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June 6, 2012

Chatting or Cheating? When does online chatting cross the line?

Chatting or cheating?

In-the-flesh affairs are easy to identify. From making out in a cab to sneaking away for some afternoon delight, unless you’re Bill Clinton, there is little ambiguity when physical contact is involved. But the same cannot always be said for online affairs and the line between friendly chatter and full-blown cheating is often blurred by distance, uncertainty and sometimes a dose of self-serving rationalization.

In my practice, I hear from many clients who admit to crossing lines of infidelity online that they wouldn’t dare approach in-person. Whether they’re sending flirty Facebook messages or full-on sexts, technology has not only transformed the way we communicate, but it has also changed the way we cheat.

Dr. Katherine Hertlein, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist believes that online chatting is set up perfectly to facilitate cheating. “It’s affordable, accessible and anonymous,” explains Hertlein. “And since communicating online with friends and family is also acceptable, behaviours that border on cheating territory often go unnoticed.”

But how do you know if your flirty, smiley-faced texts amount to being unfaithful? We’ve compiled the top signs that your chatting is bordering on cheating along with expert advice for managing online affairs…

Click here for the top signs that your chatting may amount to cheating.