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Sex with Dr. Jess


August 2, 2011

Boys Who Masturbate More Likely to Use Condoms


Go Ahead and Masturbate!

It won’t make your palms hairy. And you won’t go blind. And no — it won’t make your penis or clitoris grow crooked…

But it is connected with an increased likelihood of engaging in safer sex practices. That’s right! According to a new report, 86 percent of boys who reported using a condom the last time they had sex also reported that they had masturbated in the past year. Only 44 percent of those who said they didn’t masturbate also reported using a condom.

Aside from the association between masturbation and safer sex, pleasuring yourself is also linked with a host of other health benefits including relaxation, pain relief, prostate health, improved mood and increased energy levels.

Not to mention the fact that masturbation cannot result in STI transmission or unplanned pregnancy. So go ahead and warm up a banana peel or charge up your favourite new sex toy and indulge a little in the name of health and pleasure.