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May 5, 2015

New Sex-Ed Curriculum

Comparison Chart: 1998 vs. 2015 Human Development and Sexual Health Curriculum Document (Grade Specific Expectations) Compiled by Katelyn Rea

The updated topic of Human Development and Sexual Health (part of the Healthy Living strand of Ontario’s Health and Physical Education curriculum) has generated a heated debate about sex education and what students should learn in classrooms across the province. Parents have pulled their children out of classes in protest and many people are concerned about whether topics are age-appropriate for classroom-based learning.

I have commented on the new curriculum and attempted to dispel much of the misinformation regarding its content on GlobalTVCHCH and YouTube. I encourage you to read through the curriculum and compare it to the old version from the 90s by clicking here for the full document and/or reading through the comparison chart (copy and pasted from the Ministry documents) below.

Comparison chart