relationships, but I think we can all benefit from another perspective. Check out Elliott’s take on the ways in which technology has the potential to bring us closer together.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in the tech world?

I was born and raised in Toronto and found my passion for electronics at a very young age. My parents were very school-first focused when I was growing up and against me owning video games like all the other kids I grew up with. ElliottChun So, I found a passion for sports, fashion and curiosity for technology at a young age. These are still relevant as an adult today where I still love all three, and really thrust myself into the retail-tech world through Best Buy Canada as their national communications manager.

Aside from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone, one of my favourite devices today are the Motorola 360 second generation smartwatch and the new BB8 app-controlled robot by Sphero.

2. If you want to set the mood with your partner for date night, what tech toys would you suggest?

When it comes to tech, it starts with the right room temperature, so I recommend controlling the HVAC system through the made in Canada Ecobee or Google-owned Nest thermostat. What’s great about these devices is you can set rules on top of controlling the temperature in the home remotely with your smartphone or tablet.Ecobee

Lighting is also essential. Thanks to the variety of bulbs, strips, candles and spheres by manufacturers like MiPow’s Playbulb line, Nanoleaf and Philips Hue, there are ways to outfit the entire home with smart lighting. They too are app-controlled where you can set the mood with the light intensity and colours of your choosing. Outside date nights in, you can deck the halls in red, gold and green, or whatever the theme party calls for.

The options for music is seemingly endless. My favourite wireless speaker and system is made by Sonos. Available inSonosPlay5 all shapes, sizes and price points, Sonos allows you to play music wireless from your own library or favourite streaming app, like Songza. You can have multiple Sonos units in the home to play classical during dinner, then Barry White in the bedroom. If you’re looking for a portable speaker option, I recommend the Ultimate Ears (UE) Boom 2 speaker. It’s lightweight, portable, waterproof and projects incredible sound for a speaker slightly larger than a water bottle.

When it’s getting ready for dinner, a convection toaster oven, like the ones made by Breville look sexy in stainless, and also are a wonderful way to keep your dinners warm. Using a smaller oven is also an excellent way to contain warmer temperatures in the home while using less energy than the oven. BrevilleSmartOvenPro

After dinner, if you’re cuddling by the fireplace to watch a romantic film off CinemaNow or Netflix, a smart TV measuring 55” or greater in screen size will produce terrific results and produce theatre-like quality!

3. What tech toys do you think would bring couples closer together?

By far, the most hyper-connected for couples is the smartphone. It’s an easy way to get to know your partner and stay connected through chatting and video apps, social media sharing to profess your love for one another, find the next top restaurant, or to just talk!