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August 14, 2009

Last Longer in Bed: The Squeeze Technique

Squeeze technique

Prolong Your Pleasure

This week, I received 3 emails asking about The Squeeze Technique, so I thought I’d post a blog for the world to enjoy! This approach to delaying orgasm for men involves a little more work than the Stop-Start Method and though some people use it to address so-called premature ejaculation, it can also be practiced by anyone who wants to gain greater ejaculatory control and intensify their orgasmic response.

The squeeze technique involves reaching a high state of pre-orgasmic arousal and squeezing the penis just below its glans/head (where it connects with the shaft) until the urge to ejaculate subsides. The man or his partner can perform the squeeze using the thumb and index finger, but he needs to be able to recognize his approaching point-of-no-return so that he can stop what he’s doing ahead of time. The erection may subside creating an opportunity for more fun sex play to build it back up if desired.

This method requires practice, so it is ideal to try it out while masturbating several times a week. The pressure to stay hard or avoid ejaculating can ruin a sexual experience, so relax and enjoy experimenting with the squeeze technique and don’t worry if it doesn’t work every time. The good news is that even when a man ejaculates earlier than he might desire, the fun doesn’t have to stop; there are so many exciting and pleasurable sexual activities that don’t require an erect penis and have the potential to produce mind-blowing orgasms.

Some sex therapy programs will suggest that men practice the squeeze technique three times per session in a series of three sessions per week. Ongoing practice should result in greater ejaculatory control so that the squeeze is no longer needed to delay orgasm. Varying arousal levels to a series of peaks and plateaus is an excellent way to practice this technique and deepen orgasmic response.

While the ability to delay orgasm can result in heightened sensation, the length of a sex session is in no way a measure of its worth; the aim isn’t just to last longer, but to learn to relax and enjoy all the unique responses that come with exploratory, intimate, no-pressure sex.