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February 2, 2013

Vaginal Health: Health Tips For Your Nether Regions

Vaginal Health

We only have one vagina, ladies, so taking care of the one you have should be a top priority.

Here are some ways you can keep your nether regions happy and healthy:

Hair Removal

If using a razor, make sure it is clean with no rusting. Ideally, it isbe the best to use a new razor every time, but if it’s not possible please make sure it is at peak performance and the razor blades are sharp. The sharper the blade the easier the shaving process, the duller the blade the more drag occurs against the skin which causes razor burn.

This area is extremely sensitive and prone to irritation from hair removal.

When using hair removal methods such as creams or waxes make sure they are safe for use on the genital area. Some brands give you direct instructions on how to use their products on the genital area while others direct you not to use their products at all in this area. Always follow instructions and precautions because it’s better to be safe and sorry.

Eat your vegetables

Healthy eating (as much as I hate it) is not only great for your body’s health but your vaginal health as well.

Taking multivitamins that are created specifically for women is also a great option.

Proper Hygiene

Regular showering and baths are a given, but there are also other things you should pay attention to.

Drying the area properly is a must! Always make sure to do this. At the same time, over-drying can cause irritation, so be careful. Being too damp and too dry can cause issues, so find the perfect balance where you’ve dried away the shower water but are left with your natural lubrication.

Go Commando!

Going commando when you’re at home is great for letting your girl get some much needed ventilation. All day our vaginas are trapped under our clothes, so getting some fresh air can make a huge difference.

A damp vagina is a breeding ground for bacteria and the vagina’s most annoying enemy…yeast.

Wear Cotton Panties

We all like to feel sexy and sometimes plain ol’ cotton doesn’t do it, but it’s the healthiest option for the vagina. It’s a comfortable, breathable material that helps your vagina feel fresh and cotton is great for absorbing liquid.

As women we do produce discharge as much as some of us would not like to admit it. Materials such as lace and silk don’t absorb vaginal discharge well and leave you damp and uncomfortable.

Stay Away From Perfumes

Vaginal perfumes and shampoos can cause irritation because they can alter a vagina’s pH level which can cause burning, itching and over all discomfort.

I say skip the perfumes. Your vagina is a vagina and should therefore smell like one…not a field of daisies.

Self Examination

I have what I call my “vagina mirror”. It’s small, compact, has great magnification and can tilt to different angles, which is perfect for seeing the different angles of your vagina.

Self examination by sight and touch is extremely important. You know your body better than anyone else. Most of the time when something is wrong our bodies send us physical indicators of this.

While looking down there, get to really know your vagina and its shape, size and its other physical attributes.

Sometimes changes are only visual even though you feel fine physically and vice versa.

Touch examination can help you feel any changes in texture.

Also getting a peak of your vagina is empowering. Admire it, embrace it, it’s beautiful!

Regular GYNO Visits

Every woman that is sexually active is recommended to visit her gynecologist a minimum of once a year but a lot of women only wait until something is wrong.

Making sure you keep your regular visits can help prevent a problem before it starts or stop a problem in its tracks before it can get worse.

Your gyno takes vaginal swabs where they are checked in a lab for STIs, your vagina’s pH level and irregular vaginal cells.

These are all things you can not find out on your own.

Keep your vaginas healthy and at their peaks!

   About The Author

Symone aka Kitty

Symone (AKA Kitty) is an aspiring sex and relationship therapist and a freelance writer. She is extremely interested in the world of

sexuality and finding ways to bring a more positive and open minded view to the world on the topic of sex.


About Dr. Jess

About Dr. Jess


Dr. Jess is a sexologist, author, international speaker and television personality. She has a PhD in human sexuality and travels the globe to promote deliciously pleasurable sex. From hosting Playboy TV’s SWING to running workshops for couples’ in the Caribbean, she relishes in every moment! Check out her tour schedule here.