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Sex with Dr. Jess


July 12, 2012

One Way to Improve Your Sex Life Today!

1 way to improve your sex life

Part One

Despite what the spammers who clog my junk-mail box may believe, I’m not a believer in miracle pills and quick-fixes to sex problems — and believe it or not, I don’t want to add inches or last longer. Really! All jokes aside, the truth is that a hot sex life takes work and you can’t resolve deep-rooted issues overnight. However, the power of the mind is quite exceptional and my clients report higher levels of sexual self-confidence and ultimately, intensified sexual experiences after completing the exercise outlined below.

Sexy stockings

Make a list of your sexual strengths.

From your technical prowess and hot physical features to your sexual energy and top-notch attitude, a little positive sexual self-talk can go a long way. Even my clients who feel sexually lost can identify some of their strengths that make them sexually strong. A few of the creative and empowering items, I’ve seen on my clients’ lists include:

Though this is just a short snippet of the full sexological exercise, compiling your strengths can remind you of just how amazing you are! And if you have a partner, you can add to one another’s lists as revisit them when you need to reconnect.

Stay tuned for Part Two: Small Changes, Big Impact!