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March 19, 2012

My First One-Night Stand!

My 1st one-night stand

And What Was Missing in the Morning

This is a true story from a brave client who is willing to re-tell it for our education and amusement.

I receive lots of great stories from clients all over the world, but this one stands out because it reinforces one of my Mind-Blowing-Sex gold rules: Lube changes your life!

After sharing this pearl of wisdom with the 70 brave women who attended The Greatest Sex of Your Life event a few weeks back, one smart (and very pretty) lady approached me to tell me just how much she agreed with my take on lube. Here is her story…

A few days ago, I decided to engage in my first one night stand…with a hot Argentinian polo player.

Hot and well-hung, he claims that it’s impossible to cum with the condom on because the little buggers are just too tight for his massive manhood. So to make the experience better for him, I grab my travel-sized version of Maximus lube and start giving him a very slippery hand job. He seems to enjoy this very much and I masterfully prove him wrong. He thinks the lube is just a body lotion, but I explain it’s made specifically for this type of…activity. He seems interested , perplexed and very satisfied.

The next morning, we have a second round and the events repeat themselves. I toss the bottle on the side of the bed and after he finishes, I head to the bathroom as he gets dressed. After he leaves, I rip off the sheets to get them washed (hygiene folks!), I realize the lube is missing. I check under the bed and everywhere else, but it’s nowhere to be found.

The only possible explanation? My ripped one-night stand has taken my bottle of lube back to South America with him. I really should be outraged but am too bewildered by the situation!

Will I have a one-night stand again? We will see. But for now, I’m keeping my lube hidden! The good stuff is expensive!

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