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October 3, 2011

Need a Girlfriend for Thanksgiving?

Cute turkey

Blow-up dolls

With Thanksgiving weekend quickly approaching, this year’s latest techno-dating gadget offers fake partners just in time for the holidays.

There seems to be something about the holidays that prompts us to turn our thoughts to love…or lust…or something like that. Last year we had the Turkey Dump site aimed at offering support for first-year students going through break-ups and now brings us feigned relationships via text message.

That’s right. According to Digital Life, all you have to do is save the service’s phone number in your cell phone under your fake girlfriend’s (or boyfriend’s) name and then send a text message to their number to get a response. But if a hot sexting session is what you’re after, you may be left hanging. Apparently, the generic text and pre-recorded phone messages designed to “prove” that you have a girlfriend include”Please come hang out with me? Please? I really miss you” and”I just need someone to talk to … Call me?” All pleading and no pleasure!

So are single people really that desperate to fake a relationship that they’d hire a digital partner just for Thanksgiving dinner? Nope. I don’t think so.

Single people are not desperate. But their friends and family may be! Desperate to impose their own insecurities, fears, values and expectations on others, that is. My single friends, clients and acquaintances report feeling so much pressure to partner up from their friends and family. Whether it’s a look of sympathy from a cousin or repeated nagging from an Aunt, they’re tired of having to explain why they don’t have a partner.

Being partnered (to someone of the opposite) sex may bring an array of privileges and status, but just as you can be happily married, you can also be happily single. That’s right! Somepeople choose to be single – it’s a conscious and deliberate decision and I’m sure those who are happily single don’t miss or desire nagging texts from real or fake partners.