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June 10, 2009

Condom Credit Cards for Youth

Condom credit cards

Young men in Britain will now be able to pick up free condoms at barber shops and football fields as part of an initiative to reduce teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections. After attending an educational session on safer sex, they will receive plastic cards that can be used to collect condoms at convenient locations in which they already congregate like football fields and barber shops.

What a great initiative to get young men involved in both contraception and safer sex!

At a recent conference on HIV/Aids, researcher Dr. David Este reported on the benefits of HIV education programs that are accessible through previously-established community gathering places like salons and barber shops. While sexual health clinics are essential to promoting healthy sexuality, they can be intimidating (particularly for young men) and may not always be easily accessed due to location and limited hours of operation. Making condoms available in places that youth already frequent is a step in the right direction to promote safer sex and accessibility to sexual health programs.

This program is being launched by the UK’s Department for Children, Schools and Families.