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Sex with Dr. Jess


September 22, 2009

Fun Sex Positions

Fun sex positions

Burn Calories and Improve Flexibility While Getting It On

Warning: this post contains explicit language and is intended for those over the age of 18. If you are not yet 18, please click here for accurate sexuality information.

While sex offers an array of health benefits, one of its more obvious advantages is that it involves some degree of physical activity and you can burn extra calories while having fun. If you are looking to expand your sexual repertoire in the sex-positions department, read on, experiment and find the perfect combinations that work for you. The positions described below involve one man and one woman, but can be modified to suit two women, two men, threesomes, foursomes and larger groups.

The Director’s Chair: In this position, the man sits upright in a chair while the woman sits on his lap with her back to him. She can lower herself onto his penis with her feet on the ground or crouch with her feet propped up on the chair on either side of his legs. The second option will require some serious flexibility on her part — thank goodness for yoga! She can tilt and circle her hips to stimulate her clitoris against his shaft or either partner can use his/her hands to reach down between her legs. This position is even more fun in front of a mirror.

The Wheelbarrow: This is just like the wheelbarrow you formed with a partner when you were a child with the man standing upright supporting the lower body of the woman whose hands are on the ground in a push-up position. Rather than holding her feet, the man brings his pelvis between the woman’s legs. He holds her up by her thighs and she uses her hands on the ground to support herself. Either partner can perform thrusting or circular movements in this position, but the woman will require considerable upper body strength to maintain the movement. If her arms tire, she can take a break, lower onto her elbows and forearms or perform mini butt-pops instead of larger movements.

The Bridge: This position requires some strength and flexibility, but many find it is worth the effort. The woman lies on her back and the man kneels between her legs facing her. She can raise and wrap her legs around his hips as he penetrates her. She then reaches her palms over and behind her head flat against the ground. Her buttocks and hips should be lifted off the floor supported by her partner. When she feels up for it, she presses her palms against the ground to lift her entire back, head and buttocks off the floor so that her body forms a gymnastic bridge with only her hands on the floor. He supports her pelvis and lower body with his hands on her buttocks to reduce the weight she bears on her hands.

The Swan Dive: In this position the man sits on his buttocks with his back upright and his knees slightly bent. The woman straddles his pelvic area on her knees facing away from him so that they are both looking in the same direction. She lowers herself onto his penis and reaches behind her back to clasp her hands behind his neck for support as she leans forward. She should be on her knees with her body leaning forward at a fort-five degree angle to the ground. Her feet come off the ground behind his back and he holds them in his hands for support. Both partners can rock back and forth gently for clitoral, penile and vaginal stimulation. Consider placing a pillow beneath her knees to reduce impact.

Sideways: This position is simple. The woman lays on her side on the edge of the bed and the man stands upright on the ground beside her. She can use her hands, mouth and breasts to caress his penis and testicles and/or he can penetrate her vagina with his penis from various angles. If she rolls over to face away from him, he can stimulate her anus with his hands, mouth or penis. Use lots and lots of lube for anal play and be sure not to insert any objects that have been in the anus into the mouth or vagina without thorough washing and changing the condom.

Progress slowly when experimenting with new positions, make use of your healthy sense of homour and always practice safer sex.