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Sex with Dr. Jess


April 28, 2011

M is for Mastilagnia, Mechanophilia, Milking the Prostate, Mooseknuckles and Muff Diving


Mastilagnia refers to deriving sexual pleasure from whipping or being whipped.

Mechanophilia describes sexual attraction to machines including trains, bicycles, planes and other mechanical devices. If machines turn you on, you might want to check out this very lifelike robot girlfriend who offers both conversation and sex!

Milking the Prostate refers to the process of stimulating the male prostate gland with a finger or other object inserted through the anus. The term “milking” often describes a prostate massage that culminates in ejaculation.

Muff Diving is slang for cunnilingus or going down on a woman. Looking for a few tips on muff diving? Click here!

Mooseknuckles is a term used to describe the outline of the male genitals revealed through tight pants, shorts or other clothing.