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Sex with Dr. Jess


January 11, 2011

J is for Jousting, Joydogging and Joygasms


Happy new year! Here’s to a very sexy and safe 2011.

Delving back into the alphabet, we arrive at one of my favourite letters — good old “J”.

Here are a few fun sex terms to get you started in the new year:

Jeeping: Engaging in sex acts in the back of a car or jeep.

Jerkin’ The Gherkin: You guessed it! A slang term for male masturbation

Jousting: Slang term for double-penetration, which involves the insertion of two objects (often penises or dildos) into one orifice (often a mouth, vagina or anus).

Joydogging: Stealing or breaking into cars to engage in sexual activity.

Joygasm: A moment of intense pleasure derived from any non-sexual or sexual activity.